2/23 Dragon Gate USA Results: Brooklyn, New York

1. Caleb Konley def. Tim Donst

2. Blake Edward def. Jay Freddie

3. Yosuke Santa Maria def. Ethan Page

4. Jigsaw def. Fire Ant

5. Trent Baretta & Anthony Nese w/Su Yung def. Rich Swann & Shane Strickland w/Ivelisse

6. Moose def. Earl Cooter & Xavier Fagte

7. DGUSA Tag Champs The Bravados def. The Gentleman’s Club to retain the titles.

8. Chris Hero def. EVOLVE Champion AR Fox to win the title.

* Trent Baretta cmae out afterward to challenge Hero for the 4/3 EVOLVE show in New Orleans. Baretta, Anthony Nese & Mr. A attacked Hero & Fox until Caleb Konley ran in, but then also attacked Hero & Fox, joining the Premier Athlete Brand.

9. DGUSA Champion Johnny Gargano def. Roderick Strong to retain the title.

Source: PWPonderings.com