Smackdown Results - 10/24/08 - Laredo, TX

Reported by Mike Tedesco of
On Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 4:13 PM EST

WWE Smackdown
October 24, 2008
Laredo, TX
Report by: Mike Tedesco of

We open up with a graphic of Leah Maivia, wife of WWE Hall of Famer High Chief Peter Maivia and mother-in-law of WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson. Smackdown will be dedicated to her memory tonight. 1927 – 2008

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

The ultra awesome Smackdown video and music play and we’re led into a great pyrotechnics display in the arena. Jim Ross and Tazz welcome us to the show and immediately shove the phrase “WWE Universe” down our throats in the first sentence. I’m so sick of that term – more on that in Mike’s Thoughts.

Advertised for tonight is Triple H vs. The Undertaker!!

“King of Kings” plays through the speakers and the WWE Champion Triple H is making his way out to the ring to a very hearty applause from the crowd in Laredo, Texas. Triple H asks if it’s just him or is everyone as sick of Vickie Guerrero as he is. The fans cheer so that’s a definite yes. Triple H says it’s not just the grating voice, the stupid wheelchair she sits in or the fact that she’s an annoying hag but then he stops himself and says a lot of it has to do with the fact that she is an annoying hag. He also says it has to do with the fact that she thinks she can come out there and tell everyone what to do. The WWE Champion admits it doesn’t bother him when she tells others what to do – it’s mostly when she tells him what to do. He then asks if he mentioned it has to do with the fact that she’s an annoying hag!

Triple H says he knows what we’re thinking – he should stop talking bad about her because any second she’s going to roll her way down that ramp and he’s going to get into a lot of trouble but that’s not going to happen. He knows it’s not going to happen because right before he came out a big Twinkie truck pulled up so Vickie is going to be distracted for hours. Ha… ha…

Triple H says he’s got plenty of time to discuss the fact that before he has to defend his WWE Championship at Cyber Sunday in 48 hours he’s got to step into the ring with the one and only phenom The Undertaker! Why – because it benefits Vickie Guerrero! Triple H knows it, she knows it and she knows he knows it and Triple H goes through this a few times but I’m not laughing. She knows he has to get into the ring with the Undertaker and try to destroy him because if he doesn’t take him out then the Undertaker will make sure he doesn’t make it to Cyber Sunday. If he doesn’t make it to Cyber Sunday then all our votes will be for nothing and Triple H just can’t let that happen.

Jeff Hardy’s music now hits and the audience goes crazy as he makes his way out to the ring! Hardy says he thinks he knows the audience a little better than him. If this is a popularity contest then there’s a great chance he’ll be voted in by the WWE Universe (gag) at Cyber Sunday. Hardy says if that happens then there’s a spectacular chance he’ll walk out of Cyber Sunday as the WWE Champion!

Vladimir Kozlov’s music hits and he comes out to the stage with a microphone. He says we (the audience) will not pick him because we know he’ll beat Triple H just like he beat Jeff Hardy last week. Kozlov says it may not be Sunday but one day he’ll be champion… I think.

Triple H says he has no idea what he just said but if he had to guess then it’s the fact that he wants to be WWE Champion. This Sunday he or Jeff might get their shots but it doesn’t matter to him because either way at Sunday this is going to happen – Triple H then Pedigrees Jeff Hardy! Triple H then poses and the fans seem a little upset!

We then get the graphic telling you how to waste your money by voting through text.

We now see Triple H walking backstage and all of a sudden the lights get dark. Triple H then stops and he’s staring face to face with The Undertaker!!

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The WWE Rewind is brought to us by Just For Men Hair Gel: We see a quick run down of the Diva’s Las Vegas match. Maria won it and will receive a shot at Michelle McCool’s Diva’s Championship sometime in the near future.

Apparently The Great Khali will be hosting the Kiss Cam a little later tonight.

Michelle McCool & Maria vs. Natalya & Maryse

While they’re coming out the announcers plug the Diva’s Halloween Contest just in case you didn’t it enough during RAW. I wonder if this is the first of many references during this match. Gregory Helms pops up in the corner (this is called the HurraPop now) and does the Quagmire “giggidy.” He’s just saying.

The bell rings and Maryse will start this off against the Diva’s Champion. The ladies lock up and McCool quickly gets a hammerlock on. Maryse quickly reverses it into a hammerlock of her own. McCool then gets a fireman’s carry takeover and gets nothing on the pin. Maryse gets up but McCool chops the knee and gets a one count for that. McCool then does a nice roll-up for a two count. She then wrenches Maryse’s arm but Maryse slams her down by her hair but McCool quickly kicks up and tightens up the wrench! Maryse then kicks her arm and wrenches McCool’s! McCool then jumps to the second rope and back flips, reversing the pressure, and then carries over for a nice arm drag. Nicely done, miss.

Maryse is in the corner so McCool runs up for a monkey flip but has to knock an interfering Natalya off the apron and then turns into a clothesline from Maryse. Maryse then mounts the Diva’s Champion and punches her continuously. She then takes McCool by the hair and bounces her head off the turnbuckle before tagging in Natalya.

Natalya comes in with a few forearms and kicks before tagging Maryse back in. McCool stumbles towards Maria for a tag but Maryse clubs her down from behind before posing for the crowd. McCool then kicks her in the face from the canvas and now we’re hearing Mexican mariachi music!

Everyone looks towards the stage to see what’s going on. Jesse comes out with Festus who is dressed like a mariachi and a band! McCool is trying to ignore it as she gives Maryse a European Uppercut and a big boot. She hits a nice flipping neckbreaker as Festus hands Maria a destroyed flower. McCool wrenches Maryse’s left arm and goes for a tag but Maria has her back to her and is looking at Festus. Maryse then capitalizes by rolling her up for the pinfall victory!

Winners by Pinfall: Natalya & Maryse
Match Rating: *

Maria hears the bell ring and goes in the ring to see what happened. However, since the bell rung, Festus goes crazy on the outside and chases the band away! He’s whipping one fat guy with, you guessed it, a whip as we go to commercial.

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Did you know WWE Magazine sells more copies at newsstands than Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine combined? WOW!!!

Still to come tonight – Triple H vs. Undertaker!!

In the ring are Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely. No TV entrance today.

Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely vs. Carlito & Primo

The announcers are playing up the fact that there is a problem between Chavo and Bam. I thought they broke up in September. This is a non-title match, by the way.

The bell rings and Carlito will start for his team while Chavo shoos Bam away and will start it for his team. The two men circle the ring before locking up. Chavo quickly goes behind Carlito for a waist lock and then pulls out his leg and gets a headlock on the ground. Carlito gets to his feet while Chavo yells to Bam that this is how it’s done. Carlito then backs Chavo into the ropes and pushes him off, lays down while he jumps over and takes the Guerrero down with a dropkick! Carlito gets a one count for his trouble.

Carlito tags in Primo and sends Chavo into the ropes. Carlito does a variation of the drop toe hold while Primo hits a diving head-butt for a one count! Chavo quickly puts himself through the ropes so the referee holds off Primo. Chavo and Bam mix words before Chavo slaps his chest hard, tagging him in.

Bam goes for Primo but Primo does a quick roll out of the way. Bam goes for a clothesline but Primo ducks and starts laying in some forearms. Primo goes to whip Bam into the corner but Bam reverses the momentum and Primo pushes off the corner over Bam. Primo then charges but Bam takes him down with a big clothesline! Bam then yells over to Chavo before kicking Primo a few times. Bam then says “I told you I could do it” before sending Primo into the ropes where Carlito makes the blind tag.

Bam goes to suplex Primo but Carlito holds him down and they execute a double suplex on him! Chavo then rushes in but Carlito hip tosses him onto Bam Neely! Carlito then hits a nice suplex on Bam and tags in Primo!

Primo jumps onto Carlito’s shoulders and Carlito powerbombs him on top of Bam but Bam kicks out at one! Bam then rushes Primo into his corner where Chavo makes a blind tag and punches Primo down. Chavo then bounces his head off a turnbuckle and yells over to Bam that this is how you really do it! Chavo then whips Primo into the corner and charges but eats the back of Primo’s elbow! Primo goes to the top rope but sees Bam coming over on the apron and hits a Double Axe Handle on him! Primo then turns into a Rolling Liger Kick from Chavo but kicks out at two!!

Chavo then asks Bam what he’s doing and tags him in! Bam punches Primo in the ribs and kicks him a few times. Bam then bounces Primo’s head off his turnbuckle and stomps him down. The referee admonishes Bam while Chavo chokes Primo with the tag rope! Bam then goes to clothesline Primo in the corner but he gets out of the way and Bam kills Chavo who flies off the apron!!

Primo now makes the hot tag to his older brother Carlito who hits a springboard senton on Bam Neely! I’ve never seen Carlito do that before! Carlito then hits some lefts and goes for a whip but Bam reverses and sends Carlito into the ropes. Carlito ducks the clothesline, kicks him in the midsection, goes into the ropes and hits a knee lift and then comes off the ropes again with a big clothesline, flooring Bam! Carlito goes into the ropes and Bam botches a tilt-a-whirl so Carlito saves it with a rolling neckbreaker. Carlito gets a two count before it’s broken up by Chavo!

Chavo yells at Bam to get him. Bam then hits a throat thrust on Carlito and gets into an argument with Chavo. Chavo slaps Bam across the face and jumps off the apron while Bam yells at him infuriated! Carlito sneaks up and hits the Back Stabber and covers Bam for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Carlito & Primo
Match Rating: * ¾

Chavo backs up the ramp still yelling at Bam while he’s in the ring. The HurriPop comes up in the corner and Gregory Helms says if Chavo and Bam break up he just doesn’t think he can bear it! He’s just saying!

We now get another video promo for the really stupid Kizarny. I’m entirely not impressed.

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You can buy your tickets for WrestleMania 25 in 14 days, 14 hours, 24 minutes and 52 seconds and counting.

We see a shot of the arena outside in Laredo, Texas. We now get another video package for John Cena with a whole bunch of sports and entertainment stars putting him over. He’s returning but it doesn’t say when.

We now see Maria walking backstage while McCool stops her and asks her what that was. Maria apologizes and says that Festus is her friend but he’s really upset and she needs to find him. McCool then sounds like she’s reading from a script as she says “We’re going to talk about this” and “No, no, no.” I think she should have said some of that while Maria was speaking. That’s just coming from someone with a few years of acting experience. Maria then reiterates that she has to go find her friend and walks away while McCool follows her.

Primo is talking with Brie Bella and he says he doesn’t know what McCool’s problem is but he’s feeling good. Primo then asks Bella how she’s feeling and she says she’s good. He then asks if she saw his match. Carlito then comes over and emphasizes that it was THEIR match and that they’re on top of the world! Carlito then kisses Bella’s hand. Carlito and Primo then start speaking in Spanish and Bella excuses herself because she has a photo shoot. Carlito then says it’s all Primo’s fault because he chased her away. They then start arguing in Spanish but quickly back up as the Mexican mariachi band runs by screaming with Festus chasing behind and Jesse trying to stop him and Maria trying to stop all of them!

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The Smack of the Week is brought to us by AutoZone. It’s R-Truth renaming Funaki as Kung Fu Naki before remixing Kung-Fu Fighting. They added in some fake cheers that weren’t there last time to reiterate to us idiots that this is supposed to be funny – that live crowd just didn’t get it. Yeah… right!

R-Truth now comes through the crowd rapping. It’s so hard to actually hear what he’s saying because he’s moving so much. They finish this up with some fake cheering.

Kung Fu Naki, as he’s now known, comes to the ring to a remix of Kung Fu Fighting. This song is actually pretty funny. Funaki looks like he’s really living up this small push they’re giving him. Without a Cruiserweight Title a guy like him can’t really flourish.

MVP comes out without his tunnel and Gregory Helms pops up in the corner and asks where it is. Helms speculates if MVP lost that too. He’s just saying!

R-Truth & Kung Fu Naki vs. MVP & Shelton Benjamin

MVP is starting this match out against R-Truth. MVP yells to R-Truth that he wants Kung Fu Naki. R-Truth then tags in Kung Fu Naki! MVP turns his head for a second and Fu Naki takes him down with an arm wrench! MVP then charges Fu Naki but gets a martial arts elbow and back fist to the face, knocking him down! Fu Naki then motions his hand to MVP to “Just Bring It.” MVP charges but Fu Naki gets a deep arm drag, taking him down and keeping in the arm bar! Fu Naki goes to whip MVP but MVP whips him. Fu Naki slides under a big boot and hits a thrust to the ribs, sending MVP back! MVP calls time and tags in Shelton Benjamin!

Benjamin stands on the apron for a few seconds in disbelief before actually getting in the ring. Benjamin locks up with Fu Naki before pushing him back into the corner. Benjamin goes for a big right hand but Fu Naki rolls out! Benjamin charges but Fu Naki gets a spinning kick to the midsection before wrenching the arm and getting a thrust kick right in the United States Champion’s mouth! Fu Naki wrenches the arm again and tags in R-Truth.

R-Truth stuns Benjamin with a big right hand immediately upon entering! R-Truth goes to whip Benjamin but he whips R-Truth instead. R-Truth comes off the ropes for a wheelbarrow into a face buster but Benjamin holds him up and takes him down with a back suplex! Benjamin then throws R-Truth into his corner and hits him with some furious kicks. Charles Robinson pulls Benjamin off and admonishes him. Shockingly MVP does nothing with the distraction. Benjamin then tags in MVP.

MVP hits some right hands before bouncing R-Truth’s head off the turnbuckle and continuing the assault. Charles Robinson now pushes him off and admonishes him. MVP charges but R-Truth hits him with a back elbow. R-Truth now charges and MVP hits him with a beautiful belly to belly overhead suplex! MVP then floors him with a clothesline while he was coming up and covers for a two count! MVP then whips R-Truth into the ropes. R-Truth ducks a clothesline and comes off the ropes with a nice 360 Corkscrew Flying Elbow!

Both men are down and the crowd is getting into it. Robinson reaches eight and R-Truth tags in Kung Fu Naki who quickly goes to the top rope and levels MVP with a Diving Karate Chop! Fu Naki then hits some kicks to the legs and a Judo Thrust before covering MVP for a two count which is broken up by Benjamin! R-Truth comes in and takes Benjamin out of the ring with some rights. MVP then comes from behind and throws R-Truth over the top rope with a nice bump. Kung Fu Naki is standing behind him in a Kung Fu pose and KILLS MVP with a Bicycle Kick for probably the first pinfall for him in YEARS!

Winners by Pinfall: R-Truth & Kung Fu Naki
Match Rating: **

That was a really fun, short match. Fu Naki’s music plays and he is ecstatic!

Backstage Carlito and Primo are walking. Primo spots someone and says he has first dibs. Carlito believes he should but Primo asks nicely. Primo goes to Brie Bella from behind and hugs her. She acts like she doesn’t know him and walks away. Almost like it’s not the same person! Carlito then asks how it went and Primo says he thinks he’s in love!

The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh now approach them! Khali speaks and Singh translates saying Khali said Primo has no game. Singh says to watch because up next is the Khali Kiss Cam! Primo says those guys are cool and Carlito tells him not to start with him!

:::Commercial Break:::

We come back from the break to see Jim Ross and Tazz. Tazz is wearing 3D glasses and looking at the new WWE Magazine. They put over how cool that is.

The Great Khali’s music now hits. Anyone remember that just last week he destroyed Johnny Knoxville? I just remembered that. We see a replay from last week of Khali disobeying the Big Show by not destroying the Undertaker! I believe he’s a face now.

Khali gets the microphone and speaks but no one understands. Singh has a sack and starts emptying out letters while Khali speaks. Singh now translates that over the past few weeks, Khali has received letters from women all over the world asking if they could be the one to kiss Khali in the middle of the ring! Khali kind of smirks! Singh says if we don’t believe him he’ll read two letters he selected at random.

One letter from a woman says she’s been a WWE fan for years and had a really big crush on John Cena but recently she’s been digging The Great Khali after watching him kiss that big girl in Spokane. It’s signed from Helga in Berlin, Germany.

Singh then reads another. This woman says she loves The Great Khali’s physique. His massive pectorals (Khali flexes his pectorals), his massive biceps (Khali shows off the guns) and even the way his butt looks in the tight black pants. Her words, not mine!! Khali then shows off his butt. I can’t believe I’m seeing this and actually kind of laughing!! What is going on in this world?!

The letter continues with the woman saying she’d like to spend some time alone with Khali and show him a really good time. It’s signed from Bruce in San Francisco, California! The Great Khali looks appalled! Khali tears up the letter laughing. Singh says Khali said that’s just wrong!

Singh says enough of the letters and says that Khali will prove he’s not just a lover, a fighter and a great entertainer but also a really good kisser! Khali will make one lucky woman’s dreams come true in Laredo, Texas. Who wants to kiss the Punjabi Playboy??

The Kiss Cam shows off some really good looking women but Singh keeps turning them down. Singh finally picks a good looking girl and she comes into the ring!

Singh then asks what’s better than one volunteer – TWO volunteers! The Kiss Cam again shows off some good looking women but stops on this morbidly obese Samoan looking girl and Singh screams that she’s the one! Tubby saunters into the ring and Singh puts the two women side by side.

Khali takes the skinny chick and goes to kiss her but Singh stops it! This girl is laughing her butt off right now! Singh puts her by the corner and says anyone can kiss her and then brings the whale over to Khali! Singh then says it takes a real man, a GIANT, to kiss the other one! Where do they find these fatties who like to be made fun of on national television??

Khali doesn’t want to do it but Singh brings up the girl from Spokane who is still beaming with euphoria over his kiss. Singh then gets the crowd cheering and chanting “Khali” so Khali finally gives in and kisses her before smiling and raising his arms in the air! The crowd cheers for Khali and we see a replay of Khali kissing her with a heart around it! That was actually pretty funny but I’d still prefer wrestling over this.

Still to come is Triple H vs. Undertaker! I can’t wait!

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We come back to another LAME video from the carnival with Kizarny talking about God knows what. I hate this guy and he hasn’t even debuted. How come he can say “My name is Kizarny” in perfect English but not anything /*? No one can explain it.

We now get a run down of how to vote for the WWE Championship Match at Cyber Sunday. It takes ten years to do this. They then spend another ten years describing how to vote for the Guest Referee in the World Heavyweight Championship Match. We get it – Austin will win! God, what’s the mystery?! They then waste more of my life describing how to vote for the rest of the matches which I’m not going to do.

We now go backstage to an Undertaker promo! Undertaker says Vickie Guerrero and Big Show think they’ve sealed his fate but it is he who has sealed theirs! He alone will fulfill their destiny. Undertaker then says Triple H will walk with him into the darkness. Whether Triple H leaves that darkness is a question they both must answer. That was old school baby.

Still to come tonight – Triple H vs. Undertaker!

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Did you know that WrestleMania beats the Kentucky Derby, the NBA Playoffs, Indy 500, X-Games, and The Masters according to Optimedia in 2008? This means WrestleMania is the sponsorship champ. This was cute when they were doing the McMahon Million Dollar Giveaway and trying to get new fans but I’m tired of all this now.

JR says he can’t believe that his first WrestleMania was WrestleMania 9 and now it’s WrestleMania 25! Tazz says WrestleMania is unbelievable and not to miss it! Tickets go on sale on November 8th!

The Brian Kendrick vs. Super Crazy

The bell rings and Super Crazy goes crazy for lack of a better word on The Kendrick! He kicks and punches him before sending The Kendrick into the ropes and hitting a HUGE back body drop! Super Crazy then takes him down with a dropkick! Super Crazy hits some more punches before sending The Kendrick into the ropes and hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Super Crazy hits a few more kicks before the referee backs him away. The Kendrick then hits a jumping calf kick over the referee’s head and in Super Crazy’s face. The referee threatens to disqualify him but The Kendrick apologizes and hits The Kendrick on Super Crazy to finish this up.

Winner by Pinfall: Super Crazy
Match Rating: ¼ *

The Kendrick then does his dance while Ezekiel Jackson helps him put his jacket back on. Ezekiel Jackson then picks Super Crazy up and hits his Standing Sambo Suplex on him!

Up next is Triple H vs. Undertaker! Still a half hour left in the show but the entrances will probably take some time. I’m predicting they’ll do the entrances, lock up and do a move or two before going to commercial.

:::Commercial Break:::

We come back and get a friendly little video package of the Smackdown and ECW tour of Mexico over the weekend! That looked like a fun show.

The bell rings and Justin Roberts does the old school “Ladies and gentlemen – this is YOUR Main Event for the evening and it is scheduled for one fall!”

Triple H’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring looking intense. I like the feel of a big match. This is going to be great.

Undertaker is out next and his entrance is great as always. This is only my second time calling an Undertaker match and this is the match! This is great!

My prophecy was not fulfilled. The entrances took up the WHOLE time before going to commercial!

:::Commercial Break:::

Triple H vs. Undertaker

This is a non-title match for those of you who were wondering.

The bell rings and these two men who are icons in the WWE stand off. They circle the ring for a few as Jim Ross paints a picture of how great this is like only a Hall of Famer can do. They finally lock up and Undertaker gets Triple H in a side headlock and wrenches it in. Triple H backs Taker into the ropes and whips him off but gets floored with a shoulder tackle! Triple H lies in the corner looking at the Undertaker for a second before getting up and both men are staring at each other again!

They lock up again and Triple H immediately gets a side headlock on the Dead Man. Triple H wrenches it in but Undertaker picks him up and puts him into the ropes where he whips him off and gets floored by another shoulder tackle from the Undertaker!! Triple H takes his time getting up and both men again are staring from across the ring!

Triple H now goes for a test of strength. Undertaker obliges but pays for it as Triple H kicks Undertaker in the midsection and goes to work on him with some punches! Triple H gets Undertaker in the corner and punches him continuously. The referee pulls Triple H out and Undertaker picks Triple H up and throws him into the corner where he goes to work on him with some big old soup bones – whatever that means! The last punch to the face stuns Triple H and he falls to his knees!

Undertaker whips Triple H into the corner and then follows it up with a big corner clothesline! Triple H stumbles out of the corner and does the Ric Flair Flop! Undertaker quickly covers for a two count. Undertaker now wrenches Triple H’s arm and yanks on it, sending him to his knees. Undertaker twists it again and elbows the shoulder joint, sending Triple H down in pain. Undertaker now puts all his weight on the arm bar. Shortly after Undertaker turns it into a hammerlock and tries pulling Triple H over in a half nelson for a pinfall but he kicks out at two.

Undertaker picks Triple H up and wrenches the arm again but Triple H gets out and wrenches Undertaker’s arm however Undertaker quickly wrenches Triple H’s arm again and digs his shoulder into his chest, flooring the WWE Champion! Undertaker drops a leg on the arm and gets a lateral press on for a two count!

Undertaker picks Triple H up and wrenches the arm again. Undertaker walks towards the corner and is going for Old School! Undertaker gets up to the second rope and Triple H punches him down and hits him with some right hands in the corner! Triple H tries to shake some feeling into his left arm before going to whip Undertaker into the other corner but Undertaker reverses it and whips him instead! Undertaker then charges and goes for a big boot but Triple H gets out of the way and Undertaker crotches himself on the top rope before falling to the canvas!

Triple H is clutching at his left shoulder as the Undertaker takes some time getting up. Undertaker has his back to him so Triple H hits a chop block on the left knee! Triple H goes to the outside and pulls Undertaker’s legs onto the apron and slams the left leg off the apron! Triple H then gets back in the ring and drops an elbow on the left leg and wrenches the knee joint! Triple H then gets up and drops a knee on the knee and punches Undertaker in the face. Undertaker sits up and kicks Triple H off!

Undertaker whips Triple H into the ropes, Triple H ducks a clothesline and they both take each other out with a double clothesline! The referee counts to six and both men get up! Undertaker stuns Triple H with a HUGE right hand and Triple H comes back with a right of his own. Undertaker then floors Triple H with another BIG right hand! Triple H gets up and hits a few more big rights on the Undertaker before Undertaker floors him AGAIN with a right hand! Triple H gets up and Undertaker punches him back into the corner where he hits a head-butt sending Triple H down! Undertaker then whips Triple H hard into the corner, hits snake eyes and goes for a big boot but Triple H counters with his high flying knee in the face!! Triple H covers for a two count and Undertaker quickly sits up!!

Triple H now gets the Undertaker coming up with a punch. Triple H gets an Irish whip reversed on him but Undertaker lowers his head and Triple H catches him with his signature face buster! Triple H now goes for the Pedigree but Undertaker counters with a catapult into the turnbuckle and finishes him off with a big boot! Undertaker immediately follows that up with a leg drop and covers for a CLOSE two and a half count!!

Undertaker now picks Triple H up and wrenches the left arm! He’s going for Old School! Undertaker gets up to the top rope but Triple H takes out his leg and Undertaker gets crotched on the turnbuckle!! Triple H hits a huge right hand, climbs up to the second rope and hits a Superplex on the Undertaker for a close two and a half count!!

Both men struggle to get to their feet and do. Triple H quickly clotheslines Undertaker over the top rope but he lands on his feet! Triple H doesn’t see this because his back is to him! Triple H finally turns around and gets pulled out of the ring by the Phenom who goes to work on his with a right hand! Triple H quickly gets a knee into the midsection and goes to whip Taker into the stairs but it’s reversed and it’s Triple H eating the cold steel steps!!

Triple H now tries to get back into the ring but Undertaker pulls him half way out on the apron and punches him in the face! Undertaker then gets on the apron and hits his vintage leg drop! Triple H is writhing in pain on the inside! Undertaker gets inside and covers for another CLOSE two and a half count!!

Undertaker now pulls his thumb across his throat signaling it’s time for the end and waits for Triple H to get up. Undertaker then hits a kick to the midsection and gets him on his shoulders for the Last Ride but Triple H slides off and hits a neckbreaker!! This gets Triple H a CLOSE two and a half count!! This match is awesome!!

Both men get up and Triple H whips Undertaker into the ropes. Undertaker ducks the clothesline and comes back with his trademark flipping clothesline!! Taker covers for ANOTHER CLOSE two and a half count!!!

Undertaker is now signaling for the Chokeslam and gets his hand around Triple H’s throat but Triple H gets a kick in the midsection, whips him into the ropes and takes him down with a Double A Spinebuster and covers for ANOTHER CLOSE two and a half count!!!

Both men seem to be struggling to get up but all of a sudden Undertaker sits up with an intense look on his face! Triple H is shocked and hits some right hands. Triple H goes to the ropes and Undertaker gets him up for the Chokeslam but Triple H gets down and goes for the Pedigree but Undertaker slips out and goes for the Tombstone Piledriver but Triple H slides off his shoulder and pushes him into the corner!! Triple H hits a right hand and almost collapses from exhaustion. Triple H then climbs to the second rope and starts punching Undertaker! After five punches Undertaker counters out with a Last Ride Powerbomb but collapses after completing the move!!

Big Show is now making his way down to the ring! He gets in and the referee throws the match out before he does anything!

Winner: No Contest
Match Rating: *** ¾

Big Show starts punching Undertaker in the ribs with some big time hooks! Big Show then stomps on the Undertaker in the corner before choking him! Big Show drops an elbow on Taker while Triple H comes from behind with a chair and nails him in the back!! Big Show turns in a fury and Triple H goes to hit him again but Big Show counters with a Showstopper!!

Big Show now picks up the chair and hits Undertaker in the ribs with it!! Big Show then KILLS Undertaker with a shot to the back with the steel chair!! Undertaker gets up and turns into a chair shot to the skull and is done for!! Big Show leaves the ring to a chorus of boos!!

:::Commercial Break:::

We’re back from the break and Triple H is struggling to get up. Undertaker rolled out of the ring a few moments ago according to JR. We see some replays of what just happened with all the carnage the Big Show caused.

JR and Tazz discuss how Triple H and Undertaker could possibly make it to Cyber Sunday.

All of a sudden Vladimir Kozlov’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring. Kozlov gets in and Triple H quickly gets some shots to his midsection! Triple H gets a punch blocked and Kozlov underhooks the other arm and hits some head-butts to his sternum, flooring the WWE Champion! Triple H then gets up and gets the Battering Ram Head-Butt from Kozlov!! Triple H climbs up Kozlov and gets dropped with a Scooping Reverse DDT!! Kozlov stands over the broken body of the WWE Champion as the fans chant for Jeff Hardy and Smackdown goes off the air!!

Quick Match Results

Natalya & Maryse* def. Michelle McCool* & Maria
Carlito* & Primo def. Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely* (non-title)
R-Truth & Kung Fu Naki* def. MVP* & Shelton Benjamin
The Brian Kendrick def. Super Crazy
Triple H NC Undertaker (non-title)

Bump of the Night: Big Show beating Undertaker down with the steel chair!
Match of the Night: Undertaker vs. Triple H *** ¾

Mike’s Thoughts

Even though he’ll probably read this on Saturday I’d just like to wish my friend Dave Stephens, everyone’s favorite ECW recapper, a Happy Birthday!

Now it’s time for a rant.

Now I’m really not a WWE basher because I do love the company and truly believe it’s the most superior wrestling brand out there, production and talent wise, but WWE has seriously been pissing me off lately. It all really centers on the constant usage of the brain-dead phrase “WWE Universe” and the Cyber Sunday voting. It’s pretty easy to see why I’m frustrated with the Cyber Sunday voting. In this time of serious (and I do mean serious) economic crisis they have the audacity, the nerve, the guts to charge us to vote on a dumb Pay Per View like Cyber Sunday? Just the mere fact that they’re having two PPVs in one month is bad enough because the hardcore fan will buy those two at $40 a pop but now they’re also charging a dollar per vote? That’s just not right.

As for the “WWE Universe” from what I’ve read (and how I feel) this mind numbingly stupid phrase has gone over like a fart in a windstorm. McMahon really needs to stop pretending that he’s promoting anything other than a wrestling show. It doesn’t matter how many fancy slogans he can come up with to insult us, we’ll always be one thing – a wrestling fan, not a member of the WWE Universe. This isn’t the 80s anymore. Just because you come up with these stupid slogans isn’t going to get you accepted by the mainstream media. It’s a noble effort but it’s failed time and time again and it’s mostly because of the product you’ve put out. Also, if you’re trying to get a new market to watch your shows (especially RAW) can you at least try to put a little effort into the writing to make it not so boring? I’m just saying!

Also, what is it with giving new wrestlers gimmicks that couldn’t possibly get over? Yeah, I’m talking about you, Kizarny.

OK, my rant is over. This has just been really bothering me. Time for my thoughts on Smackdown.

Smackdown started off slow but ended BIG! What a match the Main Event was!! Triple H vs. Undertaker really delivered and I couldn’t be happier. That was probably as close to a perfect TV match as I could imagine. I gave it my highest rating ever of *** ¾ stars. My highest rating is four so you know this match was good. If you missed it you should be ashamed. They didn’t even put in a commercial break so it was twenty minutes of action!

We only saw Jeff Hardy momentarily in the opening segment and no more for the rest of the show. I think it’s obvious they want the fans to go for Vladimir Kozlov but don’t listen. If you are going to vote at least vote for the Triple Threat. Personally I’d rather skip Cyber Sunday all together and just keep building towards Survivor Series but that’s just me!

As for the rest we had some pretty entertaining things happen. The Jesse & Festus thing was pretty funny. I’m happy to see Funaki is getting some kind of push even if it is demeaning his culture. Hey, Kung Fu Naki got his first legitimate win in years. Also the absence of Vickie Guerrero was very welcome. Speaking of people that are absent – who thinks it’s time for Edge to come back??

All in all a good edition of Smackdown with a STRONG Main Event!!

Final Smackdown Rating: ***

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Thanks for reading and enjoy Cyber Sunday 2008!