Wrestleview.com’s own Josh Boutwell sent this in.

AIWF-SXW June Justice
Daleville, AL
June 14, 2014
Report by: Josh Boutwell of WrestleView.com

SXW’s return to Daleville, AL for “June Justice” was one of the most hyped up and promoted shows I’ve ever seen SXW do. They had ads on the radio and even appeared on the local news to promote the event and that was done because former WWE stars PG-13 and Sir Mo of Men On A Mission were being brought in for the event. In the end PG-13 did not show up, well half of them at laest, and I’m sure most people that are familiar with the team expect me to say that it was JC Ice/Jamie Dundee that did not show up. Well, you would be wrong it was Wolfie D/Slash who didn’t show up, instead replacing him on the card was fellow Memphis mainstay “Dangerous” Doug Gilbert, brother of the legendary Eddie Gilbert.

“Story of the Year” Brian Cage def. Buddha Bushido

I’ve never seen Bushido but Cage I am very familiar with. Most of the fans here were familiar with him as well because of him working for the former IPW in nearby New Brockton, AL. He’s a terrific heel and is a great addition to the SXW roster. Cage ended up getting the win and after the match continued to embarrass Bushido slapping him while he was still down.

Egotastic (Victor Cru & Jimmy Hinder) def. Dark Rage & “Big” Ben Brackin

The flamboyant Egotastic, especially Jimmy Hinder, definitely know how to stir up the crowd and this was extremely entertaining especially the way Rage sold all the insanity from Hinder. Eventually a rollup from Hinder on Rage got him the pin with his foot on the ropes.

Thomas Shock def. “Action” John Allen

I’ve never seen Allen before but I really hope SXW continues to bring him in. He’s extremely charismatic despite the goofy parachute looking thing he was wearing on his back, and is incredibly athletic with a terrific move set. Some of the spots he pulled off were a Standing Sliced Bread, Somersault Cannonball in the corner, a BME (Best Moonsault Ever) among other flashy moves. He also bumped his ass off for Shock as well. Eventually Shock got the win but Allen is the one I came across really impressed with.

“Big” John Harley def. Mike Metal

Harley is just not entertaining at all, I mean it’s almost painful to sit through his matches. He botched the first Chokeslam he attempted in the match and then after hitting a second one he just kind of stood around for several seconds as if he didn’t know what to do. Finally he hit a Leg Drop and thankfully ended the match.

Johnny Blade def. JT Angel

Angel is another IPW regular from the old IPW in New Brockton, though several people in the crowd enjoyed referring to him as “Sean Waltman” and “X-Pac” to his ire. Blade got the win with an F5.

Originally the Semi-Main Event was supposed to be PG-13 vs. Nathan Phoenix & Preston Veston III for the SXW Tag Team Titles, but neither Phoenix nor Wolfie D made it to the show. I actually suspect this was something the promoters knew of well in advance, at least on Wolfie’s part, because of them booking Doug Gilbert ahead of time. The team of Gilbert and Dundee is pretty interesting considering they are both second generation wrestlers from the Memphis area. Gilbert was pretty well known in these parts back in the late 80’s as a part of Continental Wrestling. He also won the ECW Tag Team Titles with his brother back in the day as well. Dundee is more well known these days for his controversial shoot interviews than his days as PG-13 in WWE, WCW, and ECW.

JC Ice (Jamie Dundee) & “Dangerous” Doug Gilbert def. Street Bandit & Preston Veston III

Dundee was…I’m going to be kind and say “hyper” throughout. Despite his non wrestling issues he’s had the guy can damn sure control a crowd, even now. The match was extremely entertaining with all of the goofy things Gilbert and Dundee did including Dundee tricking Preston into punching Bandit at one point, and then Dundee grabbing a microphone and saying that he saw Preston post on Facebook earlier that he was going to punch Bandit tonight. Eventually Bandit attempted to hit Dundee with his handcuffs but Dundee ducked and Bandit nailed Veston. Dundee and Gilbert then stacked the heels up and pinned them. Originally the SXW Commissioner said that Bandit could stand in for Phoenix and defend the titles but there was a lot of confusion at the end. Dundee and Gilbert were awarded the belts but not without protest from Preston. Eventually SXW said that a decision would be made later about the belts which I am going to assume will return to Preston and Phoenix.

AIWF World Title: Justin Overstreet (c) def. Sir Mo (of Men On A Mission)

Over the last few months SXW has brought in outside wrestlers like Atlanta, Georgia’s Raphael King and Florida’s Lucha Locura for some really exciting title defenses. This month they decided to up the ante and bring in a former WWE star, but boy was it horrible. Sir Mo is massive now and just couldn’t do anything. The entire match was spent with Mo punching Overstreet, then stalling, choking Overstreet, then stalling, sitting on Overstreet (literally), then stalling. It was really not good at all. Mo eventually hit the referee by mistake and ate a Spinebuster from Overstreet but there was no referee. When the referee came to Overstreet hit the Spinebuster again for the pin. Then, an even bigger guy limped to the ring and clotheslined Overstreet. I have no idea who he was but he was obviously with Sir Mo, Thomas Shock ran out and ran off the heels.

SXW is really getting better with some of the younger guys they are bringing in like Brian Cage and John Allen tonight and others in the past like Lucha Locura and Raphael King. Please, more Lucha Locura’s and Brian Cage’s and less Sir Mo’s.