Thomas Rude sent this in.


Piedmont-Pro South Wrestling at the Pro South Arena: Dameon Ceretone & Jed Johnson dfeated Chris MCain & James Hardy…Drew Game pinned Eli Daniels…Josh Storm & Chris Ganz defeated Tyler Sutton & JD Rollins…Jimmy Rave pinned Scott Aries…Ace Haven vs. Big Tomb went to a No Contest. (6/6/14)


Orlando-I Believe in Wrestling at the Team Vision Dojo: Tristan Keali’I pinned Wayne VanDyke…Chasyn Rance pinned Tristan Keali’i…Brittany defeated Su Yung & Lizzie Parris in a 3-Way Match…Josh Hess pinned Russell Payne…Tim Zbyszko, Chico Adams, Oso Panda & Sweet Thang Willie defeated Gabriel Black, Joey Mayberry, DJ Chino & Brian Burbank…Aaron Epic & Jesus De Leon defeated Ethan Case & Elijah Evan IV…Rhett Giddins pinned Jason Cade. (5/24/14)

Orlando-I Believe in Wrestling at the Team Vision Dojo: Chico Adams pinned Jason Cade…Russell Payne pinned Joey Mayberry…Brittany pinned Johnny Stooge, Chasyn Rance pinned Tim Zbyszko…Gabriel Black & Lizzie Parris defeated Sweet Thang Willie & Black Archer…Aaron Epic pinned Oso Panda…Tim Zbyszko pinned Johnny Stooge…Rhett Giddins defeated Josh Hess by DQ. (6/14/14)


Terre Haute-New Wave Pro at the New Wave Pro Arena: Joey Owens pinned Patrick Krauser…Mark Vandy pinned Blake Reed…Jason Levi pinned Bolt Brady & Jordynne Grace…Johnathan Owens pinned Vinny Balzano…Justin Myers & TJ Fantastic defeated Evil Intentions (Rage & Darkside) to become the new Tag Team Champions…Kenny Taylor pinned Tolerant Xero…Richard Kent pinned Jay Tank Oleander. (6/14/14)


Chicago-Chicago Style Wrestlign at the Edison Park Inn: Clancy O’Connor defeated Arc Angel & Jeff Troy in a Triple-Threat Match…Tri-State Air Strike (Colin Smith & Chris Miller) defated Elite Paine (Marco Anthony & Hunter Paine) to become the new CSW “Toy Replica” Tag Team Champions…Brad Kevins & Roy Flash Daniels defeated Frostbite & Carlos Rivera…Willie Richardson defeated Colin Cambridge by Countout…Elite Paine (Marco Anthony & Hunter Paine) defeated The Asylum (The Lunatic & Erik Edwards)…Acid Jaz pinned Jester Yorick…Nick Cutler pinned Mr. 450…Jason Duke defeated Marshe Rockett in a No-DQ Match to become the new CSW Heavyweight Champion. (6/14/14)


Nutley-IWF Wrestling at the IWF Centre: Shawn Donavan vs. Shane O’ Brien went to a 15-Minute Time-Limit Draw…Karson Slade pinned Michael T. Blake…Biggie Biggs defeated Corey Havoc by DQ…Frank Scoleri pinned Mike Cammett…Roman Zachary pinned Moise Espinal. (6/13/14)


Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Pro Arena: Kyle Kraven defeated the Great American Beast by Count-Out…Lufisto vs. Duke Beefhammer went to a No Contest…The Squad (Tom Mcclane & Ganger) defeated The Fight (Draven & Jerrod Harris)…Ace Perry pinned Benjamin Kimera….Jeremiah defeated Pompano Joe & Zakk Spadez in a Triple Threat Match…Dangerzone (Kyle Maverick & Austin Bradley) defeated Jon Murray & Tracy Smothers…OI4K (Jake crist, Davve Crist & Ron Mathis) & Alex Colon defeated Aaron Williams, Matt Taylor, Jim Hutchinson & Jerrod Harris in an Eight-Man Tag Match. (6/11/14)

Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Arena: Duke Beefhammer & Jeremiah defeated Pompano Joe & Great American Beast…Donnie Hollows pinned Hakim Zane…Michael defeated Lufisto by DQ…The Fight (Draven & Jerrod Harris) defeated Smart Bombs Deluxe (Jon Murry & Bruce Grey)…Alex Colon defeated Jake Omen, Kyle Kraven & Zac Vincent in a Fatal Four-Way Match…Dave Crist defeated Matt Taylor by DQ…Ron Mathis defeated Jim Hutchinson in a Last Man Standing Match…Dangerzone (Kyle Maverick & Austin Bradley defeated The Squad (Tom McCLane & Ganger)…Ace Perry pinned Benjamin Kimera…Aaron Williams defeated Jake Crist, Gerome Phillips & Zakk Spadez in a Four-Way Ladder Match. (6/13/14)

Franklin-Starr Wrestling Association at the Miami Valley Sports Center: Johnny H. pinned Chief Dante…Aaon Gunn & Havok defeated Inferno & Matt Lethal…Domnick McCool pinned Frankie Gambino…Phoenix Wrestler pinned Mike Brody…Dan Hanson & Sgt. Mack Thompson defeated Toxic & Kai…Hijack pinned Steve Anderson…Jonboy defeated Blanco Warrior in a Falls Count Anywhere Match becoming the new SWA Wildcard Champion. (6/8/14)

Marion-NWA Sports Entertainment Wrestling at the USW Local Hall: Malice pinned AJ Snow to become the new Citywide Champion…Cody Reaper pinned War Machine Williams…Bruiser Schmidt pinned Ethan Wright…Bryen Douglas pinned Joe Bruizer…The Bearded Dragons defeated Brothers X…Joshua Singh & Alex Daniels defeated Owen Travers & Ryan Burke…Seath Allen pinned Alex Matthews…Kaela defeated Hailey Rose, Shayla Hyde & Samantha Heights to become the new Woman’s Champion…Jason Franchise won a Five-Man Battle Royal…Renzo Lavell defeated Kano Josh Emanuel by DQ. (6/7/14)

Nelsonville-Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment at the Hocking College Student Center: Duke Beefhammer pinned Levi Connors to become the sole Champion of the XWE Tag Team Titles…Devlin Anderson pinned Nate Rose…Jock Samson defeated Flex Taylor & Mack Diesel in a Handicap Match…Otto Von Boogiemeister defeated Dane Stratmore in a Last Man Standing Match…Corey Mason defeated Kahoz & Flash Fury…Matt Taylor defeated Brandon Fields in the firest over Fields Rules Match…Jimmy Malloy defeated Dirk Extreme, Jerry Bishop & Tommy Chill in a Fatal Four-Way Match. (6/7/14)

Springfield-Dynamic Championship Wrestling at the VFW: Big Rig pinned Alex Stone…Evan Steel pinned Big Jim Hutchinson…Tommy Blaze pinned Andrew Stryker…Vandal pinned Shawn Draven…Bruce Grey pinned Mac McPhat…Brandon James pinned Chris Pain…The Over the Top Rope Battle Royal went to a No-Contest. (6/7/14)

Williamsburg-World’s Best Wrestling at the Moler Raceway Park: Morimoto defeated Louie Perez by Submission…Lil C pinned Eclipso…Eclipso & Louie Perez defeated Morimoto, Dirty South & the Mastermind. (6/7/14)


Portland-Blue Collar Wrestling at the Eagles Lodge: The Suicide Pac defeated Demarcus & Kane James…Lonestar defeated Ares Toretto, Buddy Highway, Tony Stetson & Erik Hanson in a Five-Way Dance to become the BCW Heavyweight Champion…J-Dogg defeated Diafullah Dobashi…Petrov pinned Keight Atkins to become the new UIWA Northwest Champion…Chief Attakullakulla defeated Tex Thompson by a Reverse Decision to become the new IGWA Universe Champion. (6/6/14)

Portland-Blue Collar Wrestling at the Portland Eagles Lodge: Buddy Highway vs. Emperor Void went to a No-Contest…Pantera Blanca Jr. defeated Petrov by DQ…Suicide Pact defeated Kane & Demarcus James…Ares Torretto defeated Tony Stetson & Lonestar in a Triple Threat Match to become the new BCW Champion…Damon Scythe pinned Rodeo. (6/15/14)


Philadelphia-Wrestling With Disaster’s “The Final Cut” at the 2300 Arena: Nick Dimitratos pinned Eddie Van Hazard…Danny Doring pinned Bil Wiles….Jimmy Jact Cash defeated Kriptic Keegan & Luis Martinez in a 3-Way Match…Blue Meanie, Little Guido & Al Snow defeated Mike Spanos, Marc Cruz & Greywolf…Joe Gibson pinned Dr. Porter…Tyler Fullington defeated Shaheem Ali by DQ…Lance Anoa’I pinned Cory Castle…Pitbull Gary Wolf vs. Shane Douglas in a Dog Collar Match went to a No-Contest…The Samoans & Cliff Compton defeated The Power of Pain and Angel Medina…2 Cold Scorpio defeated Afa Jr. & Sabu in a 3-Way Match. (6/14/14)


Lewisburg-All-Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Jeremy Flynt pinned Mark Dunnavant…Tyler Bivins pinned Lex Victory…Jeremiah Plunkett pinned Chris Kern…Ringmaster pinned Mikey Dunn…Larry Cooter & Shaun Fatal defeated Lawrence & JB Jones to become the new ASW Tag Team Champions. (6/14/14)

Red Bank-TWE from the TWE Arena: Corey Dye pinned Toy Dodson to become the new Pure Division Champion…Billy Jester pinned Brad Cash…Widowmaker, Crazy & Calypso defeated Mickey Dreggs, Oreo & Skull…Crystal Fire won a Six-Pack Challenge…Chip Hazard pinned Drew Game…Jaden Newman & Jayke Murphy defeated J.D. Rollins & Tyler Sutton by DQ. (5/31/14)