AAW Point of No Return

April 12, 2013

Berwyn, Illinois (Berwyn Eagles Club)

1. Silas Young defeated Jimmy Jacobs

2. Colt Cabana & Junthai Miller defeated Dan Lawerence & Marcus Crane

3. Lamar Titan defeated Louis Lyndon & Rich Swann in a Triple Threat Match to become the #1 Contender to the AAW Heritage Title.

4. Shane Hollister w/Scarlett Bordeaux defeated Sami Callihan after Scarlett interfered.

5. MsChif, Heidi Lovelace & Christina Von Eerie defeated Saraya Knight, Miss Natural & Taylor Made when MsChif pinned Saraya.

6. ACH defeated Kyle O’Reilly to retain the AAW Heritage Title.

7. Irish Airborne defeated Arik Cannon & Mat Fitchett to retain the AAW Tag Team Titles.

8. Michael Elgin defeated Davey Richards to retain the AAW Title.

– Kyle O’Reilly runs in and attacks Elgin afterwards. O’Reilly & Richards double-team Elgin until ACH makes the save. ACH challenges Elgin for the AAW Title to close the show.


ECWA Super 8 Tournament

April 13, 2013

Newark, Delaware

1. Mike Mondo defeated VSK in a 1st Round Match.

2. Damian Dragon defeated Chris Wylde in a 1st Round Match.

3. Antonio Thomas defeated Rhett Titus in a 1st Round Match.

4. Papadon defeated Vordell Walker in a 1st Round Match.

5. Damian Dragon defeated Mike Mondo in a Semi-Final Match.

6. Papadon defeated Antonio Thomas in a Semi-Final Match.

7. AHTU, Apollyon, Josh Daniels & Ricky Martinez defeated Bobby Shields, Danny E, Aden Chambers & Kekoa

8. Jessie Kaye won a Battle Royal.

9. Damian Dragon defeated Papadon to win the 17th Annual ECWA Super 8 Tournament. 

Source: PWPonderings.com