Thomas Rude sent this in.


Tucson-High Impact Wrestling at the Midtown Bar & Grill: Entapryze defeated Mada by DQ…FlashTea (Ricky Flash & Azteca) & Entapryze defeated The Unholy Alliance (Tyrone Cabrone, Mac Havoc & MADA)…Monster Mayhem pinned Mathew Blaze…Tyrone Cabrone pinned Joey Law…Dueno defeated Narval & Cody Baker in a #1 Challenger 3-Way Match…Daniel Loya pinned Ogre…The Unholy Alliance (Tyrone Cabrone & Mac Havok) defeated Hardcore Union (13 & Cris Anarchy) and Roman Alexander & Chaos in a 3-Way Dream Match. (9/6/14)

Tuscon-High Impact Wrestling at the Midtown Bar & Grill: FlashTeca (Ricky Flash & Azteca) defeated Chad Hawkley & Ripp Robertson…Okami pinned the Mangler…Ogre pinned Entaprize…Azteca defeated Zeek the Destroyer by DQ…Rave Michael…Martel defeated Matthew Blaze by TKO…Dueno pinned Cody Baker…Daniel Loya vs. Mac Havok went to a Time-Limit Draw…24/7 (Roman Alexander & Chaos) defeated Creature Feature (Monster Mayhem & Yetty)…Cris Anarchy defeated Tyrone Cabrone in a Grudge Match. (9/21/14)


Newark-RightCoastPro Wrestling at the PCP Arena: Mikey Whipwreck & Brian Myers defeated The Dying Breed (King Mega & Stockcade)…Sean Royal pinned Pedro Duro…Colton Quest pinned Aaron Stride…Bazooka Joe defeated Brian Johnson in a Last Man Standing Match…Ryan Rush pinned Anthony Bowens…Courageous Cruz pinned Nicholas Sohlo…Mozart Fontaine & Francis Kipland Stevens defeated Mike’s Guy & Chachi El Almante. (9/13/14)


Fort Myers-New Era Wrestling at the Riverside Community Center: Syther pinned Justin Matthews…Prestin Caine & Donnie Abel defeated Blanco Loco & Carrion and American Superstar & Mascara Negra in a Tag Team Elimination Match to become the new NEW Tag Team Champions…Maxx Stardom pinned ERA III…Tim Serrago pinned Boston Bad Boy…Romeo defeated 21 other wrestlers in a Battle Royal Gauntlet Match…Dravin Frost defeated Deakon Starr in an I Quit Match…Giovanni the Greatest pinned Zack Monstar…Dravin Frost pinned Giovanni the Greatest to become the new NEW Heavyweight Champion. (9/16/14)

Orlando-I Believe in Wrestling “BELIEVE 83” at the Team Vision Dojo: Chasyn Rance pinned Willie Brown…Alex Pourteau pinned Russell Payne…Santana Garrett, Maxwell Chicago & Rhett Giddins defeated Chico Adam, Tim Zbyszko & Blake Archer…Aaron Epic pinned Jason Cade…Los Ben Dejos defeated Jesus De Leon & Mike Reed…Yamamoto pinned Tristan Keali’i. (9/6/14)


Chatsworth-Brotherhood Championship Wrestling at the BCW Arena: Dangerous Dirty Shane pinned Robert Chaos…The Chalk Outline pinned Billy Havoc…Emo pinned Robert Starr…*TAG TEAM GAUNTLET*Mike Clay & Dirty Shane defeated Bill Havoc & Adrian Guerrero…Albert & Bubba Kiser defeated Dirty Shane & Mike Clay…The Old School Outlaws (Wilchild Jamie Strong & Mad Dog) defeated the Kiser Brothers. (9/20/14)


Chicago-GALLI Lucha Libre at the Taco Fest: Traidor & Golden Dragon defeated Gringo Loco & Chico Suave…Kunai Silencio pinned Valentino…GPA & Mason Conrad defeated Stevie Fierce & Craig Mitchell…Jesus Bryce pinned Pentagono…Four Star Heroes (Matt Knicks & Chris Castro) defeated Mojo McQueen & Draconis. (9/20/14)

Chicago-Chicago Style Wrestling at the Edison Park Inn: The French Cactus & Tony Briggs defeated JW Lovely & Roy Flash Daniels…Anthony Antonelli defeated Alex Romero & Brown Sugar in a Triple Threat Match…Brando pinned Brett the Wolfman…Tri-State Air Strike (Colin Smith & Chris Miller) defeated the Asylum (Brawn the Lumberjack & the Lunatic)…Willie Richardson pinned Justice Jones…Elite Paine (Marco Anthony & Hunter Paine) defeated Sean Mulligan & Colin Cambridge…Acid Jaz pinned Aaron Xavier…Steve Boz pinned Deuce Tray. (9/20/14)

Chicago-GALLI Lucha Libre at the Taco Fest: 2 Hot 4 U (Encantador Valentino & D’Angelo Steele) defeated GPA & Mason Conrad…Pentagono & Cruz De Angel defeated Gringo Loco & Chico Suave…El Traidor pinned Marcus Conrad…Kunai Silencio & Golden Dragon defeated Mojo McQueen & Draconis…Punisher 747 & 4-Star Heroes (Matt Knicks & Chris Castro) defeated Jesus Bryce and Beauty & the Beast (Stevie Fierce & Rob Matter)…GPA won the Taco Fest Multiple Megastar Battle Royal. (9/21/14)

Joliet-GALLI Lucha Libre at the Mexican Independence Day Parade: Mojo McQueen pinned Cruz De Angel…Kunai Silencio & Gavilan defeated 2Hot4U (Chico Suave & Encantado Valentino)…Dark Scorpion & Destructor Jr. defeated Los Caballeros Del Chaos (Destructor Sr. & Destructor Alfa)…Team 2 Star (Matt Knicks & Chris Castro) defeated The Syndicate (Jesus Bryce & Mike Anthony)…Mike Anthony won the Multiple Megastar Battle Royal. (9/6/14)

Markham-North American Pro Wrestling at the Markham Park District Gymnasium: Matt Longtime pinned Joey Rose…El Magnifico pinned Ricky the Janitor…Marshe Rockett defeated Dave Rydell by Countout…Jack Carpenter defeated All-American Scumbag Machine by DQ…Dave Rydell defated Jack Carpenter, All-American Scumbag Machine & Marshe Rockett in a Fatal 4-Way No-DQ Match…Skayde Jr., El Funebre & Love International defeated Bandolero Star, Eragon & Vengado in a 6-Man Tag Team Lucha Libre Tables Match. (9/6/14)

Rochelle-North American Pro Wrestling at the Hickory Grove Banquet Center: Nate Quest defeated Brad Kevins in a Steel Cage Match…DOJ defeated Joey Rose & Jack Carpenter in a Handicap Steel Match…Colin Smith defeated William Jacobs in a Over the Steel Cage Match…East-West Express (Jeff Luxon & Ryan Kross) vs. Pauly Thomaselli & Hardcore Craig went to a Double Pin Draw in a Steel Cage Match…Anthony Antonelli defeated DOJ in a Steel Cage Match. (9/13/14)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: Acid Jaz & GPA defeated La Maldicion (Mojo McQueen & Ovirload)…Gavilan pinned Draconis…Kunai Silencio & Dark Scorpion defeated Akuma Okoye & Destructor Sr…Punisher 747 pinned Jester Yorick…Team ELLMEX (Imperio Azteca & Slayer) defeated TEAM GALLI (Pentagono & Cruz De Angelo)…2Hot4U (Chico Suave, D’Angelo Steele & Encantador Valentino) defeated Team 2 Star (Matt Knicks, Chris Castro & Dante DVS)…Syndicate (Jesus Bryce, Marcus Conrad & Barry Ryte) defeated Mason Conrad, Furia Roja & Destructor Jr. (9/7/14)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: Acid Jaz pinned Mojo McQueen…Draconis & Caballeros (Destructor Sr. & Destructor Alfa) defeated El Traidor, Golden Dragon & Kunai Silencio…Team 2 Star (Matt Knicks & Chris Castro) defeated 2Hot4U (D’Angelo Steele & Encantador Valentino)…Team GALLI (Cruz De Angel, Pentagono & Golden Star) defeated Team ELLMEX (Slayer, Imperio Azteca & Guerrerito Del Futuro)…Overload defeated GPA by DQ…Dark Scorpion, Mason Conrad, Destructor Jr. & Furia Roja defeated The Syndicate (Jesus Bryce, Marcus Conrad, Barry Ryte & Mike Anthony) in an 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match. (9/14/14)

Fort Wayne-Heroes & Legends IV at the Fort Wayne Fundome: Great Akuma pinned Jun Hado…Anthony Toatele defeated Roderick Street, Eli McFly & Andrew S. Kirk in a 4-Way Dance…Gangrel pinned Kongo Kong…Jake Omen, Scotty Young & Mark Vandy defeated Stevie Richards, Nova & The Blue Meanie…Bob Holly pinned Kharn Alexander…Sugar Dunkerton pinned Tracy Smothers…Russ Jones pinned Tommy Dreamer…Dru Skillz pinned Carlito. (9/13/14)


New Bedford-House of Bricks at Dias Field: Brandon Webb defeated Gregory Edwards & Ryan Waters in a Triple Threat Match…The Refflers (Scott Le Deur & Chris Matrix) defeated The Beasts (Redemption & Colossus) by DQ…Kyle Storm pinned Christopher James…David Baker pinned Shady Shay…Mack Attack (Monster Mack & Trainee #1) defeated the Glamour Express (Ramona Romano & Mike Paiva)…Everett Briggs pinned JB Tickle…Chris Cruise & Amanda Fox defeated Lumberjake & Nikki Valentine…Shawn Candido defeated Tim Lennox…Gary Gold pinned Aaron Amadeus. (8/30/14)


Raleigh-GOUGE Wrestling at the Rleigh Brewing Company: Alex Avgerinos pinned Josh Powers…Jennifer Blaze pinned Rassle Crowe…Juan Jeremi defeated Ryan Miller & Old School in a 3-Way Dance Match…Wallabee Joe pinned Seymour Snott…Timmy Lou Retton pinned Ulrich von Vorse to become the new North Carolina Champion…Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. pinned Damien Wayne. (9/20/14)


Cincinnati-Northern Wrestling Federation at Bonekrushers: Matt Stevens pinned Ed…Kyron defeated Pompano Joe by DQ…Nicholas the Titan pinned Dustin Stewner…Lil C pinned Ryan Fitzgerald…Angel pinned Rickey Cardinal…Jeremiah pinned Miguel Sanchez…Justin Lane pinned the Executioner…Anthony Bryant pinned Big Rig…Jay Donaldson pinned Jordan Lachey. (9/6/14)

Cleveland-Absolute Intense Wrestling at Turners Hall: Brent Banks pinned Bolt Brady…Eddie Kingston & the Duke defeated Ethan Page in a Handicap Match…Colt Cabana pinned Dick Justice…Colin Delaney won the Six-Way Scramble…Davey Vega pinned Pete Dunne…The Forgotten (Jimmy Jacobs & BJ Whitmer) defeated the Hooligans (Matt & Devin Cutter)…Rickey Shane Page pinned Candice LeRae…Michael Elgin vs. Josh Alexander vs. Tim Donst went to a Sixty-Minute Draw. (9/5/14)

Cleveland-Absolute Intense Wrestling at Turners Hall: Pete Dunne pinned Ricky Shane Page…Eddie Kingston pinned Bobby Beverly…Tommy Mercer won a Six-Way Scramble…Davey Vega pinned Louis Lyndon…The Boys from Jollyville (Nasty Russ & T-Money) defeated the Hooligans (Mason & Devin Cutter), Colin Delaney & Cheech and the Iron Curtain (Martini & Boone)…Colt Cabana pinned Tyson Dux…Candice LeRae pinned Johnny Gargano…Cliff Compton defeated Tracy Smothers by DQ. (9/6/14)

Cleveland-Absolute Intense Wrestling at Turners Hall: Ethan Page pinned Eddie Kingston…Veda Scott pinned Candice LeRae…Davey Vega defeated Johnny Gargano, Pete Dunne & Tyson Dux…Colt Cabana & Cliff Compton defeated Tracy Smothers & Jock Samson…The Iron Curtain (Gregoary Iron, Martini, Boone & Jerry) defeated the Justice League (Dick Justice, Colin Delaney, Cheech & Bobby Beverly)…Alex Daniels pinned Joshua Singh…Abyss defeated Christian Faith in a Monster’s Ball Match…Tim Donst defeated Josh Alexander by submission to become the new AIW Absolute Champion. (9/7/14)

Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Pro Arena: The Fight (Draven & Jerrod Harris) defeated Sick & Twisted (Zakk Spadez & Duke Beefhammer)…Kyle Kraven pinned Mason Price…Dustin Rayz pinned Matt Ryan…Jon Murray pinned Great American Beast…Aaron Williams pinned Kyle Maverick…Ron Mathis pinned Benjamin Kimera. (9/3/14)

Degraff-Main Event Wrestling at the 2014 Degraff Country Fair: Jerry O’Keefe pinned Ajax…Nightshadow pinned Kozzmitude…Tim Lutz pinned Arcell Martin…RIP Robinson defeated Tom McClane by DQ…Arcell Martin & RIP Robinson defeated Tom McClane &Tim Lutz. (9/5/14)

Jackson-Revolutionary Championship Wrestling at the YMCA: Duke Beefhammer, Onyx, Randy Allen & Jimmy Malloy defeated Devlin Anderson, Papa Dingo and The Black & Blue Crew in an 8-Man Tag Team Match…Corey Mason pinned Jason Legend to become the new RCW North American Champion…Zac Vincent pinned Eclipso…DDK pinned Otto Von Boogiemeister…Tyson Rogers pinned Flash Fury. (9/13/14)

Marion-NWA-Sports Entertainment Wrestling at the Marion Popcorn Festival: Ryan Burke pinned Brandon Xavier…Big D pinned Prince Titus…Malice pinned Jeremy Ganger…Bryen Douglas pinned Jessy McCoy…Graham Wellington & Tony Reno defeated Dennis Wolfe & War Machine Williams…Alex Matthews & Ethan Wright defeated Joshua Singh & Alex Daniels to become the new NWA-SEW Tag Team Champions…Renze Lavell vs. Seth Allen went to a Double Countout. (9/4/14)

Middletown-Legends of the Squared Circle at the LSC Arena: 3BM pinned Love & War…Butcher Manson pinned Arcell Martin…Tim Lutz defeated Barackus by DQ…Richie O’Ryan defeated Mr. Brody by Countout…Ryan Stone & Ice defeated Zac West to become the new LSC Tag Team Champions…Ganger pinned Jeff Halloway…Big T was the Sole Survivor in an Elimation 8-Man Tag Match. (9/6/14)

Piqua-Dynamic Championship Wrestling at the National Guard Armory: Vandal pinned Brandon James in a Quest for the Gold Qualifier…Tommy Blaze pinned Evan Steel in a Quest for the Gold Qualifier…Mac Mcphat pinned Andrew Stryker in a Quest for the Gold Qualifier…Big Jim Hutchinson pinned Shawn Draven in a Quest for the Gold Qualifier…Mason Price pinned Kyle Kraven…Brandon Fields pinned Matt Ryan…Vandal defeated Tommy Blaze, Mac Mcphat & Big Jim Hutchinson in the Quest for the Gold Tournament Finals to become the new DCW Heavyweight Champion. (9/13/14)

Zanesville-Southern Championship Wrestling at the Newton Township Fire Department: Bryen Douglas pinned Halo…Rok Wyler pinned Lottery…Spade defeated Tom McClane by DQ…Punk Wild defeated Tom McClane & Great America Beast. (9/6/14)

Zanesville-Ohio Championship Wrestling at the Zanesville Civic Leagues Community Center: Takahashi pinned Bruce Grey…Louie Perez pinned Brian Bowers…Jimmy Shane defeated Ernie Ballz in Match #3 in their Best of 3 Series…The Redneck Wrestling Crew (Jeff Cannon & Jock Samson) defeated The Heatseekers (Jeremy Madrox & Kaden Assad) and The Saturday Night Slam Masters (Juice Jennings & Joey Vengeance) to in 3-Way Tag Match to become the new OCW Tag Team Champions…Matt Taylor pinned Matt Justice…Levi Connors pinned Justin Diaz…Robby Starr defeated Sherman Tank by DQ. (9/13/14)


Blue Ridge Summit-Summit Wrestling Association at the C.A.C. Village: John Rambo pinned Monster Ivan…Chucky Wynn pinned Steve Sarx…Inferno, Nick Tide, Laz & TNT defeated Grizzly, Tomahawk and the Masked Russians…Tjay Sykes pinned King Kaluah…Sidney Porter defeated Sean Stevens…Inferno pinned Laz…Outcast pinned Mr. Jones to become the new SWA Champion. (9/13/14)

Leisenring-Vicious Outcast Wrestling at the Ice Mine Arena: Fred Flash vs. J-RV went to a No-Contest…Super Beast pinned Derek Direction…Matthew Justice pinned Remy Lavey…Fa├žade & Andrew Palace defeated Generation Dead (Gory & E-Veil) by DQ…Patrick Hayes pinned Matt Tremont to become the new 24/7 VOW Anarchy Champion…Matt Tremont pinned Patick Hayes to become the new 24/7 VOW Anarchy Champion…Shane Strickland defeated Cassidy Stone & Chris LeRusso in a Triple Threat Match…Marti Belle pinned Angel Dust…Ganon Jones Jr. pinned Kriss Stark…Sabu defeated G-Raver in a No-DQ Match. (9/6/14)


Jasper-AIWF Young Blood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: Thomas Cage pinned Cousin Jed…Jason Williams defeated Mikey G & Lil Bink to become the new Number One Contender for the YBW U.S. Champion…R.J. Starr pinned Bart Maverick…Blood-4-Blood defeated Jay Anthony & Eric Michaels. (9/6/14)

Jasper-AIWF Young Blood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: Apocalypse pinned Cousin Jed…Acid defeated Bart Maverick by Submission…Freddie Reckless pinned L’l Bink…R.J. Starr defeated Brandon Young by Submission…Adam Powers pinned Jeff Rayne…Mikey G. defeated Johnny Viper & Thomas Cage in a Three-Way Dance. (9/13/14)

Jasper-AIWF Young Blood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: Sinister & Thomas Cage defeated Cousin Jed & Bart Maverick…Jay Anthony pinned Apocalypse…Thomas Cage defeated L’l Bink & Marc Slayton in a Triple Threat Match…The Henchmen & Mikey G defeated Jason Williams, Eric Micheals & R.J. Starr. (9/20/14)

Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Aaron Plague pinned Mark Dunnavant…Cody Morton defeated Royal Knight by DQ…Shaun Fatal & Larry Cooter defeated Curt Nichols & Kilo…Ringmaster pinned Ray Dunnavant…Yukon Jack & Misty Heat defeated Mikey Dunn & Brittany Love. (9/13/14)