Miscellaneous & indy videos for 2/18/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


2/15/14 West Virginia Championship Wrestling “Daily Blast” http://youtu.be/ufwT_molQks 

2/15/14 POWW Webcast http://youtu.be/ZUweg0rGYLo 

Top 25 Moves of Kazuchika Okada http://youtu.be/fKaY9R6VzHM 

2/15/14 PWR Primetime Wrestling Talk http://youtu.be/DCIIGIKdh9I 

West Virginia Championship Wrestling “Spotlight” (Episode 92) http://youtu.be/h-3RI9sMw68 

“Worst Promo Ever” (Episode 52) http://youtu.be/LhHSbExKkZ0 

Schamberger Labs (Episode 34) http://youtu.be/gBSfA75yDEM 

Sinn Bodhi (Kizarny) Wrestling Shoot Training Seminar http://youtu.be/NcNqGrfQy58 

2/17/14 Kevin Steen’s Weekend Escapades http://youtu.be/r_KsD6PaGCE 

POWW “Inside the Ropes” (Episode 3) http://youtu.be/_dOL2106rMs 


Future Stars of Wrestling “Lowdown” (Episode 1) http://youtu.be/tVrRXkFE0yg 

2/14/14 Canadian Wrestling’s Elite TV http://youtu.be/2Qxtqsq314c 

International Wrestling Cartel “Aftershock” (Episode 32) http://youtu.be/nEa4EpWc9wE 

Anarchy Wrestling (Episode 420) http://youtu.be/r88jcBXfnc0 

AIWF Mid-Atlantic TV (Episode 161) http://youtu.be/XJZpmkGVnyU 

2/16/14 NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling TV http://youtu.be/2QBCGBUqnss 

2/16/14 Southern States Wrestling TV http://youtu.be/SWQ-NuE5evE 

Traditional Championship Wrestling TV (Episode 14-07) http://youtu.be/9mhDRJGwetM