Miscellaneous indy videos for 5/17/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


Indy Mayhem Show (Episode 19) http://youtu.be/CpKHnuHHXqk 

5/14/14 Wrestle Talk TV News http://youtu.be/zO0GhO8q83s 

5/15/14 Wrestle Talk TV News http://youtu.be/6WrOh2lhtBY 

Boarding Pass TV Commercial Featuring Reby Sky http://youtu.be/Av_wo2ftH1I 

Top 35 Moves of Mima Shimoda http://youtu.be/nIreJ6Qrqok 

Dad You Don’t Work You Wrestle (Episode 72) http://youtu.be/rhOOR3TYSAI 

Zane & Caleb #POTW: Rise of SETH http://youtu.be/clfHSm0bnXQ 

5/16/14 Chikara Event Center http://youtu.be/6JGZyKuIvBQ 

5/15/14 Wrestle Talk TV News http://youtu.be/XMiXiixqCSY 


West Virginia Championship Wrestling TV (Episode 176) http://youtu.be/hQ_BzqwI8tA 

Covey Pro Wrestling TV (Episode 153) http://youtu.be/CowloNgzdP8 

All-American Wrestling TV (Episode 11) http://youtu.be/KlMpWXs9_Vk 

5/18/14 Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling “Wrestling Explosion” TV http://youtu.be/Uaos-m3W4qY 

River City Wrestling TV (Episode 2) http://youtu.be/icEngoFfExE 

House of Bricks TV (Episode 1) http://youtu.be/NZtPvQfV_kM 

NWA Championship International Wrestling TV (Episode 33) http://youtu.be/VqwsNQ2QV6Y 

Insane Championship Wrestling “Worldwide Wrestling” TV (Season 2, Episode 15) http://youtu.be/u-3l_17_6x8 

New England Championship Wrestling (Episode 59) http://youtu.be/AWQfz8rqFoU 

5/17/14 NWA Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV http://youtu.be/0beHVRE8maY 

River City Wrestling TV (Episode 3) http://youtu.be/zxocedpw7PI 

Ohio Valley Wrestling TV (Episode 769) http://blip.tv/ovw/ovw-tv-769-blip-tv-6883720