8/16 CHIKARA Results: Quebec City, Quebec (10-Man Tag)

8/16 CHIKARA “Permis De Tuer” Results: Quebec City, Quebec

1. The Osirian Portal def. The Spectral Envoy, Jaka & Qefka and The Belliveau Brothers

2. Ashley Remington def. Kodama

3. Silver Ant def. Proletriat Boar of Moldova

4. The Shard def. Eddie Kingston by DQ

* Afterwards, Decualion killed Proud Oak with a Chokebreaker, then the Flood took away the Snow Troll in chains.

5. Juan Francisco de Coronado def. Archibald Peck

6. 3.0. def. The Colony: Xtreme Force

7. CHIKARA Grand Champion Icarus, CHIKARA Camponetos de Parejas The Throwbacks & The Colony def. The Flood

Source: PWPonderings.com