Indy show results from 7/11/14 to 7/13/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


Orlando-I Believe in Wrestling “BELIEVE 76” at the Team Vision Dojo: Brandon Groom & Blake Archer defeated Mike Patrick & Leo Brien…Chico Adams pinned Russell Payne…Tim Zbyszko pinned Jack Gallow…Earl Cooter & Joey Mayberry defeated Oso Panda & Johnny Stooge…Su Yung pinned Sweet Thang Willie…Rhett Giddins pinned Jonny Vandal…Chasyn Rance pinned Maxwell Chicago. (7/12/14)

Ybor City-Full Impact Pro at the Orpheum: Tim Zbyszko, Chico Adams & Gabriel Black defeated Joey Mayberry, Jack Jameson & Leo Brian…Bolt Brady vs. Jesus DeLeon went to a Time Limit Draw…Rhett Giddins pinned Earl Cooter…Maxwell Chicago pinned Jo Jo Bravo…Chasyn Rance pinned Lince Dorado…James Raideen pinned Jack Gallow…Submission Squad defeated Aaron Epic, Jason Cade & Davey Vega…Jonny Vandal pinned Blake Edward Belakus…Ivelisse Velez pinned Shanna…Trent Barreta defeated Roderick Strong & Rich Swann in a Three-Way Match…The Savages defeated Dos Ben Dejos in a Street Fight. (7/11/14)


Columbus-Hoosier Pro Wrestling at J.D. Byriders: Stompin’ Steve & Sabatoge Styles defeated Cooter & Fiji Wildman…TJ Kemp Jr. pinned JKO Jr…Troy Van Zant pinned Tom van Zant four times…Drax O’Brien pinned Lightning Bolt…Ricky Ruckus & Donny Idol defeated Fast Eddie, Wicked Clown & Cooter in a Handicap Match…Rob Ramer pinned JKO. (6/28/14)


Villa Park-ELLMEX/GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: Mojo McQueen pinned James Raidenn…Los Caballeros Del Chaos (Destructor Sr. & Destructor Alfa) defeated Alas De Fuego & Encantador Valentino…Kuni Silencio defeated Boriqua Favorito 450 & Lince Dorado in a Triple-Threat Match…Ovirload pinned Gavilan…Slayer & Guerretito defeated Cruz De Angel & El Traidor…Jesus Bryce pinned Rick Swann…Golden Star & Revelion (Destructor Jr. & Dark Scorpion) defeated Imperio Azteca, Halcon Oriental & Rey Makawi. (7/13/14)


Eldersburg-Adrenaline Championship Wrestling at the Liberty High School: Steve Diaz & Kacce Carlisle defeated Robbie Illuminati & Renee Michaelle…Tommy Dreamer defeated Shane Douglas in a Street Fight…Pretty Ugly defeated The Wildcards, Riot City’s Most Wanted and Super Phoneix & Michael’s Amyeldao…The Patriot pinned Dessert Storm…Jake Roberts, Pat Anthony & Bob Starr beat The Winners…Prodigy pinned Kindred to become the new ACW Champion. (5/17/14)


Ann Arbor-Pro Wrestling All-Stars at the Latino-American Festival: Movado defeated Officer Rod Street by Countout…Randi West pinned Heather Patera…Atlas Hytower defeated Create-a-Wrestler…Joseph Schwartz pinned Deputy Dave…Chuck Stein pinned Frank Issac Anderson. (7/12/14)

Lake Orion-Michigan Championship Wrestling Association at Basketball America: Mike Marvel pinned Caleb Stills…Jake Verville pinned Dickie Bronson…Chuck Weeden & Dan Shay defeated Xavier Justice & Rod Street…Owen Travers & Lance Star defeated Aaron T.I. & Jay Abrams…Chase Matthews pinned Lathan Clemens…Create-a-Wrestler pinned Nick Xero…Heather Patera pinned Ingrid Isley…DBA vs. Mark Gjoka went to a Double Countout in a Champion vs. Champion Match. (7/12/14)

Melvindale-Pro Wrestling All-Stars at Play Atlantis: Jack Thriller defeated Chris Moore by Submission…Randi West defeated Heather Patera…Big Russ Jones pinned Frank Issac Anderson…Chase Matthews defeated Dickie Bronson by Submission…The Hystars (Atlas Hytower & Lance Star) defeated The Threat (Breyer Wellington & N8 Mattson)…Officer Rod Street defeated Joseph Schwartz, Movado and Chuck Stein in a Fatal Four Elimination Match. (7/11/14)

Warren-XICW at the Ritz: Fat Dudes with Attitudes (Chuck Wagon & Bryan Castle) defeated Real Deal Will & Sean Tyler…Sonny Scarboni pinned Broderick Shaw…Owen Travers pinned Austin Manix…Vinnie Scarboni pinned Danny Shay…TD Thomas pinned The Mysterious Movado…Mark Gjoka pinned Caleb Stills…The Painkillers defeated Deathwish (Dickie Bronson & Jeff Brooks)…Hakim Zane pinned Amazing N8 Mattson…Orlando Christopher outlasted eight other wrestlers in the Malcolm Monroe Sr. Memorial Cup Tournament Match. (7/13/14)


Hubert-Premier Wrestling Federation at the PWF Arena: Brandon Grayson pinned Kris Nemesis…Hangtyme defeated Charles Payne in a Ring Wars Carolina Offer Match (RWC Title)…Jagger vs. Gluteus Maximus went to a Double Countout…Jo Jo defeated 14 other wrestlers in a Cyrstal Coast Openweight Title Decision Match-Royal Rumble Style…F1rst Generation (James Anthony & Victor Andrews) defeated American Tiger & Ricky Morton to become the new PWF Tag Team Champions…American Tiger, Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson defeated James Anthony, Victor Andrews & Corey Hollis…Christoph Rockwell pinned CW Anderson in a PWF vs. WORLD-1, No DQ, No Countout, No Time Limit Match to become the new PWF Champion. (7/11/14)

Yanceyville-Pure Pro Wrestling at the Recreation Center: Court Montgomery pinned Blue Cyclone…Jimmy Jannetty pinned Ouga Booga…Jimi Love, Jesse Whindham & LeBron Kozone defeated The Entourage & TR Superstar…Jimmy Parker pinned Louis Moore…Sinn Krowley & Rex Chapel defeated Scrapyard Dog & Ivan Al. (7/12/14)


Cleveland-Absolute Intense Wrestling at Turners Hall: Kevin Steen pinned Chris Sabin…The Forgotten defeated the Boys from Jollyville to become the new AIW Tag Team Champions…Johnny Gargano defeated #ALLEGO due to Referee Stoppage…ACH defeated #Sparx, Colin Delaney, Flip Kendrick, Cheech & Brent Banks in a Six-Way Scramble…Gregory Iron defeated Veda Scott by DQ…Bobby Beverly defeated Tyson Dux by Submission…Davey Vega pinned Louis Lyndon to become the new AIW Intense Championship…Eddie Kingston pinned Rickey Shane Page…Josh Prohibition pinned Matt Cross…Michael Elgin pinned Tim Donst. (6/29/14)

Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Pro Arena: Nate Wings pinned Jeremiah…Kyle Kraven & Duke Beefhammer defeated The Flight (Draven & Jerrod Harris)…Tom McClane pinned Austin Bradley…Kyle Maverick pinned Ganger…Lufisto vs. Crazy Mary Dobson went to a No Contest…Mason Price defeated Jon Murray & Pompano Joe in a Triple Threat Match…James Avery pinned Bruce Grey…Ron Mathis pinned Levi Connors…Zakk Spadez pinned Benjamin Kimera…Alex Colon pinned Aaron Williams to become the new Rockstar Pro Champion. (7/9/14)

Franklin-1st Class Wrestling “Wrestle Reunion IX” at the Miami Valley Sports: Sheik of Syria pinned Pete Swags…Yaseta Otoko won a 12-Man Battle Royal…El Blanco Warrior pinned Dre Jacobs in a Loser-Leaves-1CW Match…Shamrock & Roll Express defeated Dirty South…Ryan Wylde & Steve Anderson defeated J-Roc in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match to become the new Tri-State Co-Champions…Mary Elizabeth defeated Heather Owens by Submission…Bigga Black pinned Ryan Freeman…Bobby Fulton vs. Cody Hawk in a Best 2-out-of-3 Match went to a No-Contest…Chris Morgan pinned Tommy Foreman to become the new 1CW Champion. (7/11/14)

London-Dynamic Championship Wrestlilng at the Madison County Fair: Duke Beefhammer pinned Tom McClane…Shawn Draven pinned Chris Pain…Brandon James pinned Tyler Goldman…Brandon Fields pinned Evan Steel…Tommy Blaze & Vandal defeated Bruce Grey & Andrew Stryker…Big Jim Hutchinson vs. Mac McPhat went to a Double Countout. (7/7/14)

Marion-NWA-Sports Entertainment Wrestling “Aftershock” at the USW Local Hall: Joshua Singh & Alex Daniels defeated Alex Matthews & Ethan Wright…Ryan Burke pinned Twisted…Kaela pinned Hailey Rose…AJ Snow pinned Christian Black…The Bearded Dragons defeated Jesse McCoy & Bryen Douglas…Brandon Xavier pinned Cody Reaper…Chase Owens pinned Seth Allen…Renzo Lavell pinned Jonathan Hampton. (7/12/14)


Lewisburg-All-Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Cody Morton pinned Ray Dunnavant…Larry Cooter defeated Freakshow by DQ…Petey St. Croix & Lawrence defeated Ringmaster & Tyler Bivins…Yukon Jack pinned The Royal Knight…Doug Gilbert & Jeremy Flynt defeated Mikey Dunn & Jeremiah Plunkett. (7/12/14)


Adelaide, SA-Riot City Wrestling at the Latvian Hall: Demi Bennett pinned Blair Alexis…Marvel & Voodoo defeated Dragonfly & FuZion…Harley Wonderland pinned Kellyanne English…Jack Bonza pinned Jett Armstrong…The Playmakers (Luke Santamaria & Mike Wheeler) defeated The Trendsetters (Ashton Ballentine & Dean Brady)…Nick Armstrong pinned Adam Pearce…Team Eastman (Adam Brooks & Chris Basso) defeated Big Brodie Marshall & Matt Basso. (7/5/14)


Winnepeg, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Tyndall Park: Billy Blaze pinned AJ Sanchez…Mike Mission pinned Brian Rich…Danny Duggan pinned Bobby Collins…Bobby Jay pinned Kevin Cannon…MENTALLO defeated Moses Luke by DQ…MENTALLO, Danny Duggan & Billy Blaze defeated Moses Luke, Al Sanchez & Mike Mission in a Six-Man Tag Team Match. (7/10/14)

Winnepeg, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite “Rumble at the Rock” at the RBC Convention Centre: Moses Luke pinned Kory Kinkade…Mike Mission pinned Rick Matthews…Bubbles McFly pinned Kevin Cannon…MENTALLO pinned AJ Sanchez…MENTALLO, Kory Kinkade & Rick Matthews defeated AJ Sanchez, Moses Luke & Mike Mission. (7/12/14)

Winnepeg, MB- Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the RBC Convention Centre: Dick Blood pinned Mike Mission…MENTALLO pinned Rick Matthews…Moses Luke pinned Dick Blood…MENTALLO pinned AJ Sanchez…Moses Luke pinned Brian Rich…Danny Duggan pinned AJ Sanchez. (7/13/14)


Hitachiota City, Ibaraki-Hitachi Pro Westling at Yamabuki Sports Center: Sakai & Lumberjack defeated Black Devitt & Black KD…YOUHEI pinned Kento DiCaprio…Yuichi Hanawa & Masatoshi Onodera defeated Norio Hiroki & Kaz Shibano…Eririn Takagi pinned Takayuki Saigyo. (7/12/14)