AAW 8/23 Reign of Violence Results: Berwyn, Illinois

1. Zero Gravity def. Monster Mafia

2. Keith Walker def. Tony Rican

3. Michael Elgin def. Knight Wagner

4. Louis Lyndon & Marion Fontaine def. Dan Lawrence & Markus Crane to retain the AAW Tag Team Titles.

5. Shane Hollister w/Scarlett def. Junthai Miller to retain the AAW Title.

6. ACH def. Kyle O’Reilly to retain the AAW Heritage Title.

7. Ryan Boz & Heidi Lovelace def. Jordan McEntyre & Heather Patera

8. Michael Elgin def. Alex Colon & Mat Fitchett

9. Arik Cannon & Jimmy Jacobs def. Dave & Jake Crist

10. Eddie Kingston def. Silas Young


8/24 Wrestling is Fun Cruel Summer iPPV Results: Easton, Pennsylvania

1. Azerbaijan & The Proletariat Boar def. The Colony

2. Jaka def. Frightmare

3. 3.0. def. Los Ice Creams

4. The Baltic Siege def. The Batiri

5. Devestation Corporation def. The Spectral Envoy

6. Heidi Lovelace def. Portia Perez

7. Dasher Hatfield def. Mr. Touchdown

8. Shernon def. Juan Francisco de Coronado

9. Amasis def. Oleg the Usurper to retain the Banana Title.


8/25 CTWE (farewell show) Results: Bethany, Connecticut

1. Mikey Webb def. Cruise, Mikey Chase, Anthony Stone & Anthony Greene to win the Shooting Star Title.

2. Bandido Jr. def. Kristan Frost

3. Homicide & Bobby Ocean def. Rhino & Bryan Castle

4. Vladimir Joesph def. Team Shazam in a Gauntlet Match.

5. Trent & Derrick Bateman def. Antonio Thomas & Mike Mondo

6. Team Friendship def. Tremendous Investigations Inc, The After Party & The Monarchy to retain the Tag Titles.

7. Ricky Reyes def. Michael Elgin

8. Eddie Edwards def. Johnny Gargano

9. Kevin Nash & Bull Dredd def. Platinum Entertainment

10. Lukas Sharpe def. Slyck Wagner Brown, Pinkie Sanchez & Chris Battle to become the final CTWE Champion.


8/25 Wrestling is Cool Endless Winter iPPV Results: Deptford, new Jersey

1. Mr, Touchdown def. Shernon

2. Chuck Taylor def. The Snow Troll

3. Eric Corvis def. Juan Francisco de Coronado

4. The Colony: Xtreme Force def. The Colony

5. Drew Gulak def. The Estonian Thunderfrog

6. Eddie Kingston def. Frightmare

7. The Osirian Portal def. Mark Andrews & Pete Dunne

Source: PWPonderings.com