Thomas Rude sent this in.


Chicago-Chicago Style Wrestling at the Edison Park Inn: Brad Kevins defeated Eric Del Ray by Submission…Willie Richardson pinned Ricky the Janitor…The Asylum (Diego Corleone & The Lunatic) defeated The Second City Wonders (Colin Smith & Chris Miller)…The Angel pinned December…Joey Rose pinned Colin Cambridge…Jason Dukes defeated TJ Steel in a No-DQ Match….Elite Paine (Hunter Paine & Marco Anthony) defeated Sean Mulligan & Carlos Rivera…Acid Jaz pinned Mike Matthews…Marshe Rockett pinned Steve Boz. (3/8/14)

Villa Park-ELLMEX/GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: Alas De Fuego, Destructor Jr. & Golden Star defeated La Corporacion (Chupitos, Venom & Destructor Alfa) in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match…El Revelion Chicana (Traidor, Dark Scorpion & Destructor Sr.) defeated Cruz De Angel, Rey Makawi & Atomico in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match…El Syndicato (Bryce Benjamin, Marcus & mason Conrad) defeated Acid Jaz GPA & Joey Marx in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match…Halcon Oriental & El Legendario Discovery defeated La corporacion (Emperado Azteca & Funebre) in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match…Team ELLMEX (Guerrerito Del Futuro, Slayer & Imperial Azteca) defeated Team GALLI (Golden Dragon, El rebelled Noriega & Pentagono) in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match. (3/9/14)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: Acid Jaz pinned Barry Ryte…El Kuni Silencio pinned Jake Parnell…GPA & Joey Marx defeated La Maldicion (Ovirload & Mojo McQueen) and Marcus & Mason Conrad in a Triple Threat Match to become the new GALLI World Tag Team Champions…Mike Anthony defeated Dante DVS in a No-DQ Match…Furia Roja & Golden Dragon defeated 2 Hot 4 U (Chico Suave & Valentino)…El Rebelde Noriega defeated Ricky Cruz in a Career vs. Hair Match…Dark Scorpion & El Funebre were the final survivors of the 10-Man GALLI Classic Championship Gauntlet Battle Royal…Dark Scorpion pinned El Funebre to become the new GALLI Classic Champion…Bryce Benjamin pinned Discovery. (3/16/14)


Clinton Township-XICW at the Imperial House: Kid Hybrid pinned Zack Gowen…Rhino & Willie Watts defeated Mark Gjoka & Joe Coleman…Scarlett Bordeaux pinned Taeler Hendrix…Jaimy CoxXx defeated Dickie Bronson, Chazz Montana & Caleb Stills…DBA pinned Movado…Mad Dragon pinned TD Thomas…The Scarbonis defeated The Painkillers…Alex Shelleypinned Petey Williams…Jimmy Jacobs pinned Sabu. (3/14/14)


Ballston Spa-In Your Face Wrestling at the Ballston Area Community Center: The Northwern Studd defeated Lance Madewell, Ronnie Ribbs & Elite Terrell in a 4-way Collision Match…Prince Ashaul-Naul & Dex Chase defeated Good Lord Willing & Lenn Oddity…Blood Money (Jamar Justice & Gabriel Soul) defeated Team RPG (Ian Daniels & The Rickety Rockets)….Kenny Dykstra defeated Ricky Williams by DQ…Fronz Roddy defeated Chuck Deep in a Flexor on a Pole Match…Northern Fury (Vigo & SGT Fury) defeated The Savage Wolves (CJ Scott & Evan Fellows) to become the new In Your Wrestling Tag Team Champions…Roman Dominguez pinned Liam McFerrin…Team ICON (Tommy Dreamer, Rhino & Bobby Ocean) defeated Team Legendary (Justin Credible, Chip Stetson & Pierre Vachon) in a 6-Man Elimination Match of Survival. (3/15/14)


Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Arena: Matt Brannigan vs. Jeremy Madrox went to a No-Contest…Tom McClane pinned Jim Hutchinson…Ganger pinned G-Force…Benjamin Kimera pinned Alex Colon…Dirty South defeated Brandon James, Mason Price & Great American Beast…Smart Bombs Deluxe (Jon Murray & Bruce Grey) defeated #Spotlight (Kyle Maverick & Austin Bradley)…Andrew Stryker defeated Josh Crane, Ace Perry, Jarrod Harrod & Draven in a 5-Way Scramble…Samatha Heights & Nate Wings defeated Jack Crist & Nevaeh in an Inter-Gender Tag Team Match…Gerome Phillips pinned Ron Mathis…Zakk Spadez & Aaron Williams defeated Dave Crist & Alan Wasalychyn. (3/5/14)

Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Arena: Nate Wings defeated Matt Brannigan, Alex Colon, Great American Beast, Tom McClane & Mason Price in a Six-Man Scramble Match…Zakk Spadez pinned Alan Wasylychyn…Smart Bombs Deluxe (Jony Murray, bruce Grey & Jeremy Madrox) defeated Kyle Maverick, Austin Bradley & G-Force…Black Malitia (Benjamin Kimera & Mike Slade) defeated Soul Shooters (Dru Skills & Apollo Starr) and WAK+ (Brian Jennings & Dr. Bones) in a Triple Threat Tagteam Match…Nevah vs. Heather Owens went to a No-Contest…Gerome Phillips & Chris Hall defeated The Revolution (Jeremiah & Nicholas) by Countout…Dave Crist pinned Jacob Hollows…Dirty South (Lil’ C, Trice & Pompano Joe) defeated Southern Breeze (Matt Dillinger & Brother Clay) & Ganger…Matt Stryker & Andrew Stryker defeated 5 Most Wanted (Cody Hawk & Sean Casey)…Aaron Williams pinned Jake Crist…Ron Mathis defeated Michael in an Ultraviolent Death Match. (3/7/14)

Franklin-1st Class Wrestling at Wrestletown USA: Natasha Rivers pinned The Dixie Highway Gigelo…Eli McFly pinned Johnny Bonsai…Chris McGraw pinned Matt Dreez…Mickey Dahmer pinned JD Hellion…The 30-Minute Ironman Match between Chris Morgan & Blanco Warrior went to a No Contest…TKO defeated Sheik Mohammed…Ryan Freeman pinned Benjamin Boone…Steve Anderson won the Bobby Fulton Invitational Match…Bobby Fulton pinned Assassin #1. (3/8/14)

Harrod-W.A.R. Wrestling at the Allen East Community Center: Jock Samson won the Luck of the Draw Battle Royal to earn a title shot…Matt Taylor pinned Cody Hawk…Remi Wilkins & The Soul Shooters defeated Zakk Spadez, Natas & Caleb Stills…Vernal Lee Samson pinned Sherman Tank…Jeff Halloway pinned Chris Hall…Austin Manix defeated Joe Coleman, Levi Connors, Sless Taylor, Hakim Zane & Jacob Hollows in a 6-Man Scramble Match…Aaron Williams pinned Brian Beech…The Scarbonis defeated Dusty Dillinger in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match…Juice Jennings pinned Austin Mannix…Jock Samson pinned Juice Jennings to become the new WAR Wrestling Champion. (3/8/14)

Jackson-Revolutionary Championship Wrestling at the YMCA: Heather Owens pinned Duke Beefhammer…Jason Legend pinned Corey Mason…The Asylum (Ron Mathis & Matt Conard) defeated the Cosmic Connection…Dirk Extreme pinned a hired masked Mexican luchadore…Jimmy Malloy & Bruce Grey defeated The Black & Blue Crew by Countout…Tyson Rogers pinned DDK. (3/8/14)

Marion-NWA Sports Entertainment Wrestling at he USW Local Hall: John Campbell pinned Jack Price…Owen Travers pinned Rik Caurdiea…Kaela pinned Shayla Hyde…AJ Snow defeated Donnelly, Jason Franchise & Christian in a Fatal Fourway Match…Bryen Douglas & Jessie McCoy defeaed the Bearded Dragons…Malice defeated Twisted in a Last Man Standing Match…Bruiser Schimdt pinned Aftermatch…Renzo Lavell pinned Joe Bruizer to become the new NWA-Sew Heavyweight Champion. (3/8/14)

Marion­­-Classic Championship Wrestling at the Steve Hogg Recreation Center: Lockdown pinned Deamon Kahn…Owen Night pinned DAT Alien…Chris Pain defeated Mr. Tennessee in a Lumberjack Match…The Butcher Beast pinned Uncle Hogg…A Four Way Match between Justin Toxicated, Bill Reaper, Hector Gutierrez & Dynasty went to a No Contest…Mikey the Maniac pinned GDT…Tony Atlas defeated Mr. Hughes by DQ. (3/8/14)

Middleton-Tuff Pro-Wrestling at The Morningstar Arena: The Midwest Kings defeated The King Cliq…Mack Thompson pinned Yaseta Otoho…Outlaw pinned Mark Magnum…AJ Moore defeated Big Dog by Countout…Jonboy pinned Blanco Warrior…James Sheppard defeated Cedric Blackhawk & Nova Kaine in a Triple Threat Match…Gideon Malice pinned James Jordan. (3/4/14)

Middleton-Tuff Pro-Wrestling at the Morningstar Arena: *FIRST ROUND* Rob Hudson pinned Blackhawk…James Jordan pinned Chadwick Miller…Recon Warrior pinned Kato…Bigg Dogg pinned Lil Free…James Shepherd defeated Nova Kaine by DQ…AJ Moore pinned Justin Dream…*SECOND ROUND* James Jordon pinned Rob Hudson…Bigg Dogg pinned Recond Warrior…AJ Moore pinned James Shepard…*SEMI FINAL* Bigg Dogg pinned James Jordan…*FINALS* AJ Moore pinned Bigg Dogg to become the first TPW Southern Heavyweight Champion. (3/8/14)

Middleton-Tuff Pro-Wrestling at the Morningstar Arena: James Sheppard pinned Justin Dream…Blance Warrior pinned JonBoy…Dan Robertson pinned James Jordan…J-Roc pinned Outlaw…Yaseet Otoho & Kato defeated The Midwest Kings (Justin Green & Havok)…*BIGG DOGG GAUNTLET* Big Dogg pinned Superbad…Big Dogg pinned Hillbilly…Big Dogg pinned Matt Lethal…Big Dogg pinned Matt Lethal…Bigg Dogg pinned Johnny Ratchett…Big Dogg defeated Blackhawk by DQ…Big Dogg pinned Fat Man Rob Hudson..Nova Kaine pinned Big Dogg…NWA Eastern States Champion Gideon Malice pinned TPW Southern Champion JA Moore. (3/11/14)

Nelsonville-X-Treme Wrestling Entertainment at The Hocking College Student Center: Corey Mason defeated Jason Legend & Kris Kahoz to become the new XWE Hocking Valley Champion…Bryan Cross defeated six other competitors to become the 8th man in the Brutal Games Match…Prime Cuts defeated Pretty in Pink…Juice Jennings pinned Jimmy Shane…Jock Samson pinned Trace Matthews…Jerry Bishop won the Brutal Games Match. (3/1/14)


North Portland-Blue Collar Wrestling at the North Portland Eagles Lodge: Emperor Void pinned JB Moonshine…Keith Atkins pinned Petrov…The Beat Vicious Meat defeated Psycho Sailor and Corp Punishment…Demarcus James pinned Damon Scythe…Tony Stetson pinned Lonestar to become the new UIWA/BCW Champion. (3/9/14)


Lewisburg-All-Star Wrestling at The House of Pain: The Ringmaster pinned Cody Morton…Yukon Jack pinned Sexy C…Lawrence pinned Jeremiah Plunkett…Mikey Dunn pinned Norman Cross…Shane & Steve Morton defeated Forsaken & Mephisto…Larry Cooter pinned JP Jones…Jeremiah Plunkett won a Battle Royal. (3/1/14)

Lewisburg-All-Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Cody Morton pinned Risque’ Ray…Lawrence pinned Chris Kern…Larry Cooter & Brittany Love defeated Forsaken & Norman Cross…Jeremiah Plunkett defeated The Ringmaster by DQ…Drew Haskins pinned Sexy C…Mikey Dunn pinned Norman Cross. (3/8/14)

Lewisburg-All-Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Shane Morton pinned Cody Morton…Larry Cooter defeated Forsaken by DQ…Brittany Love pinned Cha Z. Pelosi…Mikey Dunn pinned Mark Dunnavant….Ringmaster & Risque’ Ray defeated Lawrence & JP Jones…Jeremiah Plunkett defeated Freakshow by DQ. (3/15/14)


Chilliwack, BC-All-Star Wrestling at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds: Matt X. Static pinned Mantasia…Nick Price won the Invitational Battle Royal to earn a title shot…Breaker Iton Vs. Breaker Joe went to a No-Contest in a Best of Three match…Jason Cage pinned Oly Olsen to become the new ASW Legends Champion…King of the Yukon pinned The Great Kasaki…Gama Singh Jr. pinned Christopher Ryseck…Azeem the Dream pinned Christopher Ryseck…Azeem the Dream pinned Kenny Lush…Kyle Sebastian pinned Nick Price. (2/28/14)

Edmundon, AB-Monster Pro Wrestling at the Alberta Avenue Community Hall: Raunchy Jewels & Meniak defeated Rudy O’Rawe & Canadian Tornado…Scott Justice pinned Sonic Insania…Sexy Sam defeated Kat Von Heez in an Evening Gown Match…Kato vs. Diablo went to a Time-Limit Draw…Krazy Kore & Irishman defeated Bobby Sharp & Chris Perish…Jack Hammer defeated Sin City Stranger in a Bodyslam Match. (3/1/14)