iMPACT! Results - 4/5/07 (Sting joins Team Angle, Lockdown matches)

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On Friday, April 6, 2007 at 1:08 AM EST

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As iMPACT! begins, we learn that Tomko will face Rhino in an “8 Mile Street Fight”. Yet, before the match we go backstage where everyone from Team Cage is asking about their NWA Title shot that Christian Cage promised each of them. Cage shrugged it off and told Tomko to get ready for his match. The “War Machine” Rhino came down to the ring, but quickly ran backstage to bring the fight to Tomko before he could even walk through the tunnel. The two powerhouses brawled through the backstage area and into the crowd; using every barricade and wall in the way. They eventually made it into the ring and Rhino started to gain the advantage. At that point Abyss came to the ring to hit Rhino with a steel chair, only to miss and hit Tomko. Rhino then tossed Abyss out of the ring and gave Tomko a Gore to get the pinfall. After the match both Team Cage and Team Angle came out to help their teammates, but it was Team Cage who dominated with their 5 on 3 advantage.

In Jim Cornette’s office, a few wrestlers were trying to find out what their role is going to be at Lockdown, but in a incoherent fashion. Jim told them all to shut up and that everyone will know where they stand concerning Lockdown at the Town Hall Meeting at the end of the show. He said for all them to get out and for no one to bother him the rest of the night. Just at that moment, Gail Kim ran in and attacked Jackie Moore. Chris Sabin seemed to enjoy the fight as he cheered on, but security quickly got control of the situation.

Backstage, Team Cage was celebrating their domination of Team Angle earlier in the night; with Cage even stating “We’ve already beat them at Lethal Lockdown.” Cage says their all going to a party, but Abyss must stay behind because he almost cost Tomko the match. Jim Mitchell said if Abyss didn’t stay, then he would have to call “Mother Abyss”. The Monster then went berserk and destroyed the locker-room.

Our next match of the night saw the Voodoo Kin Mafia against the Latin American X-Change. Yet, before the match started, Christ Hemme came out to try and get in the face of Kip James; only to have Lance Hoyt come down and throw Hemme over his shoulder and bring her out of the arena. LAX got to the ring and seemed to control the match until Kip James tagged in. There the Latino Nation entered the ring and the referee disqualified LAX. Team 3D ran to the ring and ran them out of the ring. Brother Ray grabbed a mic and told LAX that they accept the challenge for the Electrified Steel Cage match and that at Lockdown they will win the NWA Tag Titles and complete their Legacy.

In the back, Samoa Joe and Rhino are frustrated with Kurt Angle about not having a full team of 5 yet. Angle says that Sting and Abyss were supposed to be the final members, but Abyss is now on Team Cage and Sting won’t answer his phone calls. Rhino asks Kurt who the 4th member is that Kurt was talking about last week. Kurt says that when he is ready to tell them, he will and walks off. Rhino says that they want to know NOW and follows after him.

In another Paparazzi Production, Kevin Nash is in the back with Jay Lethal. Lethal is sporting a new hair style in which he called “madness”. Kevin asked Lethal if he trusted him, Jay said “yes”, and Nash said “Then try this on”. He gave Jay the bag of clothes and told Jay that Nash was able to get Sonjay and Lethal into the X-cape match at Lockdown. When then get a shot of Sonjay who was wearing Nash’s old “Oz” costume. Being a little too big, Nash told him that it made him six figures one year, but maybe Sonjay could wear it as a cape.

Jeremy Borash is able to catch up with the Olympic Gold medalist, Kurt Angle and ask him what he is going to do next week when it comes to announcing the final members of Team Angle. Kurt says “Next week there will be five! There WILL be FIVE!”

In the second match of the night, the Austin Starr vs. Senshi feud continues in a submission match. The match was back and forth with some exciting X-Division action. Eventually Austin Starr was able to get Senshi in a Half Boston Crab and started to taunt Mr. Backlund, who was doing his Harvard Step Test next to the announce table. Mr. Backlund came to the ring and threw in his towel to stop from any more damage being done to Senshi. Senshi was none too pleased about what happened when he saw what Mr. Backlund did. He took the towel and threw it at Backlund and walked off.

Earlier in the week, Mike Tenay was able to sit down with Sting and ask him a few questions when it came to what was going on with Abyss. First off, Sting wanted to apologize to Abyss. He said “Chris, I had no idea that your past would come back to imprison you further.” He then asked Mike Tenay “Do you think this is how I wanted to go out?” Mike Tenay then responded by asking “Where do you go from here?” Sting said “I go home and look my family and myself in the mirror and say that I failed”

Next was the Town Hall Meeting. Jim Cornette announced a lot of matches for Lockdown including the X-cape Match, Petey Williams vs. Robert Roode, Jerry Lynn vs. The Fallen Angel, Starr vs. Senshi with Mr. Backlund as referee, James Storm vs. Chris Harris in a blindfold match, and Gail Kim vs. Jackie Moore. Jim officially announced that Team 3D will face LAX in an Electrified Steel Cage match ,with one fan even paying homage to the match with a Marcia Griffiths’ “Electric Boogie” sign. And when it came to talking about the Lethal Lockdown Match, Cornette had a huge surprise for the members of each team. He said whomever gets the winning pinfall in the match would get a NWA World Title match a the May Pay-Per-View, Sacrifice. That’s when the lights in the Impact Zone went out, and Sting emerged in the ring when they came back on. He cleaned house, taking out all of Team Cage. Team Angle entered the ring, and along with Sting, stood with their hands raised high as iMPACT! came to a close. It seems that the 4th member of Team Angle has been secured in a man called Sting, but is this the 4th person that Kurt has been alluding to? And if not, who is and will he come to surface before Lockdown? Tune into iMPACT! next week in its regularly scheduled time at 9pm ET on Spike TV!