Thomas Rude sent this in.


Atwater-Fighting Spirit Pro at The Atwater Community Center: Daniel Torch pinned Marcus Lewis…Savanah Riley pinned Reby Sky…The Channel Surfers defeated Christian Saint & Dejon Brown, The River City Renegades and Damien Grundy & Sione Finau to become the first FSP Tag Team Champions…Drake Younger pinned Joey Ryan…Bobby Hart pinned Will Rood…Tony Vargas pinned Shawn Gunn to become the new FSP High Stakes Champion…Candice LeRae pinned Nicole Savoy…Brian Cage pinned Matt Hardy. (1/17/14)

Pacifica-Gold Rush Pro Wrestling at the Ingrid B. Lacy Gym: APW Universal Heavyweight Champion Adam Thornstowe pinned Vinnie Massaro…Shamrock the Leprechaun pinned Rik Luxury…Mr. Prime Time pinned Boyce LeGrande…The Suburban Commandos defeated P-Daddy & D-Torch, The Resident Cowboys (Dalton Frost & Pistolero) and The Creepshow Carnival (Jeckles & Syn)…Will Rood defeated Virgil Flynn, Matt Carlos, Vinnie Massaro, Adam Thronstowe & Dave Dutra in a 6-Pack Elimination Double Ring Dynamite Division Title Match…Dylan Drake vs. JR Kratos went to a No-Contest…Dylan Drake & JR Kratos defeated The Suburban Commandos…Shamrock the Leprechaun defeated 59 other wrestlers to win the 2014 Band Slam Cup. (1/18/14)


Newark-RightCoastPro at the RCP Arena: Bazooka Joe pinned King Mega to become the new RightCoastPro Heavyweight Champion…Billy Bax pinned Matt Striker…Mike Reed pinned Chris Steeler…Harry M. Baldwin pinned Sean Royal…Fallah, Courageous Cruz & Erik Chapel defeated Michael Blake, Damian Gibbs & Anthony Bowens…Colton Quests pinned Nich Sohlo…Pedro Duro pinned Mozart Fontaine. (1/18/14)


Orlando-I Believe in Wrestling at the Team Vision Dojo: Tristan Keali’i pinned Antonio Gonzanlez…Josh Hess pinned Mike Young, Chasyn Rance pinned Kafka…Rhett Giddins defeated Carina Berg & Christine Meltzer in a Handicap Match…Rhett Giddins pinned Joey Mayberry…Lince Dorado pinned Aaron Solo. (1/17/14)


Ogilville-Pro Wrestling Elite at the Southwest Fire Department Community Center: El Rojo Dragon pinned Kevin Kronyk…Marcus Edwards pinned Johnny Rotten Sixx…Kyle Maverick pinned Joe Pittman…Justa Mazing & KO Kendra defeated Ace Perry & Gabriel Grey…Markus Crane pinned Dale Patricks.. Josh Crane pinned Adam Bueller. (1/17/21)


Berwyn-Anarchy Pro Wrestling at the Berwyn Eagles Club: Sunny Ago pinned Kevin Kross…Zekks pinned Joey Brittian…Shnog & Harley defeated Damien Tyler & The Masked Stretcher…Mike Anthony defeated The Beast by Submission in a Steelman Challenge…Dave Allen pinned Willie Richardson…Shane Eaton pinned Kevin Gutierrez…Superbad & The Sexican defeated Natural Fury by DQ…Jeff Troy vs. BPB went to a No-Contest…Max Holiday vs. Rion Skillz went to a Double Countout. (1/25/14)


Bel Air-Absolute Wrestling League at the Bel Air Armory: The Warpigs defeated Black Wallstreet…Kylie Pierce pinned Brittany Force…Greg Excellent defeated Kindred by Count Out…Alexander James pinned David Starr…Fed Up & Justin Schlegel vs. Mustafa Aziz & Desert Storm went to a Double DQ…Drolix pinned Tony Nese…Nui Tofiga pinned Apollyon. (1/25/14)


Escanaba-UPW at the Delft Theater: Randi West pinned Rex Ritchie…Brad Sharpe pinned Rampage Hughes…Bryan Castle & Joseph Schwartz co-won a Battle Royal…Joseph Schwartz defeated Melvin Hayes & Bryan Castle in a Three-Match to become the Alternate Champion…*GAUNLET MATCH* Brett Powers & Jonathan Smash defeated Peter Schwanz & Jordy Lee, Brock Hall & Devin Nash defeated Brett Powers & Jonathan Smash, Inkjet Xpress defeated Brock Hall & Devin Nash, Slick Rick & Judge Jesse defeated Inkjet Xpress, The Ninja Warriors (Jordy Lee & Peter Schwanz) defeated Slick Rick & Judge Jesse to become the new UPW Tag Team Champions…Seth Gambino pinned Dysfunction…Krimson pinned TW3…Sabu pinned Rhino. (1/25/14)


Jasper-AIWF Young Blood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: Matt Bradley pinned Thomas Cage…Acid pinned Joshua Crowe…Jay Anthony vs. The Executioner went to a Time-Limit Draw…Young & Reckless (Brandon Young & Freddie Reckless) and Fugitives of Sin (Cra-Z-C & Jason Williams) defeated Masters of Mayhem (Mikey G, Robbie Evans & Superbeast) and Adam Powers…Maniac pinned W. (1/18/14)


Jasper-AIWF Young Blood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: Mikey G defeated Joshua Crowe & Brock Garvin in a Triple Threat Match…Adam Powers & Acid defeated Fugitives of Sin (Cra-Z-C & Jason Williams)…Justin Blaze defeated Opie-2-Dope, Thomas Cage & Matt Bradley in a Fatal Four-Way to become the new YBW U.S. Champion…Young & Reckless defeated Masters of Mayhem (Robbie Evans & SuperBeast) in a Best Two-out-of-Three Match…Eric Micheals defeated Smoke in a Hybrid Rules Match…The Executioner defeated Maniac & Jay Anthony in a Triple Threat Match to become the new YBW Heavyweight Champion. (1/25/14)

Thomas J. Rude

Lewisburg-All-Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Cody Morton pinned Sexy C…Mikey Dunn pinned Steve Morton…Shane Morton pinned The Ringmaster…Mike Jablonski pinned Ryan Anderson…The Untouchables (Drew Haskins & Jeremiah Plunkett) vs. The Great Mephisto & Forsaken to a No-Contest…JP Jones & Mikey Dunn defeated Larry Cooter & Brittany Love. (1/25/14)


Salt Lake City-Ultra Championship Wrestling at the UCW Arena: Jace Battle & GT Buson Battle defeated Jayson Bravo & Muse…Zack James defeated Bronson by Submission…Jason Jaxson pinned Dallas Murdock…The Durango Kid pinned Lacey Ryan to become the new UCW Zero Ultra X Champion…Sierra Rose defeated Tommy Purr & Morgan in a Triple Threat Match to become the new UCW Zero Women’s Champion…The 801 District (Los Mochi Paco & Junior X) defeated The Foundation (Martin Casaus & Derrek Jannetty) in a Street Fight Ladder Match. (1/25/14)


Gloucester-Fusion Wrestling at the Gloucester Moose Lodge: Nick Westgate pinned Jael Rose…Moose defeated Jefferson Early by Countout…Rocco Abruzzi pinned Krotch…Brandon Day & Ryan Zane Vs. Outlaw Ink to a Double DQ…The Mempho Mofo defeated Bob Evans in a Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match…The Old School Empire defeated Sabbath & Kongo by DQ. (1/18/14)


Pulsbo-Suquamish Championship Wrestling at the SCW Arena: Bonecrusher & Emperor Void defeated The Half Time Hustlas…Randy Taylor defeated Victor I Price Open by DQ…HPG Breakers (Von Hess & Hoss Tull) defeated Dominance (King Dale Houston & Steve Rush)…Patrick Large defeated CJ Endwards, Demarcus James & El Sonico in a Four-Way Match…DDD, Tyan Roode & Will Evans defeated AƩƩ (Donavan Edzel III, Wonderful Zach Winters & Ogre) in a 6-Man Tag Team Match…Mary Jane Payne defeated Annie Richards by DQ in a Ladies Boxing Match…Dave Turner and Randy Zellers were the last two remaining in a Battle Royal…Dave Turner pinned Randy Zeller to become the new SCW Champion…Dave Hollenbeck defeated Davey Heartbreak in a Lumberjack Submission…Kellen Taeth pinned Mendoza. (1/25/14)


Kimberly-Triple Threat Wrestling at Tanner’s Bar & Grill: Jordy Lee pinned Ryan Summers to advance to the Triple Threat Match for the 3TW Championship…Nick Colucci pinned Bronson Bay to advance to the Triple Treat Match for the 3TW Championship…Ian Gauger pinned Peter Schwanz to advance to the Triple Threat Match for the 3TW Championship…Ink Jet Xpress (Prieb & Joey Avalon) defeated Justin Dredd & Brock Burke…Sabu pinned Rhino…Nick Colucci defeated Jordy Lee & Ian Gauger in a Triple Threat Match to become the new 3TW Champion. (1/24/14)


Vernon, BC-Thrash Wrestling at the Schubert Centre: Adam Ryder pinned KC Andrews…Michael More pinned Plain Shane…Kyle Sebastian pinned Matt Hart…Unholy Minion defeated Slave by DQ…Collin Cutler pinned Black Dragon to become the new Thrash Wrestling Champion. (1/24/14)

Thomas J. Rude

Winnipeg, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at Rookie’s Sports Bar: Moses Luke pinned La Sombra…Kevin Cannon & Rob Stardom defeated Dick Blood & Bobby Collins…Brian Rich pinned CANNIBAL…Kory Kinkade vs. Adam Race went to a No-Contest…Robby Royce defeated Mike Mission in a No-DQ Match…Danny Duggan defeated Stefan Epic by DQ…The Big Sexy Beasts, AJ Sanchez & Kevy Chevy defeated M.A.N., Blake Broadway & Mr. Inkredible. (1/17/14)

Scarsbarough, ON-Squra Circle at the Variety Village: Trent Decker pinned KOBE Durst…J Jet Jr. & Alexia Gomez defeated Grimbo & Jasmin Areebi in an Inter-Gender Tag Team Match…Bradford Montegue pinned Preston Myles…El Hijo del Bigote defeated Jeff Vertigo & Gabriel Forsa in a Three-Way…Joshua James pinned Rage…The BEARicade pinned Eddie Sapalucci…Bill Black pinned Channing Decker. (1/25/2014)