1. Michael Elgin
2. Brian Kendrick
3. Karl Anderson
4. Kevin Steen
5. Paul London

And now the 6th man has been named to the ROH World Title Tournament that begins on July 27th in Providence, RI: Roderick Strong!

Roddy is no stranger to the World Title having held the belt from “Glory by Honor IX” on 9/11/10 until “Manhattan Mayhem IV” on 3/19/11 when Eddie Edwards dethroned him. Roddy is no stranger to championships in general either as he is only one of two men (the other being Edwards) who can claim status as an ROH Triple Crown Champion.

Will Roderick next be able to lay claim to the moniker of 2-Time Champion as only one other man has done? His pursuit of that will begin on August 3rd in Toronto when Strong competes in his First Round tournament bout! Who will be his opponent? Well with 10 other men still to be announced the possibilities are wide open! Check back later today for the next entry into the field and head on over here to get your tickets for the World Title Tournament events in Providence, Toronto, NYC, and Philadelphia!!!