iMPACT! Results - 3/15/07 (Lethal Lockdown Match announced - more)

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On Thursday, March 15, 2007 at 10:55 PM EST

By Mike Kerrigan
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Jim Cornette is inside the Six Sides of Steel as iMPACT! opens to announce the main event for Lockdown. He says that it will be Team Cage and Team Angle, each with four partners of their choosing, in a Lethal Lockdown match. Christian Cage tries to get out of the match, but Cornette says no and starts the opening music as Cage is still trying to weasel his way out of the match.

After the opening package, AJ Styles' theme music hits and AJ shows up with a neck brace and crutch as he walks to the ring. He asks Rhino if this is what he wanted. He then demands Rhino come to the ring to tell his wife that its HIS fault that AJ can't bring a paycheck home. Rhino comes to the ring and asks what it was really about. AJ states that he just wants the feud to be over. Rhino shakes AJ's hand and says that its over. Yet, as Rhino walked away, AJ tried to hit him with the crutch. Rhino was able to grab it in time, only to get a kick to the groin for his efforts. Rhino is eventually able to turn the tide until Christian Cage comes to the ring and hits Rhino with a crutch. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe then run to the ring to chase AJ and Cage off.

As Kevin Nash is in the ring trying to get Jay Lethal to come out to his new theme music, cameras go to the back where Jeremy Borash is with Chris Sabin. JB interrupts Sabin from his video game and Sabin doesn't like it. He says "Sorry that I'm trying to pwn noobs in God of War II, but I am the God of Wrestling." Just then Bob Backlund stops his stair walking to tell JB and Sabin that they should be using their time to train and not play silly video games and tells JB that he is making him a little angry. As Backlund walks off, Sabin mockingly tells Borash the same thing and quickly goes back to his video game.

Kevin Nash introduces Jay Lethal's new music (an upbeat version of Macho Man's "Pomp and Circumstance"). Jay comes reluctantly comes out to face his opponents Jerry Lynn and Kaz. Kaz was most impressive catching his opponents off guard with a nice Yakuza kick and a combination of a roll-up on Jerry Lynn with a Northern Lights Suplex on Jay Lethal. Although it was Jay Lethal coming out victorious, as he got Kaz with what Mike Tenay called a Lethal Combination; a backbreaker followed by a faceplant. After the match the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels came to the ring and attacked all three competitors with a baseball bat.

Christian Cage is in the back and says that AJ Styles is the 1st recruit for Team Cage. Aj says that Cage is going to give him a title shot, but Cage quickly changes the topic. He says "It doesn't matter who Angle picks for his team, I WE already beat them."

Our next match is the team of LAX and Alex Shelley facing off against Team 3D and Brother Runt. Most of the match saw LAX working on Brother Ray's arm, but Brother Runt gets tagged in and starts cleaning house. Hernandez then gorilla pressed Runt and threw him to the floor. Team 3D then threw LAX out of the ring, and was able to hit Alex Shelley with a headbutt to the groin followed by a 3D through a table. Yet, as Devon went for a pin, he got rolled up by Hernandez who got the victory. Konnan grabbed the mic and told Team 3D "We took what little dignity you had left; next we take what you have left and tarnish it -- your legacy!"

Cameras turn to the back where Raven tells Serotonin that he doesn't care about wins or losses; just about inflicting psychological pain on others like parents to their children. He then wants Martyr and Havoc to punish Kaz, but they stand up to him and say no. They are met with some punishment of their own as Raven says to the camera" We will help you, whether you like it or not!"

Jeremy Borash is seen going into a bathroom where Eric Young is cleaning toilets. Eric wants JB to help him get out of the Roode Inc contract, but JB says he can't do anything. He then recommends that Eric should call his "friend". As Showtime starts dialing, Roode enters and tells Borash to get out and for Eric to get back to work.

Cameras then shift to the ring again where Christian Cage and AJ Styles ready to announce the next member of Team Cage. Abyss' music hits and Abyss comes to the ringside area, but is hesitant about getting in the ring. Cage says that Abyss is welcome to stand behind the champ in the ring. Just then Sting comes out and tells Cage "Abyss is not on your team; he's not on anyone's team. On Sunday, he saw the light and he's a new man now." Cage then told Abyss that Sting doesn't really care about him. Before any other words could be said, Jim Cornette comes out and announces that next week on iMPACT! we will find out which side Abyss is on, as Christian Cage and AJ Styles team up against Sting and Abyss.