7/12 CZW “New Heights” iPPV Results: Voorhees, New Jersey

1. Lucky 13 def. Alex Colon & Latin Dragon

2. Greg Excellent def. Buxx Belmar

3. Sozio def. Drew Gulak when CZW Champion Biff Busick interfered.

4. BLK Jeez def. Jonathan Gresham

5. CZW Tag Team Champions The Juicy Product def. Team TREMENDOUS, Ohio is 4 Killers and the Beaver Boys to retain the titles.

6. Joe Gacy def. Alexander James

7. CZW Wired Champion Shane Strickland def. Caleb Konley to retain the title.

8. CZW Champion Biff Busick def. Mike Bailey to retain the title.

9. Matt Tremont & Ron Mathis def. Danny Havoc & Devon Moore in an Ultraviolent Tag Match.

Source: PWPonderings.com