iMPACT! Results - 10/4/07 ('Eight Man Tag' Main Event & Sting - Angle)

Reported by Marcus Cygy of
On Thursday, October 4, 2007 at 11:33 PM EST

Thursday, October 4, 2007 – Orlando, FL
By Marcus Cygy of

This was the 2-hour premier edition of TNA “iMPACT!” on Spike TV. The show opened with a well done video package introducing TNA.

The opening contest tonight was Dustin Rhodes, known as the deranged Black Reign, going against “The War Machine” Rhino. Action started out with aggression from Rhino, as he was punching Black Reign continuously with stiff shots. He then continued his battle to the outside by slamming Black Reign over the guardrail and on the ring apron.

The battle was brought back into the ring later on where Black Reign finally gained some momentum with a dodged Gore that was counteracted with a leg drop when Rhino was wedged in the corner.

Camera’s showed us an interesting sight backstage, and it was Raven sitting in a giant king-like chair supported with dim lights. He was watching on intuitively from a monitor backstage. We then shifted back to the ring where Rhino and Black Reign continued their relentless attacks upon one another.

Raven would get involved though and it would be when Rhino was about to clothesline Black Reign out of the ring; however, Raven pulled Black Reign down which caused Rhino to miss the clothesline. Rhino would however get the win moments later with a roll up pin.

Chaos filled the aftermath which saw “The Monster” Abyss get involved as he absolutely went crazy on Raven and Black Reign. Rhino would join in and continue his attacks on Raven as Abyss finished Black Reign off with a choke slam. James Mitchell then entered the ring and as soon as Abyss noticed him, he went forth with an attempted choke slam. Havok came in to try and save Mitchell, and he would fail, but Black Reign didn’t. He was going to use his sick demented weapon, but the lights went out before he could use it and that’s when Sting emerged to clean house!

Just when we thought all the chaos was going to end, TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle appeared on the video screen in the arena in Sting’s own backyard in El Cajon, California. He asked Sting if he was “ready for some football,” and that’s when you could see Sting mouth the words, “oh shit.” Well as it turns out, Sting’s remark was for good reason because the Olympic gold medalist was at football game where Sting’s son was playing. Kurt told Sting that he would be watching his son’s game and cheering him on, but also reminded Sting that he’s in Florida while he’s across the country in California. Sting yelled out, “I swear if you touch my son, I’m going to kill you.”

Next we had TNA X-Division Champion, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt backstage with Jeremy Borash. They were basically fooling around getting over their respective gimmicks before Team 3D intruded and wreaked havoc over both wrestlers. Why they always put the X-Division Champion, Jay Lethal in these situations, I’ll never understand.

The beat down continued down to the ring where they absolutely annihilated the two competitors. Then we had Shark Boy come down and try fending off Team 3D, but that obviously didn’t work when he was hit with the 3D. Sonjay Dutt then received a big sit-down powerbomb by Brother Ray off the top rope.

Brother Ray then got on the microphone and told Jim Cornette that their match tonight with Team Pacman better be for the TNA World Tag Team Championship, because if it’s not then these relentless attacks on random TNA stars will continue.

Next we saw Sting in the production truck attacking video producer Keith verbally. He told him that the reason he showed Kurt Angle at his son’s football game was because of the ratings. Keith responded in saying that it had nothing to do with the ratings. So they pulled up some more video footage of Kurt where he told Sting that he wasn’t there to lay a finger on his son. He was just there to light a fight under Sting, and get the old Sting back. Touching other people’s family members is Sting’s job he said, in regards to the make belief slap on Karen Angle.

In our next segment we had Robert Roode explain that Robert Roode, Inc. is a brand. He began boasting how he’s tired of guys like Sting running around, and that it’s time for Robert Roode to shine in the main spotlight. Then all of a sudden he started tearing into Ms. Brooks and he told her that if she doesn’t want to be part of this bright future then she can quit. In a depressing state of mind, she responded in saying that she couldn’t quit because her mother was sick. So Roode allowed her to stay but he told her that she better shape up by winning the TNA Knockouts Championship at Bound For Glory.

Our next match was Gail Kim going one-on-one with Jackie Moore. The winner in the end was Gail Kim after a very competitive back and forth bout. After the match though, Roxxy Laveaux and Christy Hemme all collaborated a three on one beat down on the former WWE Women’s Champion, Gail Kim. She would escape though and motion to be the first TNA Knockouts Champion.

Backstage, Jim Cornette said that he’s tired of Team 3D whining and crying so he’s going to give Team 3D their TNA World Tag Team Title shot tonight but reminded them what goes around comes around. Immediately thereafter, Sting barged into Cornette’s office and wanted answers regarding Kurt Angle’s actions. Cornette said he didn’t know anything about it and was finding out just as he was. They showed Kurt Angle again who was back with an update to just make fun and games of the whole ordeal. Sting didn’t seem to take it too well as he tore Cornette’s office apart and even flipped over his desk.

Next was the TNA World Tag Team Championship match as Team 3D made their entrance as Brother Ray carried down a football with him to get in the head of Pacman Jones and his partner, Ron Killings.

Brother Devon started things off against Ron Killings with the lock of the arms, and a quick kick to the mid section in favour of Team 3D. Ron Killings wasn’t there to fool around though; he quickly shifted the momentum with some explosive impactful moves like only he can do. He then tagged in Adam “Pacman” Jones who took off his shirt and was seemingly ready to fight. Brother Ray then came in and mocked Pacman with a football and asked him if he remembered how to play football. So Brother Ray threw the football and tried to tackle him, but Pacman floated over him and later threw the football at Brother Ray. Devon tried delivering a clothesline but Pacman ducked it and pulled down the ropes which saw Devon flying over and out of the ring. Ron Killings was tagged back in as went for the double team on Brother Ray when Pacman held him there for Killings to deliver the one-legged drop where it counts.

Brother Ray would bring a chair into play but it would backfire when Killings hit a spinning leg drop on him. Pacman Jones was then ready to use the chair but The Voodoo Kin Mafia came down and went forth with a beat down on Ron Killings outside of the ring thereafter and that’s when Pacman chased them off with the chair. Referee Earl Hebner gave Team Pacman the win via disqualification, as The Steiner Brothers then came down to chase off Team 3D.

Backstage Jeremy Borash was with Raven, and he said that his time is now. He reflected back to Terry Funk during his many retirements. He sat on the sidelines and picked his time of return, and it did cost Raven one time when he lost the ECW World Heavyweight Title to him in 1997. Well, Raven said he has watched closely and his time to return actively in TNA is now. It will be Monster’s Ball at Bound For Glory. It will be Raven vs. Abyss vs. Rhino vs. Black Reign!

There was then a Gauntlet Match previewing the Fight For The Right at Bound For Glory, where the winner received a future TNA World Heavyweight Title shot. The competitors involved were in order of entrance, James Storm, Kaz, Robert Roode, Petey Williams, Eric Young, Jimmy Rave, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Lance Hoyt, and Chris Harris. The order of elimination on the other hand saw Petey Williams gone first, followed by Jimmy Rave, Chris Sabin, Chris Harris, Alex Shelley, Lance Hoyt, and Kaz.

Under Gauntlet rules, the final two participants were James Storm and Eric Young, both of whom began a one-on-one match. It was rather short as Storm locked Eric in a choke hold. Eric Young then kicked off the turnbuckle and used his leverage to push Storm down and lock him down for the pin and victory.

In a funny moment, we saw AJ Styles walking backstage with Tomko and his IWGP World Tag Team Title. Apparently they were both going to Tokyo, Japan, where Tomko was scheduled to defend his title. Christian Cage then came along and asked where they were going, and more importantly why AJ was wearing a Tomko t-shirt. Cutting to the chase, Christian said that AJ was staying with him in the United States after Tomko rubbed in the facts that a champ has to defend his title – obviously making fun of Christian not holding a title at this time.

They had a commercial promoting the Ultimate X Match for Bound For Glory, where LAX will take on Triple X.

We went back to California where Kurt Angle said the game was almost over. He said he’ll be the first to congratulate his son.

It was then main event time as Christian Cage, AJ Styles, and Triple X’s Christopher Daniels & Senshi were set to take on Samoa Joe, Junior Fatu, and Homicide & Hernandez of LAX. Daniels and Senshi jump started the match with their double team tactics against Hernandez. However, those tactics would come back to bite them when Homicide and Hernandez gave Christopher Daniels a taste of his own medicine. Moments later, it was now AJ Styles against Junior Fatu, who was pretty dominant. He knocked Triple X off the ring apron as Homicide followed that up with a dive to the outside and even landed on his feet!

Action was all over the place for this one, and even Elix Skipper who wasn’t in the match was getting involved. Triple X decided to keep Homicide grounded and in their corner. Then Christian Cage was tagged in and he continued with dirty tactics like reconfiguring Homicide’s facial features by stretching it with his hands. Homicide would rebound though by dropped down on his back while Christian was there choking him out. AJ Styles though would make sure there was no momentum for Homicide by delivering an elbow drop on a man who was just making his way back to his feet. And so it was now The Christian Coalition grounding Homicide.

Ultimately, Homicide would deliver a double DDT and tag in Samoa Joe who absolutely cleaned house. He attacked everyone one after another and it was sure entertaining! By this time, all hell broke loose and everyone was getting in the action. Joe targeted Christian Cage on the outside by delivering a suicide dive while Junior Fatu gave Christopher Daniels the stink face inside the ring.

In the end, it was Samoa Joe gaining the win for his team with a Muscle Buster on Senshi. What an incredible main event that really became a roller coaster in the end! More matches like this are sure to bring in ratings!

We were then brought back to Kurt Angle who said that Sting’s son was a really good athlete just like Sting, or just like Sting 10-years ago. Kurt said he wants that same Sting at Bound For Glory, as he proceeded by attacking Sting’s son and shutting the cameras upon leaving the rest of the attack up to Sting’s imagination.

Quick Match Results:
• Rhino defeated Black Reign.
• Gail Kim defeated Jackie Moore.
• TNA World Tag Team Champions, Team Pacman (Ron Killings & Pacman Jones) defeated Team 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon), via disqualification.
• 10-Man Gauntlet Match: Eric Young defeated James Storm. The other participants were Kaz, Robert Roode, Petey Williams, Jimmy Rave, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Lance Hoyt, and Chris Harris.
• Samoa Joe, Junior Fatu, & The Latin American Xchange (Homicide & Hernandez) defeated The Christian Coalition (Christian Cage & AJ Styles), & Triple X (Christopher Daniels & Senshi).