Miscellaneous indy videos for 5/23/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


Dad You Don’t Work You Wrestle (Episode 73) http://youtu.be/CJcNzmQOyX0 

Top 25 Moves of Volador Jr. http://youtu.be/TOKmrWPjEmY 

Top 35 Moves of Owen Hart http://youtu.be/rMpM6Ikm5-s 

5/22/14 Wrestle Talk TV News http://youtu.be/EHiLzbOzrDU 

CHIKARA: Previously…Part 3 http://youtu.be/3B1UDPWEeXU 

5/22/14 Kevin Steen’s Weekend Escapades http://youtu.be/kTrpDInKZ5M 

J.J. Dillon on the Apter Chat http://youtu.be/rppMg0y93lg 

5/22/14 RWA “OMG” Moment of the Week http://youtu.be/RCnn0-a1zQE 

5/23/14 CHIKARA Event Center http://youtu.be/lhOM51YMr6A 


5/25/14 Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling “Wresting Explosion” TV http://youtu.be/Gsxup1mdsGc 

River City Wrestling TV (Episode 7) http://youtu.be/jtldVwzJuU0 

New England Championship Wrestling TV (Episode 60) http://youtu.be/AeDcHldnnGE 

Insane Championship Wrestling “Worldwide Wrestling” (Season 2, Episode 16) http://youtu.be/d5E4fpAzYmQ