10/12 CZW Cerebral Results: Voorhees, New Jersey

1. “The New Flavor” Shane Strickland def. The Latin Dragon with the Swerve Stomp.

2. The Juicy Product (“The Product” David Starr & “The Juice” JT Dunn) def. “Obsession” Caleb Konley & “The New World Man” Shane Hollister after stereo rolling elbows. 

3. Biff Busick w/The Front & Cherry Bomb def. Greg Excellent with the Half & Half after Cherry Bomb struck Excellent in the head with her spiked heel. 

– Afterwards. Cherry Bomb repeatedly nailed Excellent in the head with the spiked heel. 

4. “The Whole Foxin Show” AR Fox def. “Dirty Dicky” Chris Dickinson with the Lo-Mein Pain.

– Kimber Lee & Mr. Tofiga came out and introduced the newest member of the Gulak Campaign, Chuck Taylor. Taylor then brought out the rest of the Gentleman’s Club, Orange Cassidy and the Swamp Monster. Lee was not pleased with Cassidy’s antics and had to be carried away by Tofiga. Taylor then ripped on Gulak and said his Campaign was a bunch of crap.

5. Lucky 13 w/Devon Moore def. Ron Mathis w/Drew Blood via reverse decision. 

– Mathis had originally won the match via brass knucks given to him by Blood and a Tombstone, but Moore pointed out to the ref that the knucks were in Mathis’s tights and the ref caught Mathis red-handed. Rory Mondo also got involved in this match. With Lucky 13’s win, Devon Moore now gets a match with Drew Blood. Moore wanted to fight right afterwards, but Blood refused. Moore said he will face Blood at Night of Infamy on 11/2/13. 

6. Kimber Lee w/Mr. Tofiga & “Portugal’s Perfect Athlete” Shanna def. “The Ultraviolent Punk Princess” Christina Von Eerie & “The Gem-City Queen” Nevaeh when Shanna pinned Von Eerie with a roll-up.

– DJ Hyde made himself the Guest Referee of the match and fast-counted Von Eerie for the win by Shanna. 

7. Azireal w/Chrissy Rivera def. John Silver w/Alex Reynolds, “The Funky Pharaoh” Amasis w/Ophidian & CZW Tag Team Champion Ruckus w/Blk Jeez & Robbie Mireno after pinning Ruckus. With the win, Azireal earns 4 Loco a CZW Tag Team Title Shot. 

8. CZW Wired Title: Alex Colon w/Chrissy Rivera (c) def. “The Apex of Agility” Andrew Everett to retain the title after putting the knees up that also had the CZW Wired Title belt draped across when Everett attempted a Shooting Star Press. 

– Shane Strickland sub-dued the interference of Chrissy Rivera during the end of the match.

9. House of Horrors: “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont def. “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy via submission when he choked out Gacy with a strand of barbed wire. 

– Barbed wire, a bed of nails, carpet strips and many other weapons were used during this match.

– Afterwards, Tremont said he is now resurrected in CZW, but said Gacy earned his respect. 

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