Miscellaneous indy videos for 3/20/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


3/16/14 NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling TV http://youtu.be/YpPkR7kCJ2I 

3/14/14 Canadian Wrestling’s Elite TV http://youtu.be/LXN-fliUb4c 

AIWF Mid-Atlantic TV (Episode 166) http://youtu.be/r8qY2QW3Q5k 

Traditional Championship Wrestling TV (Episode 14-11) http://youtu.be/Nw9dZpYJXdA 

West Virginia Championship Wrestling TV (Episode 168) http://youtu.be/uLlqqSMvsGc 

All-American Wrestling TV (Episode 3) http://youtu.be/JmEjpir0iuI 

3/19/14 Ace Pro Wrestling “Overdrive” http://youtu.be/u_L-uzioMBQ 

3/23/14 Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling “Wrestling Explosion” http://youtu.be/RwEk0CKMRS4 


“Worst Promo Ever” (Episode 55) http://youtu.be/2lCNEvNTxgk 

Schamberger Labs (Episode 38) http://youtu.be/nz-OVChCTPo 

3/18/14 West Virginia Championship Wrestling “Daily Blast” http://youtu.be/sYfsMMFDCfk 

Top 45 Moves of Hiroshi Tanahashi http://youtu.be/NtZLdB40Ejo 

The Iron Sheik-Movie Promo http://youtu.be/bSxnAekMLes 

Astonishing True Stories at “Jax” Bistro w/Jake “The Snake” Roberts http://youtu.be/Lr-5VBH7G-U 

Glacier on “The Apter Chat” http://youtu.be/I9GJ2mofIfE 

Zane & ? #POTW: Meat & Greet Part 2 http://youtu.be/ajn2oWj0tWM 

Top 75 Moves of TJ Perkins http://youtu.be/MKax8Z3U7bY 

“Dad You Don’t Work, You Wrestle” http://youtu.be/16dYzfN2u-w 

2/20/14 West Virginia Championship Wrestling “Daily Blast” http://youtu.be/16dYzfN2u-w