WWNLive Alerts – July 9th, 2014 Edition

There’s a lot going on in the WWNLive Family. This is going to be a long release to get you up to speed with everything including a Matt Sydal live iPPV shoot interview, FIP this weekend with an awesome main event, EVOLVE’s return to Florida and a new promotion to iPPV. Let’s get to it….

July 9th: It’s been a few months since we’ve seen anything from EVOLVE/DGUSA. EVOLVE will return to action in Florida on August 8th in Ybor City, August 9th in Orlando and August 10th in Jacksonville. Go to www.DGUSA.tv for tickets, card and building info for all three events. Right now, we are waiting on an injury report from AR Fox to finalize the cards. When we receive word from him, we will announce the complete lineups for all three events. However, we do have some news for you….

July 9th: We are going to use the break to start a new chapter for EVOLVE in Florida. Chapter 2 will see a reboot of the DVD series. We are going to put EVOLVE 31, EVOLVE 32 and EVOLVE 33 into immediate DVD production. These events will be designed to be a great point to jump in and follow the EVOLVE/DGUSA series on DVD. We will then work backwards and get the older DGUSA/EVOLVE shows out on DVD. We want to remind you that every DGUSA/EVOLVE event in history is available at www.WWNLive.com to watch anytime. When you buy one of these iPPVs, you own it for unlimited access.

July 9th: EVOLVE: Chapter 2 will see the return of Records, but with a new, simpler twist. Records will be tracked on each weekend. At the end of the weekend, the Records will be used to determine a top ten rankings. At this point, all Records will reset to zero and everything is about the rankings. These rankings will determine the matches on the following EVOLVE weekend. We realize with double and tripleshots that we will have multiple wrestlers with the same Record after the weekend. In this case, we will use tie breakers including fan response, past results, quality of opposition and who had the most dominant victories. Much more on this will become clear during EVOLVE 31, EVOLVE 32 and EVOLVE 33 in Florida.

July 9th: There’s breaking news for Orlando! August 9th will now see a double header as EVOLVE and Full Impact Pro team up for a pair of events. The best part is you get both shows for one ticket price! FIP will start at 6pm and EVOLVE will be at 9pm.

July 9th: FIP returns to live iPPV this Friday from Ybor City, FL with an epic FIP World Heavyweight Title Match. Pre-order now at WWNLive.com for as low as $4.99 (act by Thursday at midnight EST.). Go to www.FullImpactPro.com for ticket info. Check out this lineup:

-FIP World Heavyweight Championship – Three Way Match: Trent Barreta defends vs. Roderick Strong vs. Rich Swann
-Unsanctioned Street Fight: Dos Ben Dejos of Cruz & Rios vs. Savages of Eddie Graves & Teddy Stigma w/Trina Michaels
-SHINE Championship Match: Ivelisse defends vs. Shanna
-FIP Florida Heritage Championship Match: Chasyn Rance w/MSL defends vs. Lince Dorado
-Jesus DeLeon vs. Bolt Brady
-Blake Edward Belakus vs. Jonny Vandal w/Trina Michaels
-The Submission Squad of Pierre Abernathy, Evan Gelistico & Gary Jay vs. Aaron Epic, Jason Cade & Davey Vega
-Plus More Featuring M & M of Maxwell Chicago & Moose, The Trailer Park Nation of Earl Cooter, Jack Jameson & Joey Mayberry, Josh Hess w/MSL and others!

July 9th: We want to welcome League of Extraordinary Wrestlers to WWNLive.com. LXW will present Invasion of the Übermenschen on live iPPV on July 26th. The League of Extraordinary Wrestlers is a very unique live action wrestling promotion. It blends characters, monsters, comedy, Lucha libre, southern style old school and extreme death matches. The LXW has been taken over by the Übermenschen, led by the evil Dr. Professor Heinrich Von Lutcher. The Dr’s main objective is to perform experiments to create super villains and monsters that will help him take over the world, and usher in his Uber Reich, which will enslave the whole planet. Only the heroes of LXW can restore order, and defeat the Dr., and the Übermenschen. Click here for card info and to pre-order the live iPPV. Get ready for the Six Man Tag Team No Rope Barbed Wire, Light Tube Bundles of Joy Death Match in the main event!

July 9th: “High fliers don’t need bridges,” Matt Sydal said. “On Thursday, August 7th, I’m bringing gasoline and dynamite. Bring the lighter and we’ll burn every one of ’em to the ground.”

What is the former Evan Bourne talking about? Check out this press release:


Kayfabe Commentaries and World Wrestling Network are proud to announce that a live iPPV version of the popular, uncensored shoot interview series “YouShoot” will debut on Thursday night August 7th, starring Matt Sydal, the former Evan Bourne on WWE TV. The event will air at WWNLive.com at 8pm EST on 8/7. It is available to pre-order now at a discount.

Kayfabe Commentaries President Sean Oliver stated that, historically, several of WWE’s released workers fear that particular series. “Many of the contemporary talent fear burning bridges,” Oliver began, “mainly one very big bridge, that runs up I-95 into Connecticut.”

Sydal brings an impressive resume to Youshoot. In addition to being a popular star in WWE, Sydal traveled the independent wrestling world working with some of today’s biggest names, including a memorable stint in Ring Of Honor. He also became a star and fixture in Japan for Dragon Gate.

The “YouShoot” series, produced by Kayfabe Commentaries, allows the entire interview to be conducted by fans via video submission and email submission of the questions. Now with the addition of the live iPPV element, fans will now be able to Skype in and also Tweet questions during the live broadcast. “Allowing fans to interact directly with Matt during the broadcast will add yet another dimension to the ‘YouShoot’ format,” Oliver said.

Fans can still submit videos and email questions as with any “YouShoot.” The iPPV is available to order now and fans can also now submit questions at www.KayfabeCommentaries.com.

July 9th: You are probably wondering about DGUSA right now. Well, we don’t have anything to report. We are still working on things. Right now, we will turn our attention to the EVOLVE events in Florida. We’ll be back soon with several match announcements for all three cards. Thank you for reading this WWNLive Alerts.