Smackdown Results - 11/14/08 - Manchester, England

Reported by Mike Tedesco of
On Saturday, November 15, 2008 at 2:53 AM EST

WWE Smackdown
November 14, 2008
Manchester, England
Report by: Mike Tedesco of

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video recaps us on what transpired last week with Jeff Hardy asking Vickie Guerrero for another shot at the WWE Championship because he was so close and he knows he can beat Triple H. Vickie says she doesn’t think he has what it takes and he isn’t that extreme anymore! This leads to Hardy getting him and Triple H disqualified against Miz and Morrison because he assaults them with chairs. Vickie says this is good but not good enough so Hardy comes out and hits Kozlov with a chair, giving him the number one contendership, and he subsequently hits the Undertaker! Jeff Hardy then tells Vickie to put him in an Extreme Rules Match against the Undertaker!!

No pyrotechnics tonight as we enter the arena in Manchester, England with the lights all blue with monk music playing and in the center of the ring is a casket! The Undertaker speaks but we don’t see him.

Undertaker says, “Some men are born into the darkness in all it’s purity – they are the world’s punishers. Others foolishly seek out darkness, sick with malicious ambition. Big Show, I am the punisher born of darkness and you have foolishly found me. This is how your story ends. Here in this cold dark emptiness. You will hear no sound. No sound but your own muffled screams. You will feel your pulse quicken. You will have no sight for that is what darkness takes from those unworthy and in that abyss I will punish you for all of your sins. That is your fate – sealed by your own hands. Death forgives no man. And when that casket is buried with you six feet under, I’ll drag your soul down – down to the depths of Hell!” At this point the casket lid opens and Undertaker sits up! He cut the whole promo in the casket!

All of a sudden we hear someone mocking Undertaker by saying that was very scary but he should be concerned about tonight! We see on the titantron someone with their head down. Undertaker should be concerned with him – Jeff Hardy! Hardy now lifts his head and he’s covered in pretty weird looking face paint accented by a black light. I recommend looking at the pictures on

Hardy questions if he should be sorry for interrupting him. He asks if he should be sorry for being himself, for being human. Hardy says he’s tired of being sorry. He says Taker may see the world in light and darkness, black and white. It’s not that simple for he lives in a world of gray. That’s what allows him to do things others can’t do. It’s what allows him to fall and get back up! He’s lived his whole life off pure emotion and tonight that emotion, rage, recklessness and insanity will beat him! He has nothing to lose because tonight is extreme! This was really good.

Undertaker coldly looks at him and says “So it will be, Jeff Hardy. Tonight you will REST… IN… PEACE!” The thunder hits and Undertaker rolls his eyes back.

Tonight’s Main Event will be Jeff Hardy vs. Undertaker in an Extreme Rules Match but up next it will be a non-title match between ECW Champion Matt Hardy and US Champion Shelton Benjamin!

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We get an outside shot of Manchester. We see a big Ferris wheel and a pub.

Tonight there will be a contract signing between Vladimir Kozlov and Triple H! Also tonight there will be the “long awaited” Diva’s Championship Match between Michelle McCool, the reigning champion, and Maria!

ECW Champion vs. US Champion
Matt Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin

I’m just reiterating again that this will be a non-title match. They also announce for Survivor Series a Survivor Series Elimination Match pitting Batista, Matt Hardy, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth taking on Randy Orton, Shelton Benjamin, William Regal, Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry.

Also, while Shelton Benjamin comes out Hurricane Helms pops up in the corner and says that Benjamin’s hair makes him look like the love child of Gary Coleman and Hacksaw-something. I know it wasn’t Jim Duggan he said. He’s just saying, anyways. I’m getting tired of this.

The bell rings and the two competitors circle the ring. JR lets it be known that Matt Hardy is nursing a slight knee injury. They approach each other and the Gold Standard immediately hits a double leg takedown on Matt Hardy. Benjamin quickly tries for a waist lock but Hardy avoids it so Benjamin gets a side headlock on. Hardy hits some punches to the midsection and pushes him off into the ropes but gets taken down with a shoulder block. Benjamin quickly puts a lateral press on but only gets a one count. Benjamin quickly gets him and gets another side headlock on Hardy and takes him down with the headlock takeover, keeping it on after completing the move. Hardy counters this by locking his legs around Benjamin’s neck and squeezing! Benjamin gets on his knees and slides his head out so Matt Hardy gets him in a seated side headlock.

Both wrestles get to their feet with Hardy still controlling Benjamin with the headlock and Benjamin quickly explodes out with an arm bar! Hardy struggles a bit but Benjamin just wrenches that arm and punches it. Benjamin then steps over and puts some leverage on the arm bar. Hardy is able to slip out, hit a couple of punches, back Benjamin into the ropes and whip him off and into a back elbow! Hardy covers for a one count.

Hardy quickly capitalizes on this situation with an arm wrench into a hammerlock which immediately grounds Benjamin. Hardy really cinches it in and puts some leverage on it. Benjamin gets to his knees and then to his feet. Benjamin grabs Hardy’s head and hits a snapmare but Hardy stays on the arm and rolls through with the hammerlock still locked on! Hardy pulls down on the arm and gets his shoulders on the mat for a two count and the hold is broken!

Hardy quickly goes back to the arm and puts an arm bar on. Benjamin hits a scoop slam on Hardy but Hardy hangs on and Benjamin flips too as Hardy keeps the arm bar on! Hardy with the lateral press gets a one count. Hardy still has the arm bar on with leverage. Benjamin gets to his feet and Hardy wrenches the arm twice. All of a sudden Benjamin jumps up on the top rope, his feet slip but he’s still able to back flip off and arm drag Hardy off! Benjamin then pops up and gets himself arm dragged by Matt Hardy! It’s still a stalemate as we go to the break!

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We come back from the break to see Matt Hardy laying in some forearms to Shelton Benjamin. Hardy gets a whip into the corner reversed on him but Hardy gets a foot in Benjamin’s face when he charges! Hardy then gets up to the second rope, yells and hits the elbow to the back of Benjamin! Hardy stalls a bit because he apparently tweaked that already injured knee coming off the ropes but he eventually covers for a two and a half count!

Hardy is now favoring that left knee and is walking gingerly on it. Hardy goes for a suplex but his knee is weak so Benjamin goes over, lands on his feet and goes for a neckbreaker but Hardy elbows him off! Benjamin then quickly hits a side kick to the back of Hardy’s knee! Hardy goes down in pain and Benjamin comes over and stomps on it a few times before going to work on the back of the knee with kicks. Benjamin then drops a leg on the knee joint and wrenches it! Benjamin is really cranking it in as the crowd chants for Hardy! Hardy is punching Benjamin’s hands hoping to get it released but Benjamin simply punches him in the face! Benjamin then gets to his feet and drags Hardy’s left leg to the apron. Benjamin goes outside and bangs the knee on the edge of the apron.

At this point in the broadcast the audio goes out and there’s this intensely loud noise of static. It’s really irritating. I don’t know if this is from the actual broadcast or if it’s just MyNetworkTV.

Hardy is still hanging halfway out of the ring and Benjamin is inside. All of a sudden Benjamin catapults over the top rope and lands on the leg on the way down!! Benjamin covers and gets a two and a half count!! Benjamin now has Hardy locked in a knee wrench as the audio returns. Hardy is struggling to get to the ropes but doesn’t get there as Benjamin gets to his feet and executes the Terry Funk classic Step Over Toe Hold! Hardy is able to hit a few desperation punches to the face and gets out of it. Benjamin stays on Hardy with some punches as Hardy gets to his feet. Benjamin then goes for a short arm clothesline but Hardy ducks and hits the Side Effect!! Hardy hooks the leg and gets a two and a half count!!

Benjamin pulls himself up in the corner and Hardy quickly hobbles over with a corner clothesline and connects with a bulldog! This gets Hardy a VERY CLOSE near fall!! Hardy goes into the ropes and misses an elbow drop. Hardy gets up and blocks a kick from Benjamin. Hardy swings his leg and Benjamin goes for the Dragon Kick but Hardy ducks and Benjamin catches him with a big boot! Benjamin then covers for a VERY CLOSE near fall!!

Benjamin puts Hardy in the corner with his back facing him and hits his version of the Stinger Splash! Hardy turns and Benjamin hits another one!! Benjamin now goes for a third and Hardy catches him in midair with another Side Effect!! Hardy then gets his body on him and gets a two and a half count!!

Both men get up. Hardy goes for a clothesline but Benjamin ducks and goes for Pay Dirt but Hardy pushes him off! Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Benjamin pulls back on his head and Hardy’s upper body lands on his knee!

Both men are down now but Benjamin gets them up. Benjamin props Hardy up on the top rope for a Super Back Drop but Hardy elbows him off and hits a moonsault for a TWO AND SEVEN-EIGHTHS count!!!

Hardy now starts punching Benjamin as he’s getting up. Hardy goes for a kick but Benjamin blocks it on his knees so Hardy goes for an enzuigiri but Benjamin ducks but gets kicked off by Hardy!! Hardy then goes for a Twist of Fate but Benjamin goes for a northern lights suplex but Hardy gets a roll up and gets a one count as Benjamin gets out and gets a single leg Boston Crab on Hardy!! Hardy struggles and finally gets to the bottom rope!!

Benjamin is now stomping Hardy while he’s in the ropes so Charles Robinson gets him off. Hardy gets to his feet and gets taken down with a chop block! Hardy gets to his feet and Benjamin charges but Hardy catches him with a surprise Twist of Fate for the win!!!

Winner by Pinfall: Matt Hardy
Match Rating: ***

Matt Hardy celebrates this TREMENDOUS win with the crowd in England as we go to a break!

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We now get a special look at the Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 video game which plays what could happen in the Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy match tonight. This game is awesome!

The Brian Kendrick vs. Carlito

The Brian Kendrick is accompanied by Ezekiel Jackson, of course, and Carlito is accompanied by his brother and co-champion Primo, of course.

The bell rings and the two take some time before actually locking up. The Kendrick gets a quick waist lock on and Carlito struggles to get out but he does and gets a waist lock of his own on The Kendrick! The Kendrick counters with a hammerlock but Carlito gets a side headlock on and hits a headlock takeover! The Kendrick eventually grapevines his legs across Carlito’s neck but Carlito kicks up out it and we’re at a standstill!!

They go to lock up again and The Kendrick gets a stiff kick to the quadriceps of Carlito! The Kendrick hits a whole bunch of these before taunting and blowing a kiss to the English crowd who don’t like him very much! Carlito is in the corner as The Kendrick comes back with more kicks but the referee backs him up. When The Kendrick approaches again he is clotheslined down hard by Carlito! Carlito then bounces The Kendrick’s head off the top turnbuckle and hits a few stomps in the corner! The referee shows his neutrality by backing Carlito up this time. Carlito approaches and gets a shoulder thrust for his troubles!

The Kendrick hits a forearm shot to the back. He then twists Carlito’s arm, whips him into the ropes, goes for a clothesline but Carlito ducks! Carlito then jumps onto the second rope and moonsaults off but The Kendrick ducks but Carlito lands on his feet and dropkicks The Kendrick down!! Carlito waits for him to get up and hits a deep arm drag when he does! Carlito covers for a two count! Carlito now gets an arm bar on and is looking at Ezekiel Jackson. The Kendrick reaches for the ropes and steps through them and on to the apron. The Kendrick then kicks Carlito’s arm hard!

The Kendrick now hits a super hard kick to Carlito’s chest, an arm wrench and a kick to the arm again! The Kendrick wrenches the arm and pulls him down as Primo tries to cheer Carlito on. The Kendrick then drops a knee on the arm and follows it up with another. The Kendrick covers for a quick two count. The Kendrick gets an arm bar on Carlito. He keeps it locked on for a bit before Carlito gets to his feet and hits some punches but it’s not enough for faze The Kendrick as he hits another stiff shoulder thrust to the midsection! The Kendrick wrenches the arm, sends Carlito into the ropes, lowers his head and gets a rolling neckbreaker from Carlito!! The Kendrick is hanging halfway out of the ring right by Ezekiel Jackson so Carlito just drags him back in and covers for a close two and a half count!!

Carlito approaches The Kendrick and gets pulled face first into the second turnbuckle! The Kendrick then kicks the shoulder of Carlito again! The Kendrick has Carlito on his stomach, sits on his back and uses both of Carlito’s arms to choke him!! Carlito gets to his feet so The Kendrick throws him down to the canvas. The Kendrick hits another stiff kick on Carlito as he gets up and he’s in the corner now. The Kendrick charges with a high knee but Carlito moves and The Kendrick crashes and burns!

Carlito now begins hitting some hard lefts to The Kendrick’s jaw. He kicks him in the midsection, goes into the ropes and hits a knee lift and then follows it up with a big clothesline! Carlito has a whip reversed on him but he jumps up onto the second rope and takes The Kendrick down with a flying back elbow!! Carlito covers for a two count!! Carlito now whips The Kendrick into the corner and The Kendrick pushes off the top rope because he thought that Carlito was charging – he wasn’t. Carlito then dropkicks him from behind and he flies face first into the second turnbuckle. Retribution!

On the outside, Ezekiel Jackson runs over Primo with a shoulder block, distracting Carlito and allowing The Kendrick to hit The Kendrick for the pinfall victory!

Winner by Pinfall: The Brian Kendrick
Match Rating: ** ¼

The Kendrick celebrates his “big” win with Ezekiel.

Up next is the contract signing between Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov!

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Another stupid Kizarny promo plays. I’m not even going to comment on this because this gimmick sucks beyond belief.

We now get another John Cena video showcasing when he came to Raw. Ok, I get it – he’s coming back. ENOUGH!!

The red carpet is in the ring as is a folding table with a black tablecloth and one chair on each side. Oh and Vickie Guerrero and Chavo are in the ring as well.

Manchester hates Vickie. She excuses herself a few times before explaining that at Survivor Series the WWE Championship will be defended when Vladimir Kozlov takes on Triple H. She has invited both men to the ring on one condition – there will be no physicality.

The contract signing takes place next. The stupid Cena video took up half the time.

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We come back from the break to see Vickie Guerrero excuse herself one more time and then she welcomes us to the official WWE Championship contract signing. Vickie Guerrero asks for us to note that if Jeff Hardy does what he promised – and that is take out the Undertaker – he may have a shot at the WWE Championship. However, for right now, this match is between two of the top WWE Superstars. This match is going to be so colossal that it is only worthy to be on her show – Smackdown! Hell yeah!

Vickie Guerrero begins her introduction of Vladimir Kozlov and the crowd boos loudly. He is one of the most dangerous men in WWE; he is the undefeated Moscow Mauler – Vladimir Kozlov! Kozlov ditched his granny panties and comes out wearing jeans, a shirt and a sports coat. He actually looks human.

Vickie now introduces the twelve time champion, Cerebral Assassin, King of Kings, The Game – Triple H! Triple H comes out in jeans, his Triple H shirt and his trusty leather jacket that every manly man should wear. He is also wearing glasses because it’s bright in the building.

Triple H starts off by saying that being in the ring right now is special to him. It’s like the United Nations – a representative from Russia (Kozlov), a representative from Mexico (Chavo) and a representative from Fat-labia! Vickie is not pleased. Triple H laughs, apologizes and corrects his error – she’s from Bulge-garia!

Vickie yells to get back to business and excuses herself again! Triple H then says he’s just kidding and says she’s from Chunky-slavakia. Ok… Triple H says we can now get to business.

Vickie asks both men to take a seat. Neither moves for a moment and then Triple H sits down. Kozlov eventually follows. Vickie explains the contract for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series. Since Kozlov is the challenger he can sign first. Kozlov signs and the match is official on his part. Kozlov begins speaking but I seriously can’t understand what he said.

Triple H asks if anyone picked that up which elicits laughs. Triple H mentions that there are 15,000 people in the arena and no one knows what he just said! Kozlov tells him to shut up and listen carefully! Triple H says that he listens to him. He can sit there with that angry look on his face and the Soviet Union eyes but he knows the real story. This isn’t his first bar-b-q. He’s been on a worldwide stage before, he’s main evented a Pay Per View with the WWE Championship on the line but Kozlov never has. Triple H begins talking about butterflies but stops and moves away from the table.

Behind Kozlov we see Jeff Hardy climb to the top rope! Kozlov turns and Jeff Hardy flies off and clotheslines Kozlov through the table!! Hardy then takes the contract, rips it up and throws it in Triple H’s face!! He then leaves the ring with his crazy face paint from before still on!!

JR questions if this is a sign of things to come when Jeff Hardy takes on the Undertaker tonight in an Extreme Rules match!

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We come back from the break and we’re inside an English pub and see a bar tender pouring ale. Funny, this looks like the exact same shot from Raw! Cheaters!

We now get replays of what just happened with Jeff Hardy putting Vladimir Kozlov through a table before ripping up the contract and throwing it into Triple H’s face!

MVP vs. Kung Fu Naki

The bell rings and they lock up. MVP quickly gets Fu Naki in a hammerlock and throws him shoulder first into the corner. JR and Tazz discuss that MVP is one win away from his incentives bonus. MVP then wrenches the arm violently, elbows the shoulder joint and hits a monkey flip, hanging onto the arm and stomping on it after!

MVP goes to pick Fu Naki up and he responds with some punches and kicks but MVP hits a throat thrust and hits a face buster! MVP taunts the crowd and The Great Khali’s music hits!!

MVP tries to ignore Khali so he punches Fu Naki a few times before bouncing his head off the top turnbuckle and giving him a few more punches. MVP is now looking at Khali and the “Sultan of Sideburns” Ranjin Singh. What MVP doesn’t see is Fu Naki behind him win a Kung Fu pose and when MVP turns he gets his head taken off with a Crane Kick giving Kung Fu Naki another big win!!

Winner by Pinfall: Kung Fu Naki
Match Rating: ¾ *

MVP is getting up and he turns into a huge Brain Chop from Khali!! Ranjin Singh now says it’s time for The Great Khali’s UK Kiss Cam!!

The camera shows a few OK looking women in the crowd but, of course, stop on the ugly, old and fat one. She’s got the red hair which is only red because of the crappy hair dye she uses and she looks in her mid 50s. For a fan in the back of the crowd she sure found her way quickly through Justin Roberts’s area… almost like she knew she was going to be called!!! She nearly falls off the ring steps in a hilarious moment. While this is happening Khali hits MVP with another Brain Chop!!

Her stomach is hanging out as Singh says she’s a real looker – so voluptuous, so well proportioned. She’s what Khali would call a Cougar. Her name is Tallulah and Singh asks if she’s ready to face pure euphoria when Khali puts his gentle lips on her. She says bring it home. In the background I see a Big Daddy V sign. Too bad he’s gone – this would have resurrected the old Vis-agra angle. Scratch that – thank God he’s gone.

The crowd chants for Khali but before he kisses her MVP gets up so Khali hits the Khali Bomb!! The music resumes and the crowd continues chanting for Khali. Khali grabs the “lady” and does a few hilarious prepping gestures with his tongue but then stops at the last second! Khali points to MVP and says she should kiss MVP. Singh says Khali is feeling generous so they’ll exchange numbers but for right now Khali wants to make her an offer – she can have a special kiss from MVP!

The crowd is now chanting for Tallulah as she gets on the mat and kisses MVP who was passed out and now he’s wide awake with fear! They roll around the mat until MVP gets her off and he rolls out of the ring!! Just a rough night for the poor guy!!

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Just For Men Hair Color presents to us the Smack of the Night which comes from last month when Maria won a chance to get a shot at the Diva’s Championship in Las Vegas.

WWE Diva’s Championship
Maria vs. Michelle McCool (c)

Hurricane Helms pops up in the corner and says its Diva’s time before yelping. He’s just saying. Thank God he came up because before I couldn’t take these Diva’s matches seriously. Now I can…

The bell rings and these ladies lock up. The Champion gets Maria in a side headlock and takes her down with a headlock takeover. Maria tries to pull her over for a pin but only gets a one count.

We cut away from the action to see coming down the ramp Jesse and Festus. Festus is carrying a brown teddy bear.

Back to the action we see they’re on their feet and Maria is able to get McCool in a headlock. McCool whips Maria into the ropes and Maria goes for a crucifix pin but McCool stays standing. McCool goes to twist her into a slam but Maria gets it into an arm drag! Maria is smiling and she charges but McCool pulls her down face first into the second turnbuckle. McCool pulls her up and hits a European Uppercut which strangely doesn’t ground Maria. Either she’s tough or she forgot that almost everyone bumps for that. Confused, Michelle McCool kicks her in the midsection and whips her into the corner and charges but Maria hits her with an elbow.

Maria goes for a kick but it’s blocked however Maria counters this with an enzuigiri! This gets Maria a one count. Dissatisfied Maria tries again for the same result. Maria hits some forearms and a knee to the midsection before whipping McCool into the ropes and lowering her head, allowing McCool to go for the sunset flip but McCool instead of pinning goes for the Brazilian Heel Hook but Maria rolls out of it and gets caught in an ankle lock. Kurt Angle is not pleased. Michelle McCool is, though, as Maria taps out in a very anticlimactic ending.

Winner by Pinfall & STILL Diva’s Champion: Michelle McCool
Match Rating: *

Because the bell rang Festus goes crazy and chases Michelle McCool out of the ring. Festus stands over Maria with the bear and helps her up. Festus then gives her the bear in a touching moment.

The Main Event is up next – it’s Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy in an Extreme Rules Match!!!

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Tazz thanks AC/DC for the use of their song “Spoilin’ for a Fight”, the official theme song of Survivor Series. We see an outside shot of Big Ben.

WWE Mobile brings us the RAW Rebound highlighting the Last Man Standing match between Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels. They showed a flashback of Jericho knocking HBK’s wife’s lights out but this isn’t effective to me anymore because HBK used that as a joke a little over a week ago. Couldn’t they do that later and joke about Katie Vick?

JR and Tazz now run down the Survivor Series card which doesn’t look bad at all so far. Oh my God – in case you didn’t hear John Cena will be coming back and he’ll face Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship!! All of Smackdown’s matches are announced after this. It may be biased but I think they’re best.

Jeff Hardy is now making his entrance and it’s an amazing ovation. He still looks deranged with the paint and I really love it. This is just so awesome. The evolution of Jeff Hardy is nearing completion.

Undertaker’s entrance will take place after the break.

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Did you know that last week’s Smackdown was MyNetworkTV’s most watched show in history, breaking the record again – for the 4th time in 5 weeks?? That’s the only stat I care about.

Jeff Hardy is still in the ring with a very calm look on his face. The gong now hits and Undertaker is making his legendary entrance to the ring. During the entrance they show what happened last week when Jeff Hardy came out and waffled Kozlov and Undertaker in the head with a chair!

Extreme Rules Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Undertaker

The bell rings and this match is on! Undertaker quickly tries to corner Jeff Hardy but Hardy is way too quick for that. Hardy goes into the ropes, ducks a clothesline and hits Undertaker with a flying forearm, which staggers the Dead Man!! Hardy goes into the ropes and does the same thing!! Hardy goes a third time but this time the veteran Undertaker takes his head off with a big boot!! Undertaker hits the ropes and goes for an elbow drop but Hardy moves out of the way!

Undertaker is against the ropes and Hardy clotheslines him over the top rope and Undertaker lands on his feet!! Hardy then hits a slingshot dropkick, knocking Taker down on the outside, and goes to the outside himself! Hardy gets on the barricade, runs around on it and then comes off with a big clothesline on the Undertaker!! Hardy gets on the barricade again, runs and jumps but is caught by the Undertaker, who slams him into the ring steps!!

:::Commercial Break:::

Coming back from the break we see Undertaker bounce Hardy’s head off the top turnbuckle before hitting some big body shots on the Extreme Enigma!

During the break we saw Undertaker have Jeff Hardy in a bear hug and slam him into the steel ring post back first! How do you train for that??

Undertaker throws Jeff Hardy out of the ring through the first and second rope and follows. Undertaker whips him hard into the barricade and Hardy lands on his head and shoulders!! Undertaker kicks him in the face while walking by. Undertaker now picks Hardy up and bounces his head off the announcer’s table! Undertaker now positions Hardy on the apron and a few right hands! Undertaker takes a steel chair and puts it on top of Hardy! Undertaker then gets on the apron and hits his trademark leg drop onto the chair on Hardy!!!

Undertaker picks Hardy up and bounces his head off the steel steps. Undertaker walks away and Hardy emerges with a Kendo stick! Undertaker turns and gets a HUGE shot to the head!! Hardy hits him twice in the body and stops while the Undertaker staggers in pain!! Hardy then hits him with the tip of the stick and hits him across the back before throwing the Dead Man in the ring!! Hardy follows and hits him with another shot across the back!! Hardy approaches again and Undertaker retaliates with a big boot, knocking Hardy down!! Undertaker now grabs the stick and waits for Hardy to get up. When he does Undertaker slams it against his back and Hardy falls through the ropes to the outside!

Taker picks Hardy up and head-butts him twice! Undertaker punches Hardy and leaves him standing against the barricade. Undertaker now charges but Hardy moves out of the way and Undertaker crotches himself on the barricade!!

Undertaker slowly gets up and Hardy counters with some incredibly fast punches and kicks, stunning the Dead Man!! Hardy is really taking it to him!! However, once he stops it only takes one punch from Taker to knock him down!! Undertaker gets Hardy on his shoulders and goes for Snake Eyes on the steel steps but Hardy slides off, ducks a clothesline and bounces Undertaker’s head off the steel steps, staggering the Undertaker to the barricade!! Hardy now positions the steps and runs, jumps off the steel steps and hits Poetry in Motion on Undertaker but his upper body misses so the force dumps him on his head on the concrete floor!!!! WOW!!!!

Somehow Jeff Hardy finds a way to climb back over the barricade. Hardy hits Undertaker with a kick and a punch. Undertaker hits a head-butt and throws Hardy in the ring. Undertaker covers for the first time this match and gets a two and a half count!! Undertaker now gets on the top rope and starts walking looking for some Old School but Hardy pulls the leg and crotches Undertaker on the top rope!!!

Jeff Hardy now goes to the outside and under the ring! He emerges on the other side with a ladder!!! Hardy enters the ring with it and Undertaker kicks it in his face!!! Undertaker now picks it up and throws it at Hardy, crushing him!!! Undertaker is now setting the ladder up in the ring. Undertaker whips Hardy into the corner and Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind on Undertaker!!!

Big Show now runs down and throws Hardy out of the ring!! He then delivers a Showstopper to Undertaker!! Big Show is looking to knock Undertaker out but Jeff Hardy flies off to intercept him but Big Show easily catches him!! Hardy struggles with Big Show until Undertaker comes with the chair and cracks him in the back with it!! Big Show falls out of the ring!!

Undertaker drops the chair and looks at Big Show. Jeff Hardy grabs the chair and annihilates Undertaker when he turns around!! Hardy now positions the ladder and goes to the top rope. Hardy leap frogs the ladder and hits a leg drop on the Undertaker and PINS HIM FOR THE WIN!!!!!

Winner by Pinfall: Jeff Hardy
Match Rating: *** ½

Jeff Hardy doesn’t stick around to celebrate this amazing win and instead quickly goes to the back as Undertaker looks furious. We see some replays of what just happened.

Backstage we see Jeff Hardy walking around backstage and he finds Vickie Guerrero. She’s clapping for him but she says she never gave him the same deal she promised Vladimir. However if he wants a deal she’ll give him a deal – if he beats Triple H next week then he’ll be entered into the match at Survivor Series!! Hardy says he’ll beat Triple H next week and if he isn’t put into the match at Survivor Series then he’ll get extreme on her!! Jeff Hardy walks away as Smackdown goes off the air!

Quick Match Results

Matt Hardy def. Shelton Benjamin (non-title)
The Brian Kendrick def. Carlito
Kung Fu Naki def. MVP
WWE Diva’s Championship: Michelle McCool def. Maria to retain
Extreme Rules Match: Jeff Hardy def. Undertaker

Bump of the Night: Jeff Hardy leap frogging the ladder and dropping a leg on the Undertaker!!
Match of the Night: Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy *** ½

Mike’s Thoughts

All around a very well done episode of Smackdown from England with only a few things that bothered me but I’ll get to them later.

It was such a HUGE night for Jeff Hardy and I (and Marianna) couldn’t be any happier. This edgier turn is exactly what Jeff Hardy needed. It’s like when Edge got that “edge” over the summer leading up to Hell in a Cell (which I hope he keeps when he returns) – it’s really working. After being the first person to pin the Undertaker since he’s returned, Hardy will go on to face Triple H next week for an opportunity to be in the WWE Championship match at Survivor Series. If he wins it he gets an opportunity to be in the WWE Championship match at Survivor Series. Before I was happy that Jeff was in main events for the title but never really was convinced they’d give it to him – now I’m not so sure. That’s why I love this new side of Jeff Hardy!!

Another thing I liked was the undercard tonight. Save for the MVP match (I feel bad for him) and the Diva’s match I loved the matches that happened. Carlito had a tremendous outing with The Brian Kendrick but the best one was Matt Hardy taking on Shelton Benjamin. That was a TREMENDOUS match that rivaled his brother’s main event match. Both of the Hardy’s are on a roll and I really hope Matt’s knee is fine.

However, you know what really hindered my experience watching this show? The fake crowd noise pumped in randomly at times when it wasn’t needed. They especially hurt the great Jeff Hardy promo at the beginning of the show. The idea is for Jeff Hardy to be acting insane. The crowd isn’t used to this (we aren’t either) so why would they react big to the word “extreme” when he says it? It was an intense promo that didn’t warrant a huge scream – just awe. Sometimes being speechless isn’t bad. Also, if they’re going to pump in artificial crowd noise then can’t they use something that sounds REAL? Seriously, WWE puts hundreds of shows on every year – they can’t get a decent sound bite of an audience going nuts? Come on, now. I’m just a stockholder stating my opinion.

Another annoyance is the consistently long and boring John Cena return videos. We get it – he’s returning. He’s been out for less than three months – our memories aren’t that short. Do the cheesy PR on someone /*’s time and stop wasting mine. He’s not the only wrestler out there.

I’m really sorry – I hate bashing WWE but sometimes little things bug me when you watch the show as closely as I do. I still think WWE is the best wrestling there is out there – bar none.

Still, it was an absolutely tremendous show. WWE really ups their game going overseas – not that they don’t in America! I can’t wait for another Smackdown from England next week! It’s going to be amazing! Still, staying on tonight we had two matches with ratings over *** and a great ** ¼ match! Also, storylines were advanced and the Contract signing deal was cool as well.

Final Smackdown Rating: ***

Let me know your thoughts on Smackdown and my recap! I look forward to hearing from you all!

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