Miscellaneous & indy videos for 1/28/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


Ringside Collectibles’ “Ringside or Riot” (Season 3, Episode 17) http://youtu.be/8r46fhvPhKs 

1/24/14 West Virginia Championship Wrestling “Daily Blast” http://youtu.be/upjnWwi7QOU 

1/25/14 West Virginia Championship Wrestling “Daily Blast” http://youtu.be/IIr3qj_dIY0 

West Virginia Championship Wrestling “Spotlight” (Episode 89) http://youtu.be/IpacZ-MFTjs 

Kevin Nash Exposes the Secrets of Wrestling Psychology-Tag Teams http://youtu.be/9mOONuH8uGc 

1/25/14 PWR Pro Wrestling Talk http://youtu.be/Dywvq3Bkfu8

Top 25 Moves of Ayumi Kurihara http://youtu.be/b2Qi7Xo-v5o 

Top 40 Moves of Ricky Reyes http://youtu.be/y9OgZfe_YtQ 

Pro Wrestling 101-Calling the Match http://youtu.be/fg9SMHHuLf0 

Schamberger Labs (Episode 31) http://youtu.be/tvloR_bc5D8 

The Candice & Joey Show (Episode 18) http://youtu.be/eKAEzqjlV6s 

POWW “Inside the Ropes 2014” (Episode 2) http://youtu.be/UuFh04zWDVc 

Independent Women (Episode 10) http://youtu.be/LcMpeybX-jQ 

1/28/14 West Virginia Championship Wrestling “Daily Blast” http://youtu.be/2_w1J8BLWOU 

“Worst Promo Ever” (Episode 50) http://youtu.be/BbOAE8qOnbw 


New England Championship Wrestling TV (Episode 43) http://youtu.be/mjXgZ6bTDrs 

Culture Shock Wrestling “Viral!” TV (Episode 38) http://youtu.be/9w_jzOJqRhA 

1/26/14 NWA Championship International Wrestling TV http://youtu.be/_c4JVxzNCiI 

Anarchy Wrestling TV (Episode 417) http://youtu.be/VUB1DG7GZCg 

1/26/14 Rockstar Pro Wrestling TV http://youtu.be/uo3uNzshx5I 

WILDKAT: The Web Series (Episode 7) http://youtu.be/N1ssmVraOMM 

1/26/14 NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling TV http://youtu.be/vNgYLTvzypg 

Vanguard Championship Wrestling “Hype Machine” TV (Episode 35) http://youtu.be/KbsrkTHdNjk 

Traditional Championship Wrestling TV (Episode 14-04) http://youtu.be/9yUQmBtEOGc