iMPACT! Results - 3/29/07 (Team Cage vs Team Angle heats up, more)

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Thursday, March 29, 2007 at 10:37 PM EST

By Mike Kerrigan

The dinner conversation between Sting and Jim Mitchell opens up the broadcast. In the video, we learn that Abyss did time in prison as an innocent man. Apparently his mother shot his father three times over abuse; not only to herself, but to Abyss when he was a child as well. Mitchell tells Sting that unless Abyss does exactly what he wants him to do, then he will go to the authorities and tell them the truth about what really happened with Abyss' father. Mitchell then says he has a meeting with Christian Cage to go to and leaves.

Our first match of the night is a preview of the Xscape Match at Lockdown, consisting of Jerry Lynn, Sharkboy, Alex Shelley, Sonjay Dutt, Austin Starr, and Petey Williams. Incase you are unfamiliar with the rules, the match begins with all the participants trying to eliminate each other by pinfall or submission. Once it is down to two men, the match is won by escaping the cage first. The match quickly got off to an explosive start as Sharkboy eliminated Alex Shelley with a Dead Sea Drop, followed by Jerry Lynn giving Sonjay Dutt a Cradle Piledriver. Austin Starr then eliminated Sharkboy with a devastating Brainbuster. Lynn went to give Starr another Cradle Piledriver, but gave the enthusiastic crowd what they wanted in the form of a Canadian Destroyer from Petey Williams. Once it was down to Lynn and Williams the two quickly climbed to the top of the cage. Lynn was able to grab the advantage and drop to the floor first to gain the victory. But the celebration was short lived as the Fallen Angel came from out of the crowd and hit Lynn with a baseball bat.

Team Cage comes to the ring in order for Christian Cage to officially announce the newest members of Team Cage. He states the obvious that Scott Steiner is member #3, but then surprises everyone with the announcement of Abyss being member #4. Cage then tries to announce Tomko being member #5, but Tomko says he wants his title shot he is owed before he joins the team. Kurt Angle and the rest of Team Angle then come out to tell Tomko that Cage lied about the title shot. Kurt tells Tomko to join Team Angle so Tomko can kick Cage's ass. Cornette then comes to the ring and says that one member of each team will face off tonight in order to decide which team Tomko will join. Jim also tells Tomko that if he agrees to the match, Tomko will be promised a title shot against Cage. Tomko agrees.

After the break, Jeremy Borash is talking to Kurt Angle backstage. Kurt says that Abyss and Sting were supposed to be his final two members, but it looks like that isn't going to work. He then says that after tonight when he faces off against the member of Team Cage, Tomko will be Team Angle's 5th member. Confused, JB asks who number 4 is. Kurt simply states "Right now, some things are better off left unsaid."

Our second match of the night is Eric Young taking on Cowboy James Storm. Eric was showing a lot of aggression in the match and had full control until Jackie Moore shoved him off the top rope and into a Superkick from Storm. After Storm gets the pinfall, Wildcat Chris Harris quickly runs into the ring to try and get some revenge on Storm, but is held back by security. Storm spits some beer on Harris and the fight starts again and drifts into the crowd. As Eric waits in the ring, Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks came to the ring to berate Eric for losing and slaps him. Eric, looking like he's had enough, goes to punch Roode, but stops after he is threatened with being fired again. Roode tells Eric to get his "friend" to hit him instead, but then says that Eric has no friends. Just then Petey Williams runs into the ring and slaps the taste out of Roode's mouth and Roode scurries away.

Team Cage is backstage with Leticia trying to get a volunteer for the match with Angle later in the night. No one wants to volunteer, so James Mitchell volunteers Abyss. He says that Abyss will face Angle whether he likes or not, because if he doesn't, then Mitchell will go to the authorities with his secret.

Mike Tenay tries to hold an interview between Christy Hemme and Kip James (with BG James and Lance Hoyt), but it got out of control fast. Hemme says that she has another team to face off against VKM, but Kip says that sooner or later Hemme will get hurt.

The main event of the night starts as Abyss (representing Team Cage) and Kurt Angle (representing Team Angle) square off to decide which team Tomko will join. Kurt gains the upper hand quickly and worries the NWA champion, as he comes down to the ring to help make sure Abyss wins. It looked like Abyss had the match won when he put Kurt up for the Shock Treatment, but Angle was able to reverse the move into a sunset flip into the Ankle Lock. Abyss looked like he was about to tap, but somehow was able to kick Kurt off of his leg and into referee Earl Hebner. Abyss caught Angle with a Black Hole Slam, but Angle was able to lift his shoulder before referee Rudy Charles could make it to the ring and count to three. Abyss then picked up Angle for a chokeslam, but Angle countered again into victory roll for the win.

After the match Kurt stood side by side with Tomko. Yet, out of nowhere, Tomko smashes Angle with a huge clothesline. A surprised Christian Cage runs and grabs Team Cage's contract and gives it to Tomko to sign. As Tomko signs Rhino and Samoa Joe run to the ring to help Kurt, but Steiner and Styles do the same. With the 5 on 3 odds, Team Angle is left decimated in the ring, while Team Cage is left with the arms raised high. Will Kurt finally reveal who the last two members of his team are? Tune in to see next week on iMPACT!