Smackdown Results - 12/26/08 - Toronto, ON

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On Saturday, December 27, 2008 at 4:20 AM EST

WWE Smackdown
December 26, 2008
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Report by: Mike Tedesco of

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

No entrance videos tonight. Triple H’s music hits and the twelve time former champion is on his way to the ring with a sledgehammer! Triple H is getting a great reception from this Canadian crowd.

JR announces that tonight’s Main Event will be WWE Champion Jeff Hardy taking on Big Show in a non-title match!

Triple H says there are certain things in life you just don’t do. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t take the mask off The Lone Ranger, and you don’t do this. We now see a replay of the end of Armageddon where Triple H had the match won only to be attacked by Vladimir Kozlov!

Triple H speaks directly to Vladimir Kozlov by saying he cost him the WWE Championship and there is a price to pay for that and he’ll collect it with his sledgehammer. Triple H says last week it almost happened and we see a replay from last week’s Smackdown where Triple H ran in and Pedigreed Edge. He then proceeded to attack Vladimir Kozlov. Kozlov would try to run away but Triple H would continue the assault by throwing him into the ring post and bouncing his head off the announcer’s table. Triple H then got the sledgehammer and Kozlov would run away!

The crowd is chanting for Triple H! Triple H tells Kozlov that “almost” doesn’t work for him. Triple H then calls Kozlov out to finish their fight! We don’t get Vladimir Kozlov – instead we get “Ohhhh Chavo” Guerrero!

Guerrero says they’re all really sorry about what happened to Triple H. He says he was sent out by his Aunt Vickie who is the General Manager of the show by the way! She’s not happy about Triple H interfering in the Jeff Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov match last week. Vickie says that if he ever interferes in another match or if he lays one more finger on Vladimir Kozlov then not only will he NOT be in the Royal Rumble match, he’ll never compete for the WWE Championship again! Chavo then says that Triple H has to get this through his thick skull – this isn’t Raw anymore, it’s Smackdown! Triple H doesn’t call the shots – Vickie does!

Triple H says that’s great but he wishes if Vickie wanted to tell him something she’d have come out herself – but he guesses she couldn’t fit through the big door over there! Chavo says she’s on a diet and could fit! Triple H then says it’s not that big of a door!

Triple H goes on to say that Chavo is a Guerrero! He’s a multiple time champion and his shirt says “Warrior.” Triple H says Chavo is a warrior (Guerrero means Warrior in Spanish by the way) and unlike Vickie, Chavo truly is a Guerrero! Triple H says with all this in mind Chavo has become an errand boy? A gopher? The crowd now starts chanting “Gopher!” Got to love Canada!

Triple H says Chavo does what he has to but the Guerreros he knew would have the guts to come down there and tell him to his face! The crowd is chanting “Eddie” as Chavo walks towards the ring! All of a sudden Chavo smiles and starts walking to the back. Now Vickie Guerrero walks out to a thunderous chorus of boos!

Vickie excuses herself a few times. Triple H then says Vickie didn’t waddle out for the crowd to give her a hard time! Vickie tells Chavo to stay then tells Triple H that she’s not going to allow him to insult her nephew. He’s a Guerrero and she’s a Guerrero and she won’t allow Triple H to insult her family. She says that Chavo has learned from the very best and he’s going to prove it right now. Chavo’s face is hilarious!

Vickie then orders a referee out to the ring. Charles Robinson answers the call! It will now be Triple H vs. Chavo Guerrero – right now! Chavo doesn’t look happy as he’s making his way to the ring as the crowd chants “gopher” at him! Triple H drops the sledgehammer out of the ring.

Triple H vs. Chavo Guerrero

Charles Robinson rings the bell and Chavo immediately hits Triple H with a kick to the midsection and lays in some big right hands to Triple H, driving him into the corner! Triple H then blocks a punch and hits a few big right hands of his own! Triple H then grabs Chavo by the head and throws him out of the ring! Vickie is not impressed.

Triple H exits the ring and bounces Chavo’s head off the barricade. He then throws Chavo back in the ring. Triple H then turns to Vickie and points. Triple H turns and is hit with a baseball slide from Chavo! Chavo hits a punch and a kick and puts Triple H back in the ring.

Chavo hits a nice European Uppercut that staggers Triple H against the ropes. Chavo hits a body shot and whips Triple H into the ropes. Chavo made an error though as he lowered his head, allowing Triple H to nail him with his jumping face buster! Chavo is still standing so Triple H goes into the ropes and Chavo hits him with a rolling wheel kick!

Chavo now goes to the corner and exposes the turnbuckle! Charles Robinson catches him and admonishes him. While Robinson is fixing the turnbuckle Chavo runs out of the ring and gets a chair! Triple H is up and Chavo tosses the chair at him and falls to the ground pretending that Triple H hit him a la Eddie Guerrero! Robinson doesn’t see any of this so Triple H just shakes his head and throws the chair out of the ring! Triple H now turns Robinson around and Chavo just realizes this trick didn’t work. Chavo now tries to explain that Triple H hit him with a chair when Triple H hits him with the Double A Spinebuster! Triple H now poses and hits Chavo with the Pedigree, pinning him for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Triple H
Match Rating: * ½

Vickie Guerrero is not happy. Triple H now goes outside and gets the sledgehammer! Vickie is screaming for him not to do anything. Chavo then slowly gets up and gets hit in the sternum with the sledgehammer! Triple H poses and smiles at Vickie as she walks to the back!

Still to come tonight: Maryse vs. Michelle McCool for the Diva’s Championship! Coming up next is Gregory Helms vs. Shelton Benjamin for the United States Championship!

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We get an outside shot of the beautiful city of Toronto.

A Kizarny promo now plays. He says something in “carny” talk and locks his fingers in a bear trap like an idiot. Kizarny says things are going to get strange and to get ready for the show as he’s debuting next week. Of course this loser has to debut at the show I’m going to…

In the ring is Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin says he’s the United States Champion and that’s met with boos. He’s been the champion since he beat Matt Hardy at the Great American Bash! Benjamin is really driving home the word American to the Canadian crowd. Hurricane Helms now makes his way to the ring!

WWE United States Championship
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Hurricane Helms

Hurricane Helms is looking to get his third straight win over Shelton Benjamin!

The bell rings and this United States Championship match is under way! They lock up and Benjamin quickly gets a waist lock on Helms. He hits a takedown and tries to get Helms into a front face lock but Helms quickly gets on the ropes! JR mentions that there has only been one United States Championship title change in Canadian history and that was in 1978 when Ricky Steamboat beat Ric Flair in Toronto! That was also in December – is that an omen?

Helms now removes his bandana. They lock up again and Helms quickly hits Benjamin with an arm drag! Benjamin is not happy.

They lock up again and Benjamin gets a knee to the gut. Benjamin now hits some forearms and elbows to Helms’ neck! Benjamin blocks a kick but can’t capitalize as Helms hits him with some big right hands! Helms has an Irish whip reversed on him but he is able to hit Benjamin with a shoulder block! Helms goes into the ropes again, jumps over Benjamin on the ground, and stops short when he sees Benjamin is up and ready to deliver a clothesline! Helms now does his Hurricane pose and asks “What’s up with that?!”

Benjamin is unhappy and charges Helms, but Helms pulls the top rope down and Benjamin goes over but hangs on! Helms doesn’t realize this and Benjamin skins the cat back into the ring! Helms now sees this and clotheslines Benjamin over the top rope! Helms now climbs the top rope and hits a CRAZY high crossbody to the outside on the United States Champion!

Helms sends Benjamin back into the ring and pins him for a two count! Helms now hits a Magistral Cradle and gets a two and a half count! I love that move! Helms now hits a snapmare and hits Benjamin with a BEAUTIFUL senton splash! That’s another move I love! Helms covers and gets ANOTHER two and a half count!

Helms goes up to the top rope and Benjamin slithers away. Helms approaches and Benjamin hits a double leg takedown. Benjamin hits a catapult into the corner but Hurricane lands on his feet on the second rope! Helms jumps and lands on Benjamin’s shoulder but Benjamin is able to keep him up and powerbomb him into the corner!! Helms cradles his neck as he goes down! Benjamin covers for a two and a half count! Time for a commercial break.

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We come back from the break to see that Benjamin has Hurricane Helms in a chin lock. He then makes it a half nelson. We see that during the break Benjamin delivered a back suplex on Helms into the barricade! That’s a candidate for bump of the night!

Benjamin really has Helms grounded with this half nelson. Benjamin now releases the hold and drives an elbow into Helms’ neck! Benjamin now drops a knee on it and locks him in the chin lock again!

Benjamin has it locked in for a few more seconds as the crowd gets into it and chants “Hurricane”. Helms now gets to his feet and elbows out of the hold! Helms goes for a suplex but Benjamin lands on his feet and delivers a neckbreaker! Benjamin now covers and gets a two and a half count!

Benjamin now gets a chin lock and gets a body scissors around him as well! Helms is able to fight out of this but Benjamin is able to get a few big kicks in as well. Benjamin now whips him into the ropes but Helms counters the back body drop, hits a double leg takedown, and delivers a HARD stomp to Benjamin’s midsection! Helms now hits some big right hands but has a whip into the corner reversed on him. Benjamin charges and gets a STIFF European Uppercut for his trouble! Benjamin is now sent into the corner sternum first and hit with a clothesline!

Helms now gets the crowd into this and sets Benjamin up for the Shining Wizard! Helms goes for it but Benjamin ducks, gets Helms into a Full Nelson but he slides out of it, and captures Benjamin in a roll up for a two and a half count! Helms now gets a school boy and gets another two and a half count!

Benjamin now gets a knee into the midsection and gets Helms on his shoulder. Helms slides out and hits Nightmare on Helms Street for a CLOSE two and a half count! Helms looks shocked.

Helms now gets in the corner and goes for the Shining Wizard but Benjamin gets him on his shoulders for a powerbomb! Helms counters out with a hurricanrana and covers for a two and a half count!!

Helms now approaches Benjamin and gets an elbow to the side of the head. Benjamin gets on the top rope and goes for a leaping sunset flip but Helms gets out of the way! Crash and burn! Helms now hits the Shining Wizard and covers for a two and seven-eighths count!! That was close!!

Helms now picks Benjamin up and goes for the Underdog (the reverse Unprettier) but Benjamin pushes him into the ropes. Helms catches the kick and spins him but Benjamin hits him with the Dragon Kick! Helms now staggers into Pay Dirt and Benjamin pins him to retain the United States Championship in a good match!

Winner by Pinfall & STILL United States Champion: Shelton Benjamin
Match Rating: ** ½

Benjamin celebrates his win as we see replays of this match.

JR and Tazz discuss how they thought they’d see a new United States Champion tonight. JR then segues into how Jeff Hardy won the WWE Championship at Armageddon! We now get a video package showing Hardy’s historic win! That was a great moment!

We now get a strange promo from Jeff Hardy saying if we think about it he’s not that different. He breathes the same air as us. He laughs, he cries, he screams at the top of his lungs when he thinks of himself. Vickie Guerrero thinks he’s so bad for the company but she doesn’t know him! Is he really that offensive? Is he the screw up she seems so convinced of? Or is she just covering something /* up? He won’t be denied and he will have justice. She can send an entire army or just one GIANT! The screw up has found his following – he’s heard the screams and he’s answered the call! Tonight, Big Show drowns in the screams of Jeff Hardy, WWE Champion! This was a great promo and they edited it to make it seem all crazy. A lot like the Joker.

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Did you know that last Friday, more viewers watched Smackdown on MyNetworkTV than both NBA games on ESPN, combined?

The Brian Kendrick is in the ring with Ezekiel Jackson. The Kendrick is ready for a match.

Backstage Carlito and Primo are walking and talking. They pick up the Bella Twins and they accompany them. Primo asks Carlito if he’s going to win and Carlito says he wins all the time! Primo asks about last time but Carlito tells him to focus!

The Brian Kendrick vs. Carlito

The bell rings and Carlito goes to lock up but The Kendrick has other ideas as he hits a knee to the midsection and clubs Carlito’s back. The Kendrick kicks Carlito in the ribs and goes into the ropes but Carlito counters with a back elbow! Carlito hits some left hands and a stomp in the corner before the referee pulls him away. Carlito now goes for the ten punches in the corner but The Kendrick slips out and kicks him in the back of the leg, sending him crashing to the mat! The Kendrick covers for a one count but Carlito rolls out.

The Kendrick hits a stomp and chokes him with his foot. The Kendrick lays him by the neck on the second rope and stands on him, illegally choking him. He gets off at the referee’s three count. The Kendrick taunts Primo and The Bella Twins before kicking Carlito hard in the back. The Kendrick now locks on a variation of the Cobra Clutch as his partners and the crowd root Carlito on. Carlito then gets up and sends The Kendrick into the corner a few times, breaking the hold. Carlito now hits a couple of left hands and whips The Kendrick into the ropes, hitting him with a kick in the midsection. Carlito now goes into the ropes and hits a Million Dollar Knee Lift followed by a big clothesline! Carlito has a whip reversed on him but he just jumps to the second rope and springs off with a back elbow! The Kendrick now frantically gets out of the ring!

Carlito goes up to the top rope as Primo attacks Ezekiel Jackson! Ezekiel just pushes him away and Primo bumps hard on the outside! Carlito exits the ring and gets in Ezekiel’s face! The Kendrick sneaks back into the ring while all this is going on. Carlito gets on the apron and has his back to the ring so The Kendrick hits him with a jumping heel kick, laying him out on the apron! The Kendrick picks him up and goes for The Kendrick but Carlito pushes him sternum first into the corner and hits the Back Stabber! Carlito covers him for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Carlito
Match Rating: * ¼

Ezekiel runs in and chases Carlito out of the ring! Carlito celebrates the win by hugging one of the Bella Twins and smiling. Primo is still getting up and feeling groggy.

We now get a video package highlighting WWE’s trip to Iraq. Tribute to the Troops 2008 aired on Saturday. Hey, I thought Batista had a concussion! What was he doing there??

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Edge is backstage with Vickie Guerrero. He gets cheered – Toronto is his hometown after all! Edge says all he’s been hearing is how it’s a disgrace that Jeff Hardy is the WWE Champion! They’re begging him to once again represent the WWE Championship and WWE with some dignity, class, and morality. Jeff Hardy is a disgrace to the entire WWE and it’s tearing him up inside.

There’s a knock at the door and Big Show enters! Show says this is a little awkward and then mentions for the record that while Edge was gone he was protecting his wife, the General Manager of Smackdown. He mentions the relationship wasn’t personal – just business. Edge says to make sure he takes care of business. Big Show says he’s not nervous. He says he’s going to wrap Jeff Hardy up like a gift so he’ll be the gift that keeps on giving. When Show takes out Jeff Hardy it’ll be permanent. But if he does this for the two of them he wants a shot at the WWE Championship. Edge is shaking his head no but Vickie says he’s got it! Big Show smiles and says that it’s strictly business! Edge flips out and Vickie puts a hand in his face!

/*where backstage Maria is admiring herself in a mirror. She has a referee’s shirt on. Diva’s Champion Michelle McCool approaches her from behind and greets her. McCool says they’ve been friends for a long time and Maria mentions its four years. McCool mentions they’ve had some issues in the past and wants to make sure they’re in the past. McCool then mentions that no one wants to see Maryse as Diva’s Champion and she doesn’t deserve it. Maria then says she’s going to be honest because she’s just going to go out there and call it down the middle. McCool mentions she wasn’t looking for any special treatment but rather to warn Maria, who has messed up things for her recently. McCool says to not mess anything up for her tonight and picks her Diva’s Championship up. McCool says she advises against it! McCool then walks away as Maria smiles.

Tonight it’ll be Maryse taking on Michelle McCool for the Diva’s Championship with Maria as the Guest Referee! This is up next!

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Special Guest Referee Maria is in the ring, ready to officiate!

WWE Diva’s Championship Match
Maryse vs. Michelle McCool (c)
Guest Referee: Maria

I think Maryse is a little over in this match being French Canadian.

Maria rings the bell and the two ladies lock up. McCool gets a side headlock on and Maria admonishes Maryse to watch the hair! Maryse pushes McCool off and gets laid out with a shoulder block from the Diva’s Champion, who gets booed for that! McCool then drops a leg (and hits it) and covers for a one count.

McCool wrenches Maryse’s arm but Maryse hits a back heel trip. McCool is still hanging on and kips up, wrenching the arm again. Maryse kick’s McCool’s hand, breaking the hold, and wrenches her arm! McCool walks over to the corner, gets on the second rope, back flips and lands on her feet, reversing the pressure, and hits an arm drag. McCool goes for a clothesline but Maryse counters, looking for a crucifix pin, but McCool swings her around and hits a Russian Leg Sweep! McCool covers for not even a one count. I’m not happy with that.

McCool has Maryse by the hair and picks her up. McCool hits a European Uppercut and a kick to the midsection. She sends Maryse into the ropes and lowers her head, allowing Maryse to attempt a sunset flip but McCool rolls out and hits a low dropkick to the face. McCool covers for a two count. FINALLY!

McCool approaches Maryse and gets pulled face first into the second turnbuckle. Maryse hits some forearms and kicks in the corner as referee Maria pulls her out for the clean break! Maryse taunts Maria and nails McCool in the back of the head with a forearm. Maryse hits another forearm and hits the Stroke. Maryse taunts the crowd and they cheer for her! Maryse then covers for a two count! Maryse then hits a kick to the back and locks her in a seated chin lock. Maryse does a lot of smiling and taunting.

McCool eventually gets to her feet and snapmares Maryse off. Maryse then gets up and gets a big kick in the face! McCool now covers her for the pin and gets a two and a half count! Maryse gets up and approaches McCool and gets a back elbow. Maryse approaches again and gets two boots in the face. McCool now charges out of the corner and gets hit with a clothesline from Maryse! Maryse talks some trash, goes into the ropes, and misses an elbow drop!

They fight each other getting back to their feet. McCool comes out on top with this as she hits a European Uppercut and whips Maryse into the ropes, hitting a dropkick. Maryse pops up and gets a clothesline. She pops up again and gets a dropkick. McCool now gets a kick and goes into the ropes, hitting a flipping neckbreaker! McCool covers Maryse for a CLOSE two and a half count! McCool goes for a powerbomb but Maryse hits a forearm to the head and she falls back with Maryse landing on top of her! Maryse covers and gets a two count!

McCool is arguing with Maria that it was a three count and Maryse comes from behind with a heel kick she calls the French TKO! Maryse covers Michelle McCool to become the second Diva’s Champion EVER!!

Winner by Pinfall & NEW Diva’s Champion: Maryse
Match Rating: **

Maryse celebrates this big win and looks legitimately elated. The crowd is cheering her on as well! Maryse grabs the Diva’s Championship from Mark Yeaton and poses with it!

In the ring Michelle McCool looks stunned. Maria helps McCool up and apologizes. McCool hugs her and turns her back. Maria goes to leave the ring and McCool dropkicks her! McCool hits a face plant and bounces Maria’s head off the mat a few times! McCool then kicks Maria in the ribs! McCool kicks her in the head and the crowd is chanting that she sucks! McCool kicks her a few more times before standing on her hair and pulling up on her arms! McCool then takes her by her hair and throws her out of the ring!

McCool goes to the outside and bounces her head off the pads a few times! McCool then sends her into the barricade and says that Maria is getting every bit of what she deserves! McCool then pushes her knee into Maria’s face. McCool then picks her up by her hair and sends her shoulder first into the ring post! McCool then stands over her and slaps her in the face as the Canadian crowd gives her some heat! McCool goes to the back saying Maria cost her the title!

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A promo for Umaga plays. He’ll be returning to Smackdown soon! I can’t wait!

Outside in Toronto it’s snowing. It looks cold there.

Still to come tonight is Jeff Hardy vs. Big Show. If Big Show wins he’ll get a shot at the WWE Championship!

MVP is in the ring. He’ll be facing The Great Khali who comes out to music that’s more befitting of a pimp. He should be accompanied by the Godfather.

MVP vs. The Great Khali

Khali is actually getting some legitimate cheers.

The bell rings and MVP looks unenthused. MVP circles the ring before rolling outside to some boos. He needs to collect himself. The referee begins counting him out. MVP gets back in at the seven count.

MVP walks up to Khali trying to negotiate and blindsides Khali with some right hands. Khali blocks a right hand and punches him down to the mat. Khali hits a short arm clothesline on MVP and hits some kicks in the corner. Khali then hits a back elbow and the referee tells him to take MVP out of the corner. Shouldn’t he be admonishing Khali for attacking him in the corner? The ref is biased. Khali now hits a chop and sends MVP into the other corner. Khali now goes for a big boot but MVP gets out of the way and Khali is hung up on the top rope!

MVP now hits some kicks to the hamstring until the referee pushes him away. MVP hits a right hand and gets pushed away by Khali. MVP now charges and gets hit with the Brain Chop. Khali is trying to get some feeling back in his leg as MVP goes to the apron. Khali goes to get him back in the ring but MVP snaps Khali’s neck off the top rope! MVP now hits some rights hands to the corner and the referee pushes him out again! MVP now hits the Drive By Kick in the corner! Khali is stunned as MVP hits some more right hands. He goes into the ropes and gets taken out by a big right hand from Khali! Khali now hits a Brain Chop and hits the Khali Bomb (renamed the Punjabi Plunge) and pins MVP for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: The Great Khali
Match Rating: *

We see replays of what just happened and go back live in the ring where MVP is still laid out. Mr. Kennedy’s music now hits and he makes his way out to the stage smiling.

The microphone is lowered to him and the crowd cheers. Kennedy asks Justin Roberts to give MVP a microphone. He wants to see if he has a thing or two to say about tonight’s performance. Roberts does but MVP is knocked out still. Kennedy says he’s incapacitated but if he could say something he’d say (impersonating MVP), “Yo, check this out. I’m MVP and I did just get beat AGAIN but that doesn’t matter because I’m still better than you. But I guess the most important message tonight is Mr. Kennedy’s new DVD Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia comes out January 6th.”

Kennedy now stops and says this isn’t about him. It’s about MVP. Kennedy now dedicates this portion of tonight’s broadcast to MVP brought to us in part by MISTER KENNEDY! MVP is now up in the ring and is about to talk but Kennedy hits him with the second KENNEDY and he passes out again.

Vladimir Kozlov is making his way to the ring. He’s in action next.

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Another Kizarny promo airs. It’s the same one from earlier tonight. He’s unfortunately debuting next week.

Jimmy Wang Yang is in the ring ready for a mauling.

Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Vladimir Kozlov

We get another replay of Vladimir Kozlov costing Triple H the WWE Championship at Armageddon.

The bell rings and they lock up with Kozlov quickly taking Yang down with a Judo throw. Kozlov hits a nice fireman’s carry takedown and locks in a front face lock. Kozlov hits some knees to the midsection and hits a neck wrench suplex! Kozlov picks him up and underhooks both arms, hitting a head-butt to the chest. Kozlov sends Yang into the ropes looking for a push kick but Yang avoids it and hits a kick and a flipping kick to the back of Kozlov’s head! Yang hits a clothesline, goes up to the top rope, and comes off into a Battering Ram Head-Butt! Kozlov then picks him up and nails him with his Kneeling Chokeslam and covers him for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Vladimir Kozlov
Match Rating: No stars

Kozlov has a microphone and speaks in Russian. Kozlov then translates if you’re watching Raw, Smackdown, or ECW, especially Triple H, this is what will happen in the Royal Rumble. He speaks more Russian and says he’ll win the Royal Rumble, go to WrestleMania, and become a champion! Kozlov now leaves the ring.

Backstage Big Show is getting ready for his match. Edge approaches him and says he came to wish him luck in his match. Big Show smiles, gets up, and says Edge doesn’t want to wish him luck. Show says Edge is full of Canadian crap, getting some boos! Show says he’s going to beat Jeff Hardy and guarantee himself a shot at the WWE Championship. Show wants Edge to watch the match. He wants him to see him do what Edge can’t! Show then asks how the marital relationship is with Vickie! Show then walks away.

:::Commercial Break:::

Did you know that WWE broadcasts in 28 languages in more than 145 nations worldwide? I’ve heard that before a million times.

We now get the Raw Rebound brought to us by WWE Mobile. We get a recap of the Race to Rumble matches. They were pretty good. This Raw was much better than ones in recent weeks. I did ask for the return of Trish and I’m glad they answered – but I wanted her on Smackdown! Beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

JR and Tazz then mention that this coming Monday we’ll see the Fatal Four Way and see who will go to the Royal Rumble.

Big Show’s music now hits and he’s making his way out to the ring. The crowd does not like him at all.

:::Commercial Break:::

WWE Champion Jeff Hardy is now making his way to the ring and he is OVER! The crowd loves him! He’s wearing some funky green makeup.

Backstage Edge and Vickie are watching this. Edge asks her if Big Show will be the number one contender if he wins. Vickie tells him to relax and says if Big Show wins this match then he’ll face Edge next week and the winner will face Jeff Hardy for the WWE Championship! Edge is perplexed and Vickie tells him to relax because it’s just business!

If Big Show wins he’ll get a shot at the WWE Championship
Big Show vs. Jeff Hardy

This is a non-title match, just so we’re clear.

The bell rings and they circle the ring. Charles Robinson is officiating. Big Show goes to grab Jeff Hardy but Hardy quickly gets out of the way. Big Show says if he gets his hands on Hardy he’ll hurt him! Hardy now goes for a leg and Big Show clubs him in the back, knocking him down! Big Show throws Hardy in the corner and chops his chest! Big Show stands him up, rips Hardy’s shirt off, and slaps his chest again! Hardy collapses to the mat in pain!

Big Show now picks him up and hits him with a big head-butt! Big Show clubs him down again and smiles to the crowd who are chanting for Hardy! Big Show picks Hardy up and Hardy comes back with some big right hands! Jeff Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate but Big Show gets him in a Cobra Clutch and swings him to the outside of the ring! JR questions if the WWE Champion can come back as we go to our final break!

:::Commercial Break:::

We come back from the break to see Jeff Hardy in a nerve hold. Big Show is digging into Jeff Hardy’s shoulder. Hardy begins getting up and hitting punches so Big Show head-butts him down! Big Show now steps on the WWE Champion’s chest and he screams in pain! Big Show now throws Hardy into the corner and slaps his chest again! Hardy collapses out of the corner. Big Show is talking trash to Hardy as he wraps his arm around the top rope and punches his shoulder blade! Big Show hits some body shots to Hardy in the corner before referee Charles Robinson admonishes him.

Hardy is now crawling and gets up hitting Big Show with some wild rights and lefts to the midsection! Hardy then goes into the ropes and gets KILLED by a clothesline! Big Show now covers Hardy and gets a two and a half count! Big Show now locks Hardy in that nerve hold again, punching it once. Big Show covers again for a two and a half count! Big Show locks in the nerve hold again. Big Show covers for ANOTHER two and a half count! Big Show now gets Hardy in a hammerlock and hits a body slam! Big Show now goes to drop an elbow and Hardy rolls out of the way! Both men are down!

Jeff Hardy is the first one up and hits Big Show with some right hands. Hardy goes into the ropes and is caught in a bear hug! Hardy hits some elbows and punches out. Hardy goes to whip Show into the corner but Show doesn’t budge and whips Hardy into the corner but Hardy counters with Whisper in the Wind!! Big Show doesn’t go down and staggers into the ropes!! Hardy goes up and hits Whisper in the Wind again, finally knocking Big Show down!! Hardy now goes up to the top rope and hits the Swanton Bomb!! Hardy covers and Big Show kicks out, throwing Hardy out of the ring! I’m not sure I agree with that.

Hardy gets back up and goes to the top rope but Big Show catches him by the throat and drags him off. Big Show goes for the Showstopper and Hardy counters with a DDT! Hardy then dropkicks him out of the ring! Hardy now hits a slingshot baseball slide and Big Show goes into the announcer’s table and JR screams in horror!! Hardy then splashes Show off the apron and Charles Robinson begins the count!!

Robinson gets to seven and Hardy kicks Show in the head and gets back in the ring! Robinson counts to ten and the Big Show has lost this match!!

Winner by Count Out: Jeff Hardy
Match Rating: * ¾

Charles Robinson gives Jeff Hardy the WWE Title and Jeff Hardy leaves the ring. Big Show gets back in and looks really pissed. Matt Hardy comes out to join his brother and JR calls it a “Hardy Party.”

Backstage Edge is happy and says it looks like he won’t be facing Big Show next week. Vickie says he won’t be facing him and Edge asks what that means. Vickie says since the Hardys are apparently reunited it could be The Hardys vs. Big Show and Edge, her charming and valiant husband! Edge doesn’t look happy as Smackdown goes off the air!

Quick Match Results

Triple H def. Chavo Guerrero
US Title: Shelton Benjamin def. Hurricane Helms to RETAIN
Carlito def. The Brian Kendrick
Diva’s Title: Maryse def. Michelle McCool (NEW Champion)
The Great Khali def. MVP
Vladimir Kozlov def. Jimmy Wang Yang
Jeff Hardy def. Big Show via Count Out (non-title)

Bump of the Night: Shelton Benjamin back suplexing Hurricane Helms into the barricade!

Match of the Night: Shelton Benjamin vs. Hurricane Helms ** ½

Mike’s Thoughts

Christmas is behind us and I hope you all had a great holiday.

The final Smackdown of the year was pretty good tonight. It had a big feel to it with some title matches (and a title change) as well as a big match involving the WWE Champion. Jeff Hardy had a good match with Big Show and I have to say I like how they’re booking him so far! I like seeing him as the underdog and they’ve been doing a great job with the booking. I also like the roll Edge is playing in this.

Now the next thing I’m going to say could be a possible spoiler so if you’re not interested just skip this next paragraph.

Now Matt Hardy also appeared at the end of the show. What roll does he play in this besides the doting big brother and also the tag team partner as of next week? I was talking with my friend John Serpico earlier tonight and he mentioned something that I’ve overlooked. Perhaps it wasn’t Edge or Christian that attacked Jeff before Survivor Series – perhaps it was Matt Hardy! Edge did say that no one cares about Matt Hardy and that he’s an afterthought. Now his screw up brother is the WWE Champion and he’s only champion of ECW, no offense to ECW. All this after Matt has done pretty much everything right in his career. It’s an interesting thought and one that I thought I’d share with you all here. It’d be a cool twist.

Speaking of cool things I like how this Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov program is going. Everyone is now waiting for Kozlov to get hit with the sledgehammer and now with the added twist of Triple H possibly not making it to the Royal Rumble if he does it’s even more fun! Triple H vs. Kozlov was horrible at Survivor Series but maybe with a little build around it then it could be good. We’ll see.

The Divas had another pretty good match tonight. Maryse really upped her game as did Michelle McCool. Also McCool finally turned heel and it was a little anticlimactic. We all saw it coming and the crowds jeering felt forced. Maybe the beat down wasn’t effective enough. If only they’d let her use the Wing of Love she could have finished the beat down with that. Oh well. Still much better stuff than what the Divas have been offering lately and my hat is off to them!

Hurricane Helms also had an awesome match tonight with Shelton Benjamin who could bring out the best in a broom. Helms looked great tonight and it looked like he had the US Title won a few times. He looked like a challenger and I hope they keep it that way for some time. He’s earned it.

Next week we’ll have a Hardy Boys reunion against Edge and Big Show! I’m looking forward to the show! This week’s show was good however and gets the following grade:

Final Smackdown Rating: ** ¼

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Since Kwanzaa begins tonight I’d like to wish everyone celebrating it a happy one!

Happy New Year! I’ll see you all in 2009!

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