Matches announced for EVOLVE iPPVs, DGUSA coming to NYC sent this in.

WWNLive Alerts – May 6th, 2013 Edition

We are back with another packed edition of the WWNLive Alerts with newsworthy items about a return to New York, title matches signed, a rare DVD sale and more. Let’s get to it….

May 6th: Tickets for EVOLVE in Florida are now on sale in the Store or by calling 267-519-9744. The cards are May 30th in Orlando, June 1st in Jacksonville and June 2nd in Ybor City, FL. Please go to the Live Events section for all the info.

May 6th: Title matches have been signed for Florida!!! We’ll start off with the first ever EVOLVE Title defense. The first EVOLVE Champion AR Fox has made a request and we have accepted it. Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks pinned Fox at the two DGUSA events that followed the EVOLVE Title Tournament. Fox is embarrassed by this and wants to even the score. As a result, Nick Jackson has been granted the first ever title shot. It will be AR Fox vs. Nick Jackson for the EVOLVE Title on May 30th in Orlando! Can Nick Jackson become a double champion and lead The Young Bucks to ruling the EVOLVE/DGUSA scene?

May 6th: Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks will go one-on-one vs. Johnny Gargano in Orlando. Gargano’s Open The Freedom Gate Title will not be on the line.

May 6th: Two huge title matches have been signed for the June 2nd event in Ybor City, close to Tampa. Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano will face the challenge of Samuray Del Sol. The luchador was awarded the title shot for his single match victories against EITA and Ryo Saito last January.

May 6th: The Young Bucks will defend the Open The United Gate Titles against EITA & Tomahawk T.T. on June 2nd in Ybor City. EITA & T.T. earned the title shot with their victory over The Super Smash Brothers at WrestleCon. This gives the Sunday night live iPPV from Ybor City two can’t miss title matches!

May 6th: We will have the first matches for Jacksonville and more matches for both Orlando and Ybor City later this week right here in the WWNLive Alerts.

May 6th: ATTN: NEW YORK CITY!!! We will be back with events on July 27th in Queens, NY and July 28th in Manhattan, NY. We are finalizing the details now and will have more information soon, but we wanted to get you the dates now so you could mark them down on your calendar. These will be huge events as we are finally back in NYC!!! We can’t wait.

May 6th: We want to congratulate and say how proud we are of Ricochet, who will participate in both the Dragon Gate King Of Gate and New Japan Best Of The Super Juniors tournaments this summer. This proves that Ricochet is among the elite wrestlers in the world. The improvement Ricochet has shown from when we first saw him in EVOLVE until now is inspirational.

May 6th: We have added DVDs to our huge spring cleaning sale!!! All 2009-2010 DGUSA and EVOLVE DVDs are now just $12 each. All titles are already marked down in the Store so no codes are needed. Please note that this DVD sale will only last until May 13th. Take a look at some of these DGUSA DVDs you can save 40% on:

-Open The Untouchable Gate: Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) vs. Naruki Doi and Shingo vs. Davey Richards in two absolute classics!

-Mercury Rising: The most star studded show in DGUSA history with the annual six man tag plus Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Jack Evans, Teddy Hart, Tommy Dreamer, Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose), Jimmy Jacobs, The Young Bucks, Mike Quackenbush and many others!

-Open The Northern Gate: Shingo & YAMATO vs. PAC & BxB Hulk and Masato Yoshino vs. Dragon Kid 2/3 Falls in can’t miss matches!

-Way Of The Ronin: All we have to say is Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) vs. Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) in a war!

-Freedom Fight: CIMA vs. Shingo and Masato Yoshino vs. YAMATO in must see matches!

-Plus there are several other titles from DGUSA and EVOLVE. Please browse our Store for complete match listings, free trailers and artwork. We also still have several shirts and other items for 50% off as part of the Spring Cleaning Sale in the Gear section. Everything is already marked down so no codes are needed.

May 6th: Thank you for reading the WWNLive Alerts. We hope it added to your day. We’ll be back later this week with more match announcements, future iPPV info and who knows what else!