Thomas Rude sent this in.


Orlando-I Believe in Wrestling at the Team Vision Dojo: Brandon Groom pinned Chico Adams…J.D. Amazing pinned Gabriel Black…Mike Patrick & Leo Brien defeated Rob Love & Brian Oshun…Yamamoto pinned Josh Hess…Team Chasyn (Chasyn Rance, Brandon Scherer & Russell Payne) defeated Team Tana (Brittany, Sweet Thang Willie & Jason Cade)…Aaron Epic pinned Rhett Giddins to become the new Florida Heavyweight Champion. (8/3/14)


Buchanan-Universal Independent Wrestling “Summer Blowout” at the Haralson County Recreation Center: Drew Adler pinned Sebastian Cruz…Billy Knight pinned Johnny Long…Beautiful Bald Besties (Michael Steven & Zac Edwards) defeated Brad Lynch & Frankie Valentine and The Circle of Disrespect (Francisco Ciatso & Simon Sez) in a 3-Way Elimination Tag Team match to become the new UIW Tag Team Champions…Josh Storm pinned Mike Cruz…AJ Steve vs. Steve Lawler went to a No-Contest…Pandora pinned Mickie Knuckles to become the new UIW Women’s Champion.


Brooksfield-Chicago All-Star Wrestling “Billy Robinson Memorial Show” at Sokol Hall: Gabe Gotti pinned Jon West…Vladimir Kerchenko pinned Chief Thunderbolt…Lord Wellington III defeated The Sheik by DQ…747 defeated German Superman Mock #2 in a $2,000 Bodyslam Challenge Match…Drones #1 & #2 defeated Dante DVS & Chris Masangcay to become the new CASW Tag Team Champions…Dante DVS pinned The Sheik. (8/2/14)

Villa Park-GALL Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: Punisher 747 pinned Mojo McQueen…Golden Dragon, Pentagono & Kuni Silencio defeated Henry Maxwell & Caballeros Del Chaos (Destructor Alfa & Destructor Sr.)…Mike Anthony defeated Willie Richardson by Submission…2 Hot 4 U (Chico Suave, D’Angelo Steele & Encantador Valentino) defeated Furia Roja, Gavilan & Wayne Van Dyke…Ovirload pinned Lince Dorado…Team 2 Star (Matt Knicks & Chris Castro) defeated The Smart Marx (GPA & Joey Marx)…Dark Scorpion, Destructor Jr. & Mason Conrad defeated The Syndicate (Jesus Bryce, Barry Ryte & Marcus Conrad) by DQ…Dark Scorpion pinned Mike Anthony. (8/3/14)


Columbus-Hoosier Pro Wrestling “Summer Blast” at the 4-H Fairgrounds: Lylah Lodge & Stompin’ Steve defeated Crazy Mary & Madman Pondo…8-Bit Punk defeated Scarecrow & Brian Dewey…Troy Van Zant defeated Dash Venture by Submission…Ricky Ruckus defeated Cooter & Wicked Clown in a Handicap Loser Leaves HPW for 90 Days Match (Cooter must leave HPW)…Drax O’Brien defeated Lightning Bolt in a Loser Leaves HPW for 90 Days Match…Donny Idol pinned Tom Van Zant. (8/2/14)


Fishkill-Northeast Wrestling “Under the Stars 3” at the Dutchess Stadium: Matt Taven pinned Michael Bennett…Brodus Clay pinned J. Busta…Joe Ausanio pinned Dan De Man…Brian Anthony defeated Caleb Konley & Matt Sydal…Velvet Sky, Robbie Araujo & Mark Shurman defeated Reby Sky, Shovelhead Chuck & Manscout Jake Manning…Jerry Lawler defeated Kevin Steen in a Piledriver vs. Piledriver Match…The Hardy Boyz defeated the Young Bucks. (8/2/14)


Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Pro Arena: Jake Crist pinned Mark Turner…Jerrod Harris pinned Austin Bradley…Gerome Phillips defeated Tom McClane by Submission…Relentless (Ron Mathis & Bruce Grey) defeated Draven & Jon Murray, Nate Wings & Duke Beefhammer and Sick & Twisted (Zakk Spadez & Matt Taylor) in a 4-Corner’s Luck of the Draw Tag Match…Aaron Williams pinned Ganger…Mad Man Pondo & Crazy Mary Dobson defeated Benjamin Kimera & Rudy Huxtable in an Intergender Tag Match…Mason Price & Kyle Kraven defeated Great American Beast & Chris Hall…Dave Crist defeated Pompano Joe, Jeremiah & Kyle Maverick in a Fatal Four-Way Match. (7/30/14)

Lakewood-Olde Wrestling’s Speakeasy Spectacular at the Mahall’s 20 Lanes: Jeremy Madrox & The Columbus Cruncher defeated Guy Jennings & Levi Connors…Darin Corbin pinned Nocholas Valentino…Thunderkitty pinned Heidi the Riveter…Felino de Patroit pinned Jack Blonde…Anatloly pinned Marion Fontaine…Jeff King defeated Greg Iron in a Bear Hug Challenge…Jock Samson, Whiskey Dickerson, Arik Cannon & Bill Taylor defeated Sue Jackson, Senator Cameron S. Sheppard, Judge Hugo Lexington Black & Representative Gavin Q. Volstead in an Elimination Match. (8/1/14)

Zanesville-Southern Championship Wrestling at the Newton Township Fire Department: Rockin’ Redneck pinned Damian Braddock…Rok Wyler pinned Cody Reaper…Halo defeated Mike Howerton by DQ…Scarry Garry pinned Lottery…Jerry Bishop pinned Tom McClane…Spade pinned Bobby Watson to become the new SCW Champion…Bryen Douglas pinned Super Oprah…Damian Bradddock & Lottery defeated Rockin’ Redneck & Halo. (8/2/14)


Jasper-Young Blood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: SwitchBlade defeated Apocalypse by DQ…Mikey G pinned Cra-Z-C…Parental Advisory (Eric Micheals & Thomas Cage) defeated PhoeniX & Bubba…Jay Anthony defeated Maniac & Adam Powers…Jason Williams pinned R.J. Starr…Blood-4-Blood (Acid & Executioner) defeated Young&Reckless (Brandon Young & Freddie Reckless). (8/2/14)

Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Mikey Dunn pinned Joey Baldwin…Tyler Bivins pinned Ray Dunnavant…Chaos defeated Lawrence by DQ…Royal Knight defeated Ringmaster by DQ…Elements of Wrestling vs. The Expendables to a No-Contest. (8/2/14)