Miscellaneous & indy videos for 1/6/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


Extreme Rising Pre-Show Announcement About Former ECW Arena & TV Show http://youtu.be/i7fy1PvQEo4 

DDP’s Tribute to Scott Epstein http://youtu.be/7rE_WWU-nCM

Extreme Rising’s Ten-Bell Salute to Scott Epstein http://youtu.be/TqVKffhklb4 

Top 60 Moves of Manami Toyota http://youtu.be/s3tPIUEQCEA

Ricky Morton Wins the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title http://youtu.be/sOlMLwavyuk 

Official NWA Video: Ricky Morton Wins the World Junior Heavyweight Title http://youtu.be/9ZNto9qVf0E 

West Virginia Championship Wrestling “Spotlight” (Episode 86) http://youtu.be/RWPxbv0sbEg 

Wrestlecade Fan Fest 2014 Promo http://youtu.be/xb6cKp7LUf8 

Schamberger Labs (Episode 28) http://youtu.be/zMiocIgHUYM 


Ohio Valley Wrestling TV (Episode 750) http://blip.tv/ovw/750-onine-w-gilbert-audio-blip-tv-6714942 

12/25/13 Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling “Powerslam” TV http://youtu.be/Z3k8I_XCiDE 

New England Championship Wrestling TV (Episode 40) http://youtu.be/DZ_Mq3mgYos 

12/29/13 Southern States Wrestling TV http://youtu.be/MrQqyiCMf0o

Anarchy Wrestling TV (Episode 414) http://youtu.be/i8w5PonImnU 

AIWF Mid-Atlantic TV (Episode 155) http://youtu.be/FsWB-w-Qgzs 

1/5/14 Southern States Wrestling TV http://youtu.be/rz4F251jXdU