iMPACT! Results - 10/11/07 (Angle/3D & Fatu/LAX - Bound For Glory)

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On Friday, October 12, 2007 at 1:07 AM EST

Thursday, October 11, 2007 – Orlando, FL
By Marcus Cygy of

iMPACT! on Spike TV opened this week with footage from last week where TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle was stalking Sting’s son in California. We then saw him walking backstage before we kicked the program off with our first match.

The opening match saw “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal defeated Havok of Serotonin in a non-title match. Christopher Daniels was there watching on and during the conclusion of the match, he grabbed Jay Lethal’s X-Division Title and it looked as if he was going to slip into the ring and go forth with an attack on his opponent for this Sunday at Bound For Glory. Looking up at the ceiling though, it looked as though Daniels was told by a higher power to save his energy for Bound For Glory when he goes one-on-one with Jay Lethal for the TNA X-Division Title.

Backstage we saw Karen Angle arrive on scene to the iMPACT! Zone, but she wouldn’t make time to discuss current events with Jeremy Borash because she said married couples have problems sometimes. She proceeded towards the locker room area as we went for a commercial break.

Once we were back, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle made his way down to the ring. What made things really awkward was that Kurt was wearing Sting’s son’s high school football jersey. He said he did what he did to Sting’s son for two reasons. First because he supposedly laid a finger on his wife, and secondly because he wants to face to old Sting this Sunday at Bound For Glory.

Kurt then called out Sting, but instead we had Karen Angle making her way down to the ring. She entered the ring and told Kurt that he’s taken things way too far now. She said that this past week has been by far the worst between them than it has ever been. She told Kurt that he crossed the line by attacking Sting’s son, and then went on to ask her husband Kurt what he would think if Sting did that to their children. Kurt Angle said he’ll decide when he crosses the line, not her. She then spilled the beans by saying she never should have agreed with Kurt and faking the slap they claimed Sting did at No Surrender last month.

Sting appeared on the big screen proclaiming that the mind games would begin, and that’s when a manikin dressed to look like Sting, lowered from the ceiling. By instinct Kurt Angle went for the ankle lock but soon realized what he had encountered.

Backstage, Kevin Nash was apparently sent by Kurt Angle to look for Sting. He made his way up to the rafters where Sting showed himself. Kevin basically asked him to cool down and suggested to not look like a thug. Sting then asked Kevin Nash what he would do if Kurt Angle attacked his son. Kevin said, “Honestly, I’d kill him.”

“Exactly my point,” said Sting. Sting proceeded back to the top of the rafters with one last message. He said, “Kevin man, don’t lose your edge.”

The second match of the night saw TNA World Tag Team Champions, Team Pacman defeated Elix Skipper and Senshi of Triple X. Again, it was more of the same thing as last week where Pacman Jones was running around dodging and distracting Triple X. Ron Killings and Skipper had a good series of back and forth encounters midway through the match, but in the end it was Pacman Jones throwing a pile of dollar bills on Skipper. As Mike Tenay and Don West said, Pacman made it “rain money” and this caused a distraction when Ron Killings went to execute the Axe Kick for the win.

After the match, The Steiner Brothers made their way down to the ring while Team Pacman was still in the ring. The Steiners showed mutual respect with the TNA World Tag Team Champions by shaking hands and giving them a hug.

Rick Steiner got on the microphone and told Team 3D if they don’t like them then bite them. Scott Steiner went further and said they were still standing after being attacked behind their backs a few weeks back. He said that Team 3D go down in history as being a couple of Bingo Hall Champions, and Backyward Wrestling Champions. The two fattest pigs would be roasted this Sunday at Bound For Glory in the 2/3 Tables Match, as Scott Steiner said. Both Rick and Scott left the scene as we shifted cameras to the backstage area with Jeremy Borash.

Team 3D were there to respond. They said that at Bound For Glory they would prove to be the greatest tag team in professional wrestling history. The Steiner Brothers were quick to try and jump the gun by attacking them backstage, but security was there to keep order.

The third match of the night saw The Amazing Kong defeat Gail Kim in an impressive match. All the other TNA Knockouts involved for this Sunday’s Gauntlet Battle Royal were ringside to watch this match.

TNA then showed Tomko and Giant Bernard successfully defending the IWGP World Tag Team Titles in Japan.

Tonight also marked the debut of “Chattin’ With The Champ,” with your host Christian Cage along with AJ Styles. The set was decorated and dressed for their guest, Samoa Joe, in Samoan style. Joe did come down but he didn’t look too entertained as I was when hearing Cage ramble on the microphone. Cage welcomed him “to the islands,” and reminded him that in the last two contests between them two, it was Christian Cage coming out on top. Cage said he wanted to put their differences aside though and talk to him about Bound For Glory. Joe said he would be putting Christian Cage in the hospital and ending his winning streak. Christian said this was getting out of hand now, and shortly thereafter Samoa Joe went on high attack. The set was all torn up while AJ Styles hit Joe with a ukulele but it had no effect. Matt Morgan, the enforcer for this Sunday’s match, came down and took AJ out of the equation while Joe continued his relentless attack on Cage. However, Cage would retreat after cracking Joe across the head with a coconut.

Former Team Canada partners, Robert Roode and Petey Williams squared off against each other in our fourth match. Ms. Brooks, a contender for the TNA Knockouts Championship at Bound For Glory was there to look on in the corner of Robert Roode. Obviously she wasn’t rooting for him, but he ended up getting the win anyway. After the match, Roode wanted Brooks to hit Petey Williams as he held him there. She refused and that’s when Kaz came out. Roode was quick to bail though.

Raven & Black Reign would defeat Rhino & Abyss in a hardcore preview match for this Sunday’s Monster’s Ball Match. Thumbtacks and tables were used, as were garbage cans. We can only expect more of this action at Bound For Glory!

Backstage we had Junior Fatu proclaiming that TNA has more drama than WWE! We have Cage and Joe, Angle and Sting, and the women! Fatu will be in the Fight For Right at Bound For Glory and the next time anyone speaks with him, it’ll be about his TNA World Heavyweight Title shot he said.

Backstage was Matt Morgan who guaranteed fairness at Bound For Glory where he will be the special enforcer for the Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe match. When you screw with Morgan though, he said things wouldn’t be so fair anymore.

In our main event, TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle & Team 3D defeated Junior Fatu & The Latin American Xchange. Matt Morgan was appointed as the special referee to keep order between any possible scuffle between Angle and Sting. That unfortunately didn’t happen because the mind games continued when a man dressed up looking to be part of the Latino Nation appeared in front of Angle. The mystery man who had bandanas wrapped around his face with sunglasses exposed himself to be Sting without the paint. He was one step ahead of Kurt Angle tonight when he locked in the Scorpion Death Lock as Angle tapped out to close the show. Will we see that same scene close out TNA Bound For Glory this Sunday, October 14 with Sting becoming the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion? Or will Kurt Angle win his biggest match in his TNA career in the same town he won his Olympic gold medals in 1996?

Tune in to TNA “Bound For Glory” live and exclusively on Pay-Per-View from Atlanta, Georgia on October 14, 2007!

Quick Match Results:
• TNA X-Division Champion, Jay Lethal defeated Havok, in a Non-Title Match.
• TNA World Tag Team Champions, Team Pacman (Ron Killings & Pacman Jones) defeated Triple X (Elix Skipper & Senshi), in a Non-Title Match.
• The Amazing Kong defeated Gail Kim.
• Robert Roode defeated Petey Williams.
• Raven & Black Reign defeated Rhino & Abyss.
• TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle & Team 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon) defeated Junior Fatu & The Latin American Xchange (Homicide & Hernandez).