Cherry Bomb added to SHIMMER 58-61, just ELEVEN DAYS AWAY in Berwyn, IL!
SHIMMER – WOMEN ATHLETES is proud to announce the addition of CHERRY BOMB to the SHIMMER 58-61 weekend of events, October 19th & 20th at the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL! Click here for tickets.


Toronto native Cherry Bomb made her SHIMMER main roster debut at SHIMMER 50 this past autumn in Berwyn. Prior to her arrival, Cherry built her name throughout the world, with several tours of Japan on her resume, in addition to experience throughout North America. Earlier this year, she participated in the SHIMMER 53 event in Secaucus, NJ as the tag team partner of Kimber Lee. In less than two weeks, Cherry Bomb returns to Berwyn to be a part of SHIMMER 58-61!

Cherry Bomb joins the following previously announced competitors for SHIMMER 58-61 weekend…

SHIMMER Champion

SHIMMER original Cheerleader Melissa has the distinction of being the only wrestler to compete on all fifty-seven SHIMMER shows thus far. She began her second reign as SHIMMER Champion on April 6th of this year, dethroning Saraya Knight inside a steel cage in the main event of SHIMMER 53, to become the only woman to hold the SHIMMER Championship on two occasions.

SHIMMER Tag Team Champions

The “Global Green Gangsters” tag team of Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa, which has enjoyed success in both Japan as well as the United States, captured the SHIMMER Tag Team Championships from “The Canadian Ninjas” Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews on April 14th of this year. The championship victory for “3G” was Skater’s first in SHIMMER competition, and Nakagawa’s second (the first being her SHIMMER Tag Team Championship reign with partner Daizee Haze).


Former SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles made history during 2011 as the first wrestler to defend the title outside of the United States. After an impressive title reign which included successful defenses against Melissa, Ayumi Kurihara, MsChif, Ayako Hamada, Serena Deeb, Hiroyo Matsumoto and others, Eagles was forced onto the sidelines for the duration of 2012 with a severe knee injury. Madison returned to SHIMMER during April of this year and plowed through the competition, appearing to have not lost a step.

“The World Famous” KANA

One of the most skilled fighters on the planet, Kana has participated in of some of the most memorable bouts in SHIMMER’s eight year history. Her SHIMMER 50 battle against Ayako Hamada earned 2012 Match of the Year honors from the SHIMMER fans. In addition to being one half of a formidable tag team duo with partner LuFisto, Kana’s singles contests against the likes of Sara Del Rey, Cheerleader Melissa, Mercedes Martinez, Madison Eagles, and others have solidified her position as a major player within the SHIMMER ranks. Kana has appeared on every SHIMMER event since her arrival at SHIMMER 41, and will continue that trend during SHIMMER 58-61 weekend.


Scotland’s Nikki Storm has quickly become one of the top women on the European wrestling scene. Nikki currently competes on all-female events promoted by companies such as Pro Wrestling EVE, Bellatrix, and ICW Fierce Females. She also had the opportunity to add Japan’s JWP promotion to her growing resume earlier this year. North America is next on the agenda for Nikki Storm, and we’re pleased to have her as part of the SHIMMER roster for SHIMMER 58-61 in Berwyn. Visit to learn more about her.


Ever since her arrival in 2009, Ayako Hamada has been an essential member of the SHIMMER roster. One of the most accomplished female athletes in professional wrestling history, Ayako has been in some of the most exciting SHIMMER matches over the years. From her wild brawl throughout the Eagles Club against Sara Del Rey, to her hard hitting technical wrestling clinics against opponents such as Mercedes Martinez, Daizee Haze, Cheerleader Melissa, Madison Eagles and Kana, Hamada has earned the recognition of being SHIMMER’s “MVP.” Along with her SHIMMER Tag Team Championship partner Ayumi Kurihara, Ayako has also made vital contributions to the SHIMMER tag team division. On October 19th & 20th, Ayako brings her unmatched skill to the ring in Berwyn once again for SHIMMER 58-61!


One of the most intimidating women in professional wrestling today, Jessicka Havok caught everyone’s attention by coming out of the crowd and attacking Serena Deeb at SHIMMER 53 earlier this year. The two battled later that day, as well as on subsequent events at the Berwyn Eagles Club, giving the SHIMMER fans a sample of the brutality which Havok can unleash on her opponents. In addition to the SHIMMER 58-61 events, Havok will also be a part of the AAW show at the Berwyn Eagles Club that Friday night, Oct. 18th.


One of the brightest young stars on the women’s wrestling scene in Japan is 25 year-old Hikaru Shida. Ever since her pro debut in 2008, Shida has been an integral part of the Ice Ribbon promotion, where she is currently one half of the tag team champions with partner Tsukasa Fujimoto. Additionally, Shida frequently competes on events promoted by OZ Academy and Pro Wrestling WAVE. Through the assistance of the Joshi 4 Hope office, on October 19th & 20th, Hikaru Shida will compete in the United States for the very first time as she joins the internationally flavored SHIMMER 58-61 roster!


One of the most charismatic wrestlers in the world today is “Lady Destroyer” Hiroyo Matsumoto. Her SHIMMER debut in April of 2010 against Sara Del Rey immediately demonstrated to the Eagles Club crowd that Hiroyo is one of the toughest women on the planet. Hiroyo’s positive energy and explosive in-ring style has made her one of the most beloved wrestlers on the SHIMMER roster. Along with her “Seven Star Sisters” tag team partner Misaki Ohata, Matsumoto made history by capturing the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship at SHIMMER 37, ending the first title reign of The Canadian Ninjas. She has also main evented in SHIMMER as a singles competitor on two different occasions. After being absent from our previous 2013 events due to a demanding schedule in Japan, Hiroyo Matsumoto returns to Berwyn for SHIMMER 58-61! Live happy by being there in person to see Hiroyo destroy her opponents!


British wrestling veteran Sweet Saraya Knight caught the wrestling world’s attention during early 2011 when she and her daughter Britani headed to the United States to join the SHIMMER roster. After initially competing together as a tag team, Saraya and Britani soon became embroiled in a wild mother versus daughter rivalry, tearing apart the Eagles Club in the process. After Britani’s departure from SHIMMER, Saraya switched her focus to longtime rival Cheerleader Melissa. In the main event of SHIMMER 48, Saraya shockingly defeated Melissa to become the 5th SHIMMER Champion. She went on to defend the championship in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom during her reign, before losing the title back to Melissa in the steel cage main event of SHIMMER 53. On our last set of events in Berwyn, Saraya began an intense war with Christina Von Eerie, who is just one of several wrestlers on Saraya’s personal hit list.


Over the past several years, one of the true breakout young stars in women’s wrestling has been Mia Yim. Like many of the athletes on the SHIMMER roster, Yim has chosen to split her wrestling schedule between the United States and Japan, with the goal of learning a variety of different styles of wrestling and always sharpening her skills. Earlier this year, Mia participated in memorable SHIMMER bouts against Amazing Kong, New Zealand’s Evie, and Jessicka Havok, displaying her lethal kicking ability and unique high flying offense. On October 19th & 20th, Mia Yim returns to Berwyn for SHIMMER 58-61 at the Eagles Club!


“The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez is one of only three remaining SHIMMER originals (wrestlers who were a part of the very first SHIMMER event in 2005) still on the active roster. Thus far, 2013 has been very good to Mercedes, as she handed Ayumi Kurihara a loss in her final United States bout at SHIMMER 53, headlined SHIMMER 54 one week later against Cheerleader Melissa, and then went on to renew her rivalry with Ayako Hamada with some fiercely competitive matches against her in Berwyn. Mercedes returns to the Berwyn Eagles Club on October 19th & 20th for SHIMMER 58-61!

“Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsCHIF

The longest reigning SHIMMER Champion in the company’s nearly eight year history is “Your Soul’s Tourmentor” MsChif. One of the three remaining SHIMMER originals on the roster (who were a part of the debut SHIMMER event in 2005), MsChif has been in some of the most memorable bouts over the years, including her feud with Cheerleader Melissa, as well as matches against such women as Amazing Kong, Daizee Haze, Sara Del Rey, Madison Eagles, Sarah Stock, and many others. In addition to continuing to compete in singles action, MsChif is a part of the SHIMMER tag team ranks along with partner Christina Von Eerie.


Southern California’s “Punk Princess” Christina Von Eerie joined the SHIMMER roster in early 2011, immediately drawing the ire of former SHIMMER Champion Sara Del Rey. Von Eerie quickly proved her worth as a wrestler in bouts against not only Del Rey, but other SHIMMER originals such as Cheerleader Melissa and Mercedes Martinez. Christina went on to form a tag team with former champ MsChif, in addition to participating in singles competition. Earlier this year, Von Eerie became involved in a bitter rivalry with Saraya Knight.


Professional wrestling’s resident queen of cosplay Leva Bates joined the SHIMMER main roster in early 2010. During one of her initial bouts, Leva faced SHIMMER original Allison Danger in a match that would ultimately become very significant in the careers of both wrestlers. As a result of the fight they brought to one another as opponents, the two decided to combine forces as a tag team unit, which came to be known as Regeneration X. One of the featured matches of SHIMMER 57 earlier this year saw Danger and Bates team up one last time, as part of Allison’s farewell match as an active wrestler. In less than two weeks, Leva heads back to Berwyn for SHIMMER 58-61, but this time with singles competition as her focus.


Over the past year and a half, the Made In Sin combination of Taylor Made & Allysin Kay have established themselves as a threatening tag team force throughout the women’s wrestling scene. After initially forming their alliance on the SHINE iPPV events in the state of Florida, Made In Sin successfully brought their partnership into the SHIMMER tag team ranks as well, battling such duos as Kana & LuFisto, MsChif & Christina Von Eerie, and Veda Scott & Shazza McKenzie, among others. Additionally, Allysin Kay recently completed an extended tour of Japan, where she spent time focusing on her career as a singles competitor.

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