11/16 DG-USA Results: Ridgewood, New York

1. Jon Davis def. Earl Cooter

2. Caleb Konley & Andrew Everett def. Biff Busick & Steven Walters

3. Trent def. Chuck Taylor 

4. EVOLVE Champ AR Fox def. Shane Strickland, Mr. Touchdown & Fire Ant to retain the title.

5. Ricochet def. Rich Swann

6. Anthony Nese def. Jimmy Susumu

7. Masaaki Mochicuki def. DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate Champ Johnny Gargano in a Non-Title Match.

8. The Bravados def. DGUSA Open the United Gate Champs The Young Bucks to win the titles. 

Source: PWPonderings.com