6/2 CHIKARA iPPV Results: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1. Mr. Touchdown def. Saturyne to retain the Young Lions Cup.

2. The Spectral Envoy def. The Colony: Xtreme Force

3. Delirious def. Dasher Hatfield

4. The Colony def. Devastation Corportation

5. Amasis def. Ophidian in a Sacrophagus Match.

6. Gavin Loudspeaker def. Tim Donst in a Hair vs. Hair Match.

7. Pieces of Hate def. 3.0. to win the CHIKARA Camponetos de Parejas.

8. Eddie Kingston & Icarus went to a No Contest for the CHIKARA Grand Championship when Condor Security hit the ring, removed Kingston, Icarus & the referee from the ring. CHIKARA Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur then had Condor Security tear up the CHIKARA Entrance set and the iPPV abruptly ended, Sopranos style. 

Source: PWPonderings.com