Thomas Rude sent this in.


Newark-RightCoastPro Wrestling “Festivus 2014” at the RCP Arena: Low Ki pinned Christopher Daniels…Sean Royal pinned King Mega…Colton Quest pinned Aaron Stride…Damian Gibbs defeated Chris Steeler & Anthony Bowens….Nick Sohlo & Ryan Rush defeated Mozart Fontaine & Francis Kipland Stevens…Bazooka Joe vs. Brian Johnson went to a Double Countout…King Kaluha, Harry M. Baldwin & Pedro Duro defeated Courageous Cruz, Joey Silver & Ruby Rubino. (7/26/14)


Jacksonville-All Aggression Pro at the Jacksonville Sun Baseball Stadium: Barry Hardy pinned Jacob Christopher…Brittany pinned Ashleigh Lynn Ford…Bobby Dean pinned Kato. (7/19/14)

Jacksonville-United States Championship Wrestling at Bar B’s Tavern: Chasyn Rance & Brittany defeated Joey Mayberry & Ashleigh Lynn Ford…Blain Rage pinned Sweet Thang Willie…Chico Adams pinned Brandon Groom, Rhett Giddins pinned J.D. Amazing to become the new USCW Heavyweight Champion…Chasyn Rance pinned DJ Chino…Rick the Reaper vs. Wildman Brody went to a Double Countout. (7/19/14)

Titusville-Riot Pro Wrestling at the Gibson Youth Center: Lince Dorado pinned Joey Mayberry…Maxwell Chicago pinned Johnny Riot…Sweet Thang Willie pinned Chico Adams…Chasyn Rance pinned Russell Payne…Lince Dorado, Russell Payne & Oso Panda defeated Chasyn Rance, Josh Hess & Maxwell Chicago…Rhett Giddins pinned Brandon Groom. (7/26/14)

Fort Myers-New Era Wrestling “Justice For All” at the Riverside Community Center: Michael Kai Rayne pinned Richy Pepperfield…Mascara Negra & The American Superstar defeated the Puerto Rican Authority (Eli & Romeo)…Richie Paradise pinned Zack Monstar…Blanco Loco & Carrion defated Cubantude Guerrera & Rome…Justin Towler pinned Deakon Starr…The Puerto Rican Hound Dogg pinned Joey Bydafoodcourt to become the new Florida State Champion…Giovanni the Greatest pinned Dravin Frost. (7/15/14)

Orlando-I Believe in Wrestling “#iBELIEVE77” at the Team Vision Dojo: Lince Dorado pinned Joey Mayberry…Brandon Groom pinned Gabriel Black…Tristan Keali’i pinned Maxwell Chicago…Chasyn Rance defeated Mike Patrick by DQ…Yamamoto, Chasyn Rance & Brittany defeated Mike Patrick, Leo Brien & Justin Michaels…Aaron Epic defeated Rhett Giddins & Chico Adams by DQ in a 3-Way Match. (7/29/14)


River Grove-Chicago Style Wrestling at the Guerin College Prep: Roy Flash Daniels pinned Tony Briggs…Colin Cambridge pinned Ricky the Janitor…The Lunatic pinned Sean Muligan…Marco Anthony & Colin Smith defeated Carlos Rivera & TJ Steel…Ruff Crossing pinned Nick Cutler…Tri State Air Strike (Colin Smith & Chris Miller) defeated Grin & Jester Yorick…Steve Boz pinned The Arc Angel…Acid Jaz pinned Brad Kevins…Willie Richardson defeated Brad Kevins by DQ…Steve Boz pinned Jason Dukes when he cashed in his Taste of Gold to become the new CSW Heavyweight Champion. (7/19/14)

Cicero-ELLMEX/GALLI Lucha Libre at the Olympic Theater: Destructor Sr. pinned Alas De Fuego…Dark Scorpion pinned Halcon Oriental…Rey Makawi & Guerrerito Del Futuro defeated Cruz De Angel & El Traidor…Imperio Azteca pinned Destructor Jr…Golden Star & Shocker defeated Slayer & Ultimo Guerrero in a Best 2-out-of-3 Match. (7/20/14)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: Gavilan pinned Golden Dragon…2 Hot 4 U (Chico Suave, D’Angelo Steele & Valentino) defeated Kuni Silencio, Cruz De Angel & Alas De Fuego…Team 2 Star (Matt Knicks & Chris Castro) defeated Mojo McQueen & Jester Yorick…Dark Scorpion pinned Demencia…GPA defeated Ovirload by DQ…The Syndicate (Jesus Bryce, Mike Anthony & Jake Shining) defeated Acid Jaz, Mr. 450 & Jake Shining…Discovery, Pentagono & Destructor Jr. defeated Los Caballeros Del Chaos (Ricky Cruz, Destructor Alfa & Destructor Sr.). (7/27/14)


Elkhart-Strongstyle Wrestling at the Roosevelt Center: Sean Taylor pinned Owen Travers…Jester Yorick pinned Alexander S. Kirk…Jack Thriller & Scotty Young defeated Percy Davis & Gabriel Grey…Chase Matthews defeated Dany Shay, Jack Verville & Kevin Morrison…Marshe Rockett pinned Da Cobra…Chris Hall pinned Lightning Bolt Johnson…Russ Jones pinned Mr. 450…Dru Skillz, Remi Wilkins & Appollo defeated Sugar Dunkerton, Matt Knicks & Chris Castro. (7/26/14)


Millersville-Adrenaline Championship Wrestling “Broken Dreams” at the OBI Building: Riot City’s Most Wanted defeated The Wildcardz…Sera Feeny pinned Rebecca Payne…Robbie Illumati pinned Shawdow, Brandon Mercury & Mychales Ameydo in a 4-Way Match…Diaz pinned Ruckus…Pat Anthony pinned Shaun Cannon…Louis Rich pinned The Sandman…Desert Storm defeated The Patriot in a Flag Match…The Winners (Rayburn and Paty Anthony) defeated Pretty Ugly to become the new ACW Tag Team Champions…Prodigy pinned Kindred. (7/26/14)


New Bedford-House of Bricks Pro Wrestling at Dias Field: The Refflers (Scott LeDeux & Chris Matrix) defeated The Beasts (Reverend Redemption & Colussus)…Shawn Candido pinned Doug Summers…Chris Cruise & Amanda Fox defeated David Baker and Nikki Valentine…Everett Briggs pinned J.b. Tickle to become the new HoB Southern New England Champion…Mistress Belmont pinned Ramona Romano…Kyle Storm pinned Tim Lennox…John Poe defeated Eric Dylan & Brandon Behm in a Handicap Match…Gary Gold pinned Aaron Amadeus to become the new House of Bricks Heavyweight Champion. (7/26/14)


Gibsonville-CWF Mid-Atlantic “No Excuses 2014” at the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium: Su Yung defeated Amanda Rodriguez by Submission…Arik Royal pinned Ray Kandrack….Chase Dakoto defeated Jason Cad, Frankie Villa & Todd McKinley in a Four-Way Contender’s Match…Zane Dawson pinned Lance Lude….Charlie Weston defeated Chet Sterling by Submission…Rage & the Machine (Mecha Mercenary & Michael McCalliser), Nick Richards & Jason Miller defeated The Killbillies (Evan Banks & Aric Andrews) & Biggie Smoove (Chris Lea & Aaron Biggs) in an Eight-Man Tag Match…Trever Lee pinned Rich Swann…Manny Garcie defeated Marcellus King & Donnie Dollars by Countout…Arik Royal pinned Trevor Lee to advance in the 2014 Johnny Weaver Cup. (7/19/14)

Raleigh-GOUGE Wrestling “Blood, Sweat & Beers” at the Raleigh Brewing Company: KFC pinned Ryan Miller…Baron Bullard pinned Byson North…Ulrich von Vorse vs. Timmy Lou Retton went to a Time-Limit Draw…Gluteus Maximas defeated Seymour Snott in a Lumberjack Match to win the Spaceman Frank Hickey Memorial Scientific Rasslin’ Trophy…Jennifer Blaze pinned Rassle Crowe…Otton Schwanz pinned Mickey Gambino…Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. pinned Wallabee. (7/26/14)


Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Arena: DJ Hyde pinned Nate Wings…Great American Beast & Pompano Joe defeated Jeremiah & Mason Price…Ron Mathis pinned James Avery…Matt Taylor defeated Benjamin Kimera, Duke Beefhammer & Ben Boone in a Fatal Four Way…Lufisto defeated Mikael in a Domestic Violence Match…Painkillers (Jacob & Donnie Hollows) defeated Smart Bombs Deluxe (Bruce Grey & Jon Murray)…Zakk Spadez vs. Gerome Phillips ended in a Double Count-Out…The Squad (Tom McClane & Ganger) defeated Dangerzone (Austin Bradley & Kyle Maverick) in a Last Team Standing Match…Nevaeh pinned Mickie Knuckles…Jake Crist defeated Jim Hutchinson in a First Blood Match…Rhino defeated Alex Colon & Aaron Williams in a Triple Threat Match to become the new Rockstar Pro Champion…DJ Hyde pinned Rhino to become the new Rockstar Pro Champion. (7/11/14)

Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Arena: Kyle Kraven defeated Nate Wings & Pompano Joe in a Triple Threat Match…The Squad (Tom McClane & Ganger) defeated The Fight (Draven & Jerrod Harris)…Jake Crist pinned Chris Hall…Mason Price pinned Duke Beefhammer…Dangerzone (Austin Bradley & Kyle Maverick) defeated Smart Bombs Deluxe (Bruce Grey & Jon Murray)…Mad Man Pondo defeated Mikael in a Hardcore Street Fight..Lusfisto pinned Crazy Mary Dobson…Gerome Philips, Benjamin Kimera, Matt Taylor & Great American Beast defeated Dave Crist, Ron Mathis, Zakk Spadez & Jeremiah in an 8-Man Tag Match. (7/16/14)

Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Arena: Great American Beast defeated Mason Price by DQ…Pompano Joe pinned Andy Dalton…The Squad (Tom McClane & Ganger) defeated Smart Bombs Deluxe (Bruce Grey & Jon Murray) and Dangerzone (Kyle Maverick & Austin Bradley) in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match… Miss Diss Lexia pinned Duke Beefhammer…Zakk SpadeZ defeated Gerome Phillips & Benjamin Kimera…Dave Crist, Ron Mathis & Nate Wings defeated The Fight (Matt Taylor, Draven & Jerrod Harrod)…Chris Hall pinned Kyle Kraven…Alex Colon pinned Aaron Williams…Jake Crist defeated CW Scott in a Lumberjack Match. (7/23/14)

East Rochester-Mid-Ohio Wrestling at the West Community Center: Wilbur Whitlock pinned Sless Taylor to advance to the Semi-Finals…The Duke pinned Levi Conners to advance to the Semi-Finals…Izzy Lambert pinned Jimmie Lee to advance to the Semi-Finals…Jeff Meekins pinned Papa Dingo to advance to the Semi-Finals…The Duke defeated Wilbur Whitlock by Countout to advance to the Tournament Finals…Jeff Meekins pinned Izzy Lambert to advance to the Tournament Finals…Tommy Chill & Patrick Hayes defeated Mike Hercum in a Two-on-One Handicap Match…Jeff Meekins pinned The Duke to win a Title Shot. (7/19/14)

Fairfield-Northern Wrestling Federation at the UAW Hall: Nicholas defeated Miguel Sanchez & Big Rig in a Triple Threat Match…The Revolution (Ryan Fitzgerald & Ricky Cardinal) defeated The Stewner Brothers to become the new NWF Tag Team Champions…Angel, Kyron & Anthony Bryant defeated Bronze God (Danny Todd, Big Jake & Crazy Ed)…Jordan Lachey pinned The Bull…Big Mama vs. Heather Owens went to a Double DQ…Brody Cormick & Matt Stevens defeated T-Money & Samson…Chuck E. Smooth pinned Pompano Joe…Nasty Russ pinned Kirk Sheppard…Jesse Hyde & Sean Harddrive defeated Jeremiah & Jay Donaldson. (7/19/14)

Middletown-Legends of the Squared Circle at the LSC Arena: Richie O’Ryan defeated Corvis by Submission…Sgt. Ledbetter pinned Tanu…Jay Taylor & Jerry Andrews defeated 3BM (Crush Simmons & Jesse Sinclair)…Brutal Bellman defeated Mike Brody & Mark Magnum…Brandon Fields pinned Brandon James…Todd Mullins pinned Jeff Halloway…The Brothers West defeated Hooks & Matt Brannigan…Big T vs. Ganger went to a No-Contest. (7/12/14)

Mogadore-Ohio Championship Wrestling at the Mogadore Summer Festival: Justin Diaz pinned Endriago…Takahashi pinned Matt Taylor…Jimmy Shane defeated Ernie Ballz in Match #2 of their Best of 3 Series (Series Tied 1-1)…Heatseekers Inc. (Jeremy Madrox & Bruce Grey) defeated Joey Vengeance & Juice Jennings…Jeff Cannon defeated Johnny Attitude in a No-DQ Street Fight…Robby Starr vs. Jock Samson went to a No-Contest…Jock Samson, Juice Jennings & Joey Vengeance defeated Robby Starr, Jeremy Madrox & Bruce Grey in a Six-Man Tag Match. (7/19/14)


Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling “Summerheat 4” at the Marshall County High School: Gary Valiant pinned Lee Condry…Ringmaster defeated Tyler Bivins & Yukon Jack in a Triple-Threat Match…Brittany Love defeated Destiny & Cheyanne…Brian Christopher pinned Freakshow…Larry Cooter & Shaun Fatal defeated Lawrence & Petey St. Croix in a No-DQ to become the new ASW Tag Champs…Mikey Dunn & Anthony Ingram defeated Doug Gilbert & Buff Bagwell…Jeremiah Plunkett defeated Jeremy Flynt in a Cage Match. (9/19/14)


Norfolk-Vanguard Championship Wrestling “Liberty Lottery” at the Norfolk Masonic Hall: Bobby Shields defeated Brandon Scott & Sean Denny…The Reason pinned U.S. Jay Steel to become the new VCW United States Liberty Champion…RH3 defeated James Dallas Hall by DQ…Sean Denny won the Liberty Lottery Batttle Royal…CW Anderson & Phil Brown defeated Steve Corino & Adam Page…Dirty Money pinned Diamond Victor Griff. (7/26/14)


Morris, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Manitoba Stampede & Exhibition: Jason Kincaid pinned Rick Matthews…Chase Owens pinned SIGMON…Robby Royce pinned Bobby Collins…Danny Duggan pinned Tyler Colton…Chase Owens & Jason Kincaid defeated Robby Royce & Rick Matthews…Short Sleeve Samson pinned Mike Hammer…Bobby Collins pinned Tyler Colton…Jason Kincaid pinned SIGMON…Bobby Collins pinned Rick Matthews…Jason Kincaid won a Battle Royal…Chase Owens pinned Robby Royce…Short Sleeve Samson & Danny Duggan defeated Mike Hammer & SIGMON. (7/17/14)

Morris, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Manitoba Stampede Exhibition: SIGMON pinned Bobby Collins…Chase Owens pinned Mr. Inkredible…Danny Duggan pinned Rick Matthews…Jason Kincaid pinned Ricky Starks…Danny Duggan & Bobby Collins defeated Ricky Starks & SIGMON…Chase Owens pinned Rick Matthews…Jason Kincaid pinned Mr. Inkredible…Bobby Collins pinned Ricky Starks…Danny Duggan won a Battle Royal…Danny Duggan pinned Mr. Inkredible…Short Sleeve Samson & Jason Kincaid defeated Mike Hammer & Rick Matthews. (7/18/14)

Morris, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Manitoba Stampede & Exhibition: Kevin Cannon pinned SIGMON…Chase Owen pinned Ricky Starks…Jason Kincaid pinned Rick Matthews…Bobby Collins pinned SIGMON…Kevin Cannon & Bobby Collins defeated Robby Royce & Rick Matthews…Bobby Collins pinned Rick Matthews…Chase Owens pinned SIGMON…Kevin Cannon pinned Ricky Starks…Chase Owens won a Battle Royal…Jason Kincaid pinned Ricky Starks…Short Sleeve Samson & Chase Owens defeated Mike Hammer & Robby Royce. (7/19/14)

Morris, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Manitoba Stampede & Exhibition: Bobby Collins pinned Tyler Colton…Chase Owens pinned AJ Sanchez…Bobby Collins pinned AJ Snachez…Danny Duggan & Jason Kincaid defeated SIGMON & Ricky Starks…Short Sleeve Samson pinned Mike Hammer…Short Sleeve Samson won a Battle Royal. (7/20/14)

Virden, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Virden Legion: Chase Owens pinned Ricky Starks…SIGMON defeated Brian Rich by Submission…Jason Kincaid pinned Mike Mission…Danny Duggan pinned Tyler Colton…Short Sleeve Samson pinned Mike Hammer…Tommy Lee Curtis pinned AJ Sanchez. (7/22/14)

Souris, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Souris & Glenwood memorial Complex: Jason Kincaid pinned Bobby Collins…Ricky Starks pinned Brian Rich…Danny Duggan pinned Kevin Cannon…Dick Blood vs. AJ Sanchez went to a Double DQ…Short Sleeve Samson & Vance Nevada defeated Mike Hammer & RJ Lilley…Tyler Colton pinned Tommy Lee Curtis…Chase Owens pinned SIGMON. (7/23/14)

Morden, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Morden Access Event Center: Jess Youngblood & Billy Blaze defeated Travis Cole & Brett Morgan…Sydney Manson pinned Bobby Collins…Jason Kincaid pinned SIGMON…Short Sleeve Samson defeated Mike Hammer by DQ…Danny Duggan & Dick Blood vs. AJ Sanchez & Heavy Metal went to a Double DQ…Chase Owens defeated Ricky Starks. (7/24/14)

Winnipeg, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Holy Cross Gymnasium Hall: Jason Kincaid pinned SIGMON…The Saints of Los Angeles defeated Travis Cole & Brett Morgan…The Peg City Punishers defeated Brian Rich & Adam Race…Anderson Tyson Moore vs. Tyler Colton by DQ…AJ Sanchez defeated Dick Blood in a No-DQ Match…Short Sleeve Samson, Jess Youngblood & Billy Blaze defeated Mike Hammer, Rob Stardom & Bobby Collins…Chase Owens vs. MENTALLO went to a Time-Limit Draw…Bobby Jay pinned Stefan Epic…Danny Duggan pinned Heavy Metal to become the new CWE Champion. (7/25/14)

Selkirk, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Selkirk Friendship Center: Jason Kincaid pinned Travis Cole…Rob Stardom & Bobby Collins defeated Kory Kinkade & Mr. Nasty…Short Sleeve Samson pinned Mike Hammer…Chase Owens vs. Danny Duggan went to a Time-Limit Draw…Matt Fairlane pinned SIGMON. (7/26/14)

Beausejour, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Brokenhead Recreation Center: Jason Kincaid pinned AJ Sanchez…Anderson Tyson Moore & Brian Rich defeated Travis Cole & Kevin Cannon…Short Sleeve Samson pinned Mike Hammer…Chase Owens vs. MENTALLO went to a Time-Limit Draw…Danny Duggan pinned SIGMON. (7/27/14)