10/11 WSU Secret Show Results: Blackwood, New Jersey

(Theme for the show was the 2013 WSU International J-Cup)

1. 1st Round: Barbi Hayden def. Kimber Lee with a Lita-style DDT.

2. 1st Round: Nikki Storm def. Jodi D’Milo with an Oklahoma Roll.

3. 1st Round: Jewells Malone def. Jenny Rose with a Roll-Up.

4. 1st Round: Shanna def. Santana Garrett with the Perfect Stunner. 

5. Non-Tournament: Cherry Bomb def. Leah Von Dutch with the BSE. 

6. Semi-Finals: Nikki Storm def. Barbi Hayden with the Cyclone Neckbreaker.

7. Semi-Finals: Shanna def. Jewells Malone with the Perfect Stunner.

8. Beyond Wrestling Showcase: Chris Dickinson def. JT Dunn with a Sit-Out Powerbomb.

9. Finals of the 2013 J-Cup: Shanna def. Nikki Storm to win the J-Cup after a Jackknife Pin and using the ropes for leverage.