Full WWE Velocity Results - 12/13/03 (Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri for the CW Title)

Reported by Scott Booker of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, December 14, 2003 at 2:56 AM EST

Full WWE Velocity Results - 12/13/2003
Commentators: Josh Matthews & Bill DeMott
Reported by Scott Booker of WrestleView.com

Chuck Palumbo & Nunzio vs. Brian Kendrick & Paul London

Chuck uses his power and dominates Paul London. Chuck tags in Nunzio, and London tags in Spanky. We get some back and forth cruiserweight moves. Nunzio & Chuck double-team Spanky as Stamboli distracts the referee. Chuck uses a reverse chinlock to wear down Spanky. Chuck whips Spanky into the FBI’s corner and Spanky elbows Nunzio and gets a tag the ref pretends he didn’t see. Both make the take and the face London works over Nunzio. London gets a nearfall, and then he goes for a Frankensteiner. As his is on Nunzio’s shoulders he gets Whacked by Chuck and gets powerbombed. Nunzio gets the cover.


Bill DeMott’s Turning Point. Early in the match Chuck is covering Spanky and as Spanks kicks out he punches Patrick.


Highlights for the recent Smackdown Tour oversees

Smackdown Flashback-Big Show and John Cena’s Battle Rap


WWE Rewind
Shannon Moore defeating A-Train from Last Smackdown

Ultimo Dragon vs. Tony Salantri

Very quick match showcasing Ultimo Dragon. Dragon wins with the Float over DDT.

WINNER: Ultimo Dragon


A Remington Titanium Rewind-Los Guerreros vs. the World’s Greatest Tag Team

Orlando Jordan vs. Chris Kanyon

Back and forth feeling out moves from both competitors. Kanyon gets the upperhand and gets a number of nearfalls. He then applies a wear down move. Orlando fights back with the flying forearm, followed by a backdrop and the Johnson Shuffle. Orlando Jordan hits a powerslam for the win.

WINNER: Orlando Jordan

Smackdown Flashback-Brock Lesnar vs. Rey Mysterio


WWE hyping their work for the troops in Iraq

Main Event-Cruiserweight Title Match
Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri

Another match with lots of face paced moves. Tajiri starts to use a modified sleeper but Kidman kicks out of it. Kidman whips Tajiri into the turnbuckle and he runs off the ropes and Tajiri ducks a clothesline and hits a trademark kick. Tajiri gets whipping into a turnbuckle and Tajiri reverses into the Tarantula. Then heck breaks loose as Sakoda distracts the ref and Akio interferes. Eventually Kidman gets the kick to the head and gets pinned.

WINNER: Tajiri