Impact Results - 9/4/08 ('Christian Cage vs. AJ Styles' - Sting speaks)

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On Thursday, September 4, 2008 at 11:52 PM EST

September 04, 2008
Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
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The show starts off with a recap from last week and then Don West runs down the lineup for tonight. Kurt Angle’s music hits and the “Olympic Hero” is on his way to the ring, mic in hand. They show a replay of Kurt beating Kevin Nash in the Four Ways To Glory Qualifying Match last week. Booker T.’s music hits and now he will join Kurt Angle along with his wife Sharmell. They show Booker’s win against Rhino a few weeks ago as Booker and Sharmell make their way to the ring. Kurt says that he and Booker are what a real champion looks like. Kurt says that everything Sting said last week was directed towards Samoa Joe and that he is a disgrace to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Booker and his new weird accent agrees with Kurt. Booker says that today's wrestlers are all spoiled brats and they want everything but have earned nothing. Booker says that he and Kurt are not only two champions but two distinguished gentlemen. Booker then says that Booker and Kurt will decide the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at No Surrender. Kurt says that they’re going to look all over the arena and find that “hick” (Jarrett) and “shove his guitar up his ass.” Christian Cage’s music hits and now he comes out to the ramp. Christian says that Kurt doesn’t have to worry about AJ Styles at No Surrender because he is going to be the one to win the Qualifying Match tonight. Christian then says that AJ Styles is the future of the business, but this is about No Surrender being in his backyard (Canada). Christian says that Kurt and Booker are distracted with the Sting/Jarrett situation and while they’re being distracted he will become a 3-time World Champion. Booker then suddenly turns ghetto and calls Christian a “poo-butt.” Booker tells Christian that he needs to be ‘rolling’ with him. Christian calls Booker “Whoopi Goldberg” and asks him if its really about or respect or is he worried about losing his spot. Kurt then tells Christian they can do it the easy way or the hard way, its Christian’s choice. Christian then asks Kurt what the hard way is and Kurt runs down to attack Christian. Christian and Kurt start brawling and Booker attacks Christian. Christian fights them off but eventually the numbers game gets the best of him. AJ Styles then runs down for the save. AJ cleans house and Kurt says he and Booker T. are going to make sure neither one of them make it to No Surrender. Jim Cornette comes out and says that if Kurt Angle or Booker T. interfere in the match later then both lose their spot in the Title mach at No Surrender. AJ & Christian shake hands in the middle of the ring.

Jeramy Borash is now in the back with TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Samoa Joe. Joe says that Nash has been preaching about Joe not losing his temper, but Nash lost his match last week because of his temper. Joe says that Nash put his hands on him last week and Joe is going to put his hands on him. Joe says that if Sting wants his respect then he should earn it because all Sting does is walk around here in the rafters, come and go as he pleases, and take money out of the ‘boys’ pockets. Joe then says that if he has anything to say to the fans then he can say it to him too.

We get the next edition of TNA Rough Cut with Consequences Creed. Creed talks about graduating from Furman University while juggling his TNA schedule. Creed and his friends and teachers talk about seeing him on TV for the first time. Terry Taylor and AJ Styles talk about how great Creed’s future looks and Creed talks about wanting to learn everything that everyone in TNA knows. Creed says that he wants to become the best wrestler ever, but its more important to learn something in the end. Another great segment on the future of the X-Division.

In the back Lauren is with Sheik Abdul Bashir. Bashir says that he is the victim not the USA. Bashir says that he didn’t give illegal immigrants work, he gave United States citizens work. Bashir says that the U.S. took away from him everything and that he doesn’t mind torturing innocent civilians to get it back tells Lauren to tell Lady America he doesn’t love her anymore. Bashir really does cut an amazing promo, and Tenay points out how different Creed (who is living the ‘American Dream’) and Basir are.

TNA X-Division #1 Contenders Match
Consequences Creed vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

Fans are chanting ‘USA’ as they lock up. Creed springs to the top rope but Bashir pulls him down by the hair. Bashir then throws Creed into the corner and this punches and kicks. Bashir then hits a back suplex for a quick two count. Creed then locks in a chinlock. Creed fights to his feet but Bashir locks in a sleeper, but Creed pushes him off and locks in a sleeper of his own. Creed and Bashir crash into each other now and their both down. Bashir attempts to throw Creed into the corner but Creed blocks it and throws Bashir into the corner and hits a big right hand followed by a forearm. Creed with back elbows and then hits the jabs and the split into a right hand for a two count. Creed whips Bashir into the corner and then hits the rolling clothesline for another two count. Creed goes for the Splash in the corner but Bashir rolls him up and puts his feet on the ropes for extra leverage for the pin! Bashir now gets a shot at the X-Division title at No Surrender! Creed argues with the referee as TNA shows a replay. The ref sees the replay and restarts the match. Bashi immediately attacks Creed. Creed goes for a rollup but Bashir holds onto the ref’s shirt. The referee pushes Bashir off and Creed rolls him up for the pin! Creed now goes onto No Surrender to get a shot at Petey Williams’ X-Division Title! Decent match but I still think a Three Way between Bashir, Creed, and Williams would be perfect.

Winner: Consequences Creed via pinfall (rollup)

After the match Bashir pushes the referee and begs him to punch him. Bashir then slaps the ref and he fights back with knife edge chops and punches! The referee, Shane Sewell, then back body drops Bashir and clotheslines him over the top rope! Bashir is shocked as Earl Hebner runs down to calm Sewell down.

In the back JB is with Kevin Nash. JB talks about Nash losing his cool last week and Nash says that hes right and that he didn’t practice what he preached. Nash says that he fractured his relationship with Joe and hopes to get it back. Nash says that he doesn’t think he can defuse the situation between Joe and Sting, and that he agrees with a lot of what Sting said.

Lauren is in the back with TNA World Tag Team Champions: Beer Money Inc. Roode says that Beer Money has been named the last two characters to be featured in TNA’s video game. Storm then says that he drinks too much to play video games. Roode then says that it doesn’t matter because they’re going to make a ton of money on royalties. The Prince Justice Brotherhood comes up. Curry Man says that he drinks a lot of ‘Saki’ and Storm replies with “you suck what?” Hilarious. Shark Boy calls Beer Money Brokeback pretty much and that starts a brawl between the two factions.

A video package recaps Abyss’ past.

In the back Lauren is with The Beautiful People and Kip James. Kip doesn’t sound ‘sweet’ this week. Velvet Sky announces that next week they have a special challenge for Taylor Wilde. Its going to be Taylor Wilde and Angelina Love in the first ever “Beautiful People Beauty Pageant.” There will be a talent contest, evening gown contest, and a swimsuit showdown. I guess seeing Angelina and Taylor in bikinis will be worth seeing the rest of it.

Beer Money Inc. (“Cowboy” James Storm & Robert Roode) w/ ”Pride of Tennessee” Jacqueline vs. Prince Justice Brotherhood (Shark Boy & Super Eric)

Curry Man’s music hits but Super Eric and Shark Boy come out without him. The camera cuts to the back where Christy Hemme is seducing Curry Man, and yes she is hot AND spicy. I know, that was pretty corny. In the ring James Storm kicks the match off with a kick to Shark Boy but he fights back with a Thesz press followed by a punch to Roode’s face. Storm then hits an odd neckbreaker over his knee on Shark Boy. Storm tags in Roode who pummels Shark Boy in the corner. Roode with a back suplex for a two count. Shark Boy fights back on Roode and hits a facebuster on Roode. Shark Boy tags in Super Eric but the ref missed it. Beer Money then hit the “BEER-MONEY” double suplex. In the back Lance Rock & Jimmy Rave are attacking Curry Man. Back in the ring Storm goes crotch first into the turnbuckles. Shark Boy tags in Super Eric and again the ref didn’t see it as Roode had is attention. Great tag team strategy. Real old school. Super Eric then sits Earl Hebner on the top rope and goes after Beer Money. Super Eric with a back bodydrop on Roode but again the ref makes him go the apron. Shark Boy goes for the Shark Boy Stunner, but Roode counters by pushing Shark Boy into the Last Call (Superkick) from Storm. Roode then hits the Payoff on Sharky for the pinfall. This match really put over Beer Money’s great tag team strategy.

Winners: Beer Money via pinfall (Payoff)

L.A.X.’s music hits and outcomes Hernandez and Beer Money bails. Homicide comes up from behind (with a patch over his eye) and goes after Beer Money. LAX takes out Beer Money in the ring with several punches. Hernandez throws Storm out of the ring while Homicide hits the Gringo Cutta on Roode in the ring. LAX celebrates in the ring with Hector Guerrero and Salinas.

Abyss is shown in the back rocking back and forth and Abyss’ Open Challenge is next.

Abyss’ Open Challenge
“The Monster” Abyss vs. Johnny Devine w/Team 3D

Team 3D and Johnny Devine comes out to accept the challenge. Brother Ray has the mic and calls Abyss a “big stupid moron” and says that Team 3D accepts the match on behalf of Johnny Devine for a Hardcore Match. Devine comes in behind Abyss and hits Abyss with a cookie sheet. It had no affect and Abyss punches Devine. Devine with a garbage can shot to Abyss but again it doesn’t affect Abyss and he throws Devine out of the ring. Devine grabs a chair while 3D distracts Abyss. Devine nails Abyss in the head and then goes for another shot but Abyss punches the chair into Devine’s face. Abyss with the Chokeslam on Devine and picks up the chair. Abyss decides against using the chair again and 3D comes in and attacks Abyss. Devon throws the ref out of the ring while they continue the beatdown on Abyss. Matt Morgan runs down for the save and starts throwing shots at 3D. Morgan then hits a huge Big Boot onto Devine on the apron sending him to the floor. Morgan tosses Abyss the chair but he throws it down.


Lauren follows ODB to the bathroom in the back. Lauren asks ODB what her game plan against Raisha Saeed and ODB says “hear Raisha Saeed right here” and pretty much takes a dump. Classy.

Lauren is in the parking lot (earlier today) as Sting pulls up. Sting just walks past her without saying anything.

ODB vs. Raisha Saeed

Saeed comes out to the ring without Kong this week. ODB kicks off the match by dragging Saeed to the floor and starts punching her on the back. ODB whips Saeed into the guad rail. ODB then attempts to whip her into another one, but Saeed counters it. Saeed then starts beating ODB all around the ringside area before ODB fights back and throws Saeed back in the ring. Saeed with a dropkick on ODB sending her off the apron into the guard rail. Saeed throws ODB back into the ring. Saeed gets a two count in the ring and hten starts hitting crossfaces on ODB followed by raking her eyes. ODB fights back with hammerfsts but Saeed counters again. Saeed stomps ODB and then hits a scoop slam. Saeed climbs to the top rope and goes for a Moonsault, but ODB moves and Saeed eats canvas. Saeed goes for a clothesline but ODB ducks and hits 3 of her own followed by a fallaway slam. ODB then grabs her flask and takers her a shot. ODB hits the Running Powerslam for the pinfall. Decent match from the two.

Winner: ODB via pinfall (Running Powerslam)

After the match ODB attempts to take Saeed’s mask off. Saeed is able to get away but ODB tackles her again on the ramp. ODB chases Saeed to the back and comes back to ringside with Saeed’s mask in her hand. Awesome Kong comes out of nowhere with a clothesline to ODB’s back and then throws ODB back first into the ring post.

Back from commercial Kong hits the Implant Buster on ODB. Saeed brings chairs to the ring but Roxxi runs out before Kong can use them. Kong and Roxxi duel with the chairs before Saeed attacks Roxxi from behind. Kong and Saeed continue the beatdown on Roxxi. Kong hits a vicious Awesome Bomb on Roxxi onto a steel chair. That looked brutal.

Moments ago Lauren is with The Beautiful People and Kip James again. Angelina previews her bikini to Kip and Velvet (but not us sadly) as we go to commercial.

Bck from commercial and Tenay officially announces that at No Surrender it will be Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt in a Ladder Match!

In the back JB is with AJ Styles. JB asks AJ about his match with Christian tonight and if he can concentrate on his match tonight after what happened with Sting last week. AJ gets pissed at JB for even bringing it up. AJ says that Sting has done nothing for the new generation and that Sting hasn’t earned anything in TNA (what Joe said). AJ then says that it was Sting, Kurt Angle, and Booker T. who jumped on the bandwagon when TNA got on Spike TV. AJ then goes nuts and says that they should thank him, thank his wife for taking him to get MRI’s, thank his kids for playing outside by themselves while hes on the road, and then says that Christian is a real man and he respects him. AJ says that hes going to win tonight and become the World Champion again at No Surrender. Great promo from AJ.

Main Event
4 Ways To Glory Qualifying Match
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. “Instant Classic” Christian Cage

AJ and Christian lock it up and reverse each other before Christian hits a takedown and locks in a headlock. AJ fights to his feet and puts on a full arm dragon twist into a side headlock. Christian then pushes AJ into the ropes and AJ hits a shoulder block. AJ & Cage lockup again and Christian hits a forearm on AJ. Christian with a kick to the gut on AJ and goes for a suplex but AJ reverses it into a rollup for a two count. Christian with a legsweep and gets a nearfall of his own. AJ with a double leg takedown and flips over into a pin attempt for another two count. Christian bridges out of the pinfall attempt into a backslide for a two count. AJ with a kick to the gut and a chop. Side headlock from AJ and Christian fights back pushes AJ into the corner. Christian charges AJ but he hits a back elbow and goes for the Moonsault Reverse DDT, but Christian moves. AJ with a leapfrog on Christian and AJ goes for another one but Christian fakes him out. AJ with a forearm sends Christian to the outside. Awesome back and forth action from these two. AJ then goes for the Summersault Plancha to the floor, but Chrisian quickly slides into the ring. AJ is able to catch hisself and land on the apron and hit a shoulder block between the ropes on Christian. AJ goes for the Springboard Flying Forearm but Christian takes his legs out causing AJ to fall throat first onto the top rope and fall to the outside. Christian then goes for the slingshot cross body block but AJ quickly slides into the ring to escape it. AJ goes for a baseball slide dropkick, Christian catches his legs, and AJ counters it into a head scissors takeover on the floor. WOW! We go to commercials as this match is really heating up. Back from commercial Christian has taken control with a neckbreaker for a nearfall. AJ fights back with punches and chops but Christian comes right back with a back elbow for another two count. Christian with a snapmare and then kicks the hell out of AJ’s back. In the corner Christian chops away at AJ, but AJ reverses it and chops Christian. Christian with a kick to AJ’s gut and whips Styles into the corner again. Christian charges but AJ hits a back elbow and follows it up with the Moonsault Reverse DDT, but Christian blocks it and goes for a clotheslines and AJ goes for it again this time hitting it for a two count. Christian and AJ trade punches in the middle of the ring until AJ hits a big clothesline followed by a clothesline and a back elbow. AJ then goes for the big splash in the corner, but Christian moves and turns AJ inside out with a big clothesline. Christian goes to the top rope and goes for the Frog Splash but AJ moves. AJ now goes for the Styles Clash but Christian counters it and and goes for the Unprettier. AJ counters the Unprettier into a backdrop and Christian lands on his feet and AJ hits the Pelay out of nowhere for another nearfall! AJ to the ring apron and goes for the Springboard Flying Forearm again but Christian moves again, and quickly climbs to the top rope and hits his Corkscrew Back Elbow for a two count. Christian goes to the top again but AJ punches Christian on the top and climbs up with him. AJ sets him up for the Superplex but Christian pushes him off and at the same time leaps for the Frog Splash almost in one fluid motion. What a move but it only gets a two count. Christian cant belive AJ kicked out. Christian picks AJ up but AJ quickly throws Christian to the floor. Christian doesn’t hesitate as he climbs to the top again but AJ hits a big right hand to Christian’s face. AJ climbs up top again and backdrops Christian off the top. AJ goes for the Spiral Tap and we havent seen that in months, but Christian moves! Christian goes for the Unprettier but AJ pushes Christian into the referee. Frank Trigg runs out and hits AJ with a kendo stick out of nowhere! Christian didn’t see it and he turns around and hits the Unprettier for the pinfall and to advance to the No Surrender Title match. What a match that was. Free TV Match of the Year Candidate in my opinion. So now it will be Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle vs. Booker T. vs. Christian Cage for the TNA Title at No Surrender.

Winner: Christian Cage via pinfall (Unprettier)

TNA shows another video package on Jeff Jarrett. Sting is shown walking towards the arena.

Sting Speaks To The Fans

Sting makes his way out to the ring, bat and microphone in hand. Sting says that last week when he came out to talk about the lack of respect from the young guys he thought that he was going to get booed out of the building, but he got cheered instead of booed. Sting then thanks the fans for it and he says that he knows the fans want to bring respect back to the business. Sting then says that without the fans there is no wrestling, there is no TNA, and there is no Sting. Sting then says that there was a percentage of fans that wanted to see Booker T. taken out by Samoa Joe at Victory Road, and at Hard Justice there was a percentage of fans that wanted to see AJ take Kurt Angle. He then says that there was a percentage of fans that wanted to see AJ spill Sting’s brains out all over the mat with his bat. Sting says that he is drawing a line in the sand to see where the fans stand. Samoa Joe’s music quickly hits and he comes out through the crowd. Samoa Joe says, “Stinger, you wanna know where I stand? Well, in about 20 seconds I’m gonna be standing on your throat!” Sting then asks Joe if he wants to beat him up and hit him with the bat. Sting then offers his bat to Joe and pushes Joe. Sting turns around and taunts Joe. Joe gets right on Sting and says that he doesn’t need Sting’s bat or his respect. Joe says that like his past, when he turns his back on the future hes bound to regret it and pulls out the baton. Kevin Nash comes out tells Joe that it doesn’t have to be like this. Nash tells Joe to do it man on man with Sting without the weapons but Sting then nails Joe with the bat and hits the Scorpion Death Drop out of nowhere. Nash looks confused as Jeff Jarrett’s music plays. Sting says that Jeff has his attention and maybe next week they can talk. Nash looks confused at Sting asking him what hes doing as Impact goes off the air.


Tonight’s Impact was a lot more promos and setting up of matches rather than matches themselve, but that doesn’t mean it was bad. It was actually very entertaining. The matches that we saw were pretty good. Creed vs. Bashir was short but pretty decent and its pretty much guaranteed that the title match at No Surrender will be just as good as Creed and Williams last 2 matches, but I still want to see this three way between Bashir, Williams, and Creed that it seems like they’ve been setting up to take place. Beer Money vs. PJB was an alright match but its biggest jobs were to put over Beer Money as a tag team and further the Rock & Rave Infection vs. Prince Justin Brotherhood feud. It did both with Beer Money’s dominance and R&R Infection’s attack on Curry Man in the back. Hopefully Homicide’s eye patch is off by the pay per view and they have another great tag match. They really didn’t further the Jay Lethal/Sonjay Dutt feud but did make it official that they’ll be having a Ladder Match at No Surrender. No matter how stupid the name of the match is it should be a great match. ODB & Raisha Saeed was pretty good and put over ODB as one of the top faces now that Gail Kim is gone (maybe). The Beautiful People’s segments were good and AJ Styles’ promo was one of his best to date. The match between AJ and Christian was obviously match of the night and was a really awesome back and forth slugfest. Hopefully down the line these two will be going at it on PPV, possibly for the TNA Title. The Frank Trigg involvement was interesting and I’d like to see where they take this. But again just a wonderful Main Event. Sting’s promo this week wasn’t as long but was still very strong. Its still hard to really tell where they’re taking Sting, whether they want him to be face, heel, or tweener. He kindof praised the fans but then turned around and pretty much sucker punched Joe. Also, the Joe/Nash slow build continues and should payoff nicely in the end. Looks like Jeff Jarrett should be back sooner or later, and I’m not real sure if that’s good or bad. Overall good show.

- Match of The Night: AJ Styles vs. Christian Cage (****)
- Segment/Promo Of The Night: Sting's Promo
- Overall Grade: B+

Scheduled for Next Week:
- Beautiful People Beauty Contest: Taylor Wilde vs. Angelina Love
- Abyss' Open Challenge II
- AJ Styles confronts Frank Trigg
- Samoa Joe's reaction to Sting's attack
- Will Jeff Jarrett make his return?

Scheduled for No Surrender So Far:
- Four Ways To Glory TNA Title Match: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage vs. Booker T.
- TNA X-Division Title: Petey Williams (c) vs. Consequences Creed
- TNA Knockout Title: Taylor Wilde (c) vs. Angelina Love
- Ladder Match: "Guru" Sonjay Dutt vs. "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal
- 6-Person Tag: Rock & Rave Infection & Christy Hemme vs. Prince Justice Brotherhood