Steven Muehlhausen sent this in.

My name is Steven Muehlhausen and I am the site editor at I conducted an interview yesterday with Ring of Honor Heavyweight Champion Michael Elgin to help promote “Death Before Dishonor 12” on August 23 in Chicago Ridge, IL.

Here are a few highlights of the interview:

On if he ever lost faith in becoming heavyweight champion: “Definitely never lost sight of it and never thought it wouldn’t happen. I think that everyday I grow better as a performer and I think that everyday I grow better as performer and I think that everyday I was working harder and harder to be in a position that I’m in now. So, I definitely knew it was just a matter of time. So to say it wasn’t much a question of if, but I never lost sight of the ultimate goal.”

If TNA reached out to him in June before ROH PPV: “I was kind of reached too. But, ultimately I really have no interest (in TNA). I felt that I still had things I wanted to accomplish with Ring of Honor and that’s where my heart was. If I had thought about going anywhere else, went anywhere else, I still think I would have felt like I have some unfinished business there, so I definitely didn’t want to even think about it. As I said, I was kind of reached out too, but it was brought up that there was some interest, but I wanted to keep moving forward with ROH.

Elgin also discusses the feeling of winning the title at ROH’s first live traditional PPV, Kevin Steen leaving the company, Spike TV/TNA situation, why he feels he is the best wrestler in the world and more.