2/1 National Pro Wrestling Day Results: Easton, PA

1. Colt Cabana def. Drew Gulak in a 2/3 Falls Match.

2. The Baltic Siege def. The Bloc Party

3. Hallowicked def. Mike Bennett

4. Dasher Hatfield def. Eddie Kingston

5. Eric Corvis def. Sonjay Dutt

6. Shernon def. Juan Francisco de Coronado

7. Heidi Lovelace & Joe Pittman went to a No Contest when the GEKIDO, Sinn Bodhi, Dr. Cube & his minions, Sidney Balkabella & his Wrecking Crew, The Colony: Xtreme Force hit the ring and attacked both of them. The Submission Squad come out to defend CHIKARA, but are beaten down. Icarus, assailANT, Dasher Hatfield, Mr. Touchdown & The Colony come out to defend CHIKARA. Jimmy Jacobs is revealed as the leader of the heel faction. Dr. Cube’s Minions are revealed to be the Batiri, Los Ice Creams, Ultramantis Black and they attack the heel faction, along with the faction out to defend CHIKARA. Both sides brawl all over the building, then a Delorian car shows up with Archibald Peck & 3.0, returning from Parts Unknown. The heel faction flees and the faction to defend CHIKARA all hug one another in celebration. Icarus holds up a sign that says “5.25.14” and says that CHIKARA is coming back on that date. 

8. Icarus, The Colony & The Osirian Portal def. Los Ice Creams & The Batiri