Indy show results from 10/3/14 to 10/5/14

Thomas Rude sent this in.


Tucson-High Impact Wrestling at the Midtown Bar & Grill: Entapryze defeated Yetty by DQ…Mac Havok pinned Cody Baker in a HIW Title Tournament Semi-Final Match…Dueno pinned Daniel Loya to become the new HIW Tucson City Champion…Roman Alexander pinned Tyrone Cabrone in a HIW Title Tournament Semi-Final Match…The Innovators of Impact (Ricky Flash & Chaos) defeated Creature Feature (Monster Mayhem & Ogre) to become the new HIW Tag Team Champions…Mack Havok pinned Roman Alexander to become the new HIW Champion. (10/4/14)

Tucson-High Impact Wrestling at the Tanque Verde Swap Meet: Tyrone Cabrone pinned Manson…Narval pinned The Mangler…Roman Alexander defeated Ogre by DQ…Cody Baker pinned Rave Michaels-Martel…Daniel Loya pinned Dueno to become the new HIW Tucson City Champion…The Innovators of Impact (Ricky Flash & Chaos) and Entapryze defeated Creature Feature (Monster Mayhem & Yetty) and Rave Michaels-Martel in an Elimination Match. (10/5/14)


Orlando-I Believe in Wrestling at the Team Vision Dojo: Josh Hess pinned Gabriel Black…Jody Kristofferson pinned Leo Brien….Chico Adams pinned Blake Archer…Brandon Groom pinned Joey Mayberry…Aaron Epic pinned Willie Brown…Alex Pourteau & Mike Patrick defeated Chasyn Rance & Rhett Giddins…Lince Dorado pinned Jason Cade. (9/19/14)

Orlando-I Believe in Wrestling at the Team Vision Dojo: Jason Cade pinned Josh Hess…Santana Garrett pinned Joey Mayberry…Maxwell Chicago pinned C.J. O’Doyle…Mike Patrick & Leo Brien defeated Chasyn Rance & Gabriel Black…Jesus Rodriguez pinned Tristan Keali’i…Rhett Giddins defeated Chico by DQ…Yamamoto pinned Alex Pourteau. (9/26/14)

Orlando-I Believe in Wrestling at the Team Vision Dojo: Santana Garrett pinned Joey Maybery…Brandon Scherer pinned Gabriel Black…Mike Patrick & Leo Brien defeated Boom Boom Groom & Sweet Thang Willie…Aaron Epic vs. Jason Cade went to a Time-Limit Draw…Chico Adam defeated Rhett Giddins by DQ…Yamamoto pinned Chasyn Rance. (10/4/14)

Titusville-Riot Pro Wrestling at the Gibson Youth Center: Lince Dorado & Willie Brown defeated Jesus Rodriguez & Maxwell Chicago…Chico Adams pinned Johnny Riot…Chasyn Rance defeated Santana Garrett…Yamamoto pinned Rhett Giddins to become the new RIOT Heavyweight Champion…Mike Patrick, Leo Brian & Ashleigh Ford defeated Oso Panda, Gabriel Black & Lizzie Parris…Russell Payne defeated Chico Adams by Count Out…Rhett Giddins & Russell Payne won a 5-team Battle Royal to become the new RIOT Tag Team Champions. (9/27/14)


Willowbrook-Resistance Pro Wrestling at the Barn at Arabian Knights Farms: Robert Anthony defeated Mad Man Pondo in a Hardcore Match…Crazy Mary Dobson pinned Angeldust…Suge D & Shawn Blaze defeated Lock-Up (Remi Wilkins & Chris Hall)…Marshe Rockett pinned John Skyler…Jocephus pinned Jake O’Neill…Body Magic (Brady Pierce & Eric St. Vaughn) defeated Mad Man Pondo & Scotty Young, The Slobberknockers (BD Smooth & Hardcore Harry) and The Soul Touchaz (Acid Jazz & Willie Richardson). (9/26/14)

Villa Park-Fusion Wrestling at the Fusion Arena: Colin Smith pinned Kid Twist…Brando pinned JW Lovely…J Money pinned Ricky the Janitor…Chris Miller pinned Marco Anthony…Roy Daniels defeated Tony Briggs by Submission…Apocalypto pinned The Arc Angel…Acid Jaz pinned Steve Boz…Willie Richardson pinned Jesus Bryce. (10/4/14)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: Golden Dragon pinned Destructor Sr… Barry Ryte defeated Gavilan & Kunai Silencio in a Triple Threat Match…Dark Scorpion and The Four Star Heroes (Matt Knick && Chris Castro) defeated Mojo McQueen, Draconis & Rey Furia…Acid Jaz & GPA defeated 2 Hot 4 U (Chico Suave & Encantador Valentino) by DQ…Destructor Jr. pinned Traidor in a Qualifying Bout for the GALLI Jr. Championship Ladder Match…Mason Conrad pinned Chico Suave…Imperio Azteca, Slayer & Guerrerito Del Futuro defeated Cruz De Angel, Golden Dragon & Atomico in a 6-Man Tag Team No DQ Match. (10/5/14)


Gary-Crash Test Wrestling at the CTW Training Facility: Christopher St. Michael defeated Montezuma by Submission…Ace Bradley pinned Marquis…Mike Strong defeated Austin Anarchy by DQ…Brutus Owen Wesker pinned Wild Windham. (9/27/14)


New Bedford-House of Bricks at Clegg Field: Devin Baker won the BattleMania Battle Royal to become the new Number One Contender…J.B. Tickle defeated Everett Briggs in a Moonshine on a Pole Match to become the new House of Bricks Pro Wrestling Southern New England Champion…Amanda Fox pinned J.B. Tickle to become the new House of Bricks Pro Wrestling Southern New England Champion…The Beasts (Colossus & Redemption) defeated The Refflers (Scott Le Deur & Chris Matrix) in an Anything Goes Match…Scott Ashworh & Mistress Belmont defeated Chris Cruise & Amanda Fox in a Mixed Tag Team Match…Robbie Araujo pinned Kevin Stryder…Aaron Amadeus pinned Gary Gold to become the new House of Bricks Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. (9/27/14)


Clinton Township-XICW’s “Best of Detroit VII” at the Imperial House: Alex Shelley vs. Orlando Christopher went to a Time-Limit Draw…Andy Muscat pinned Joe Coleman…Caleb Stills pinned Movado…Willy Watts defeated EC3 by DQ…DBA & Jaimy Coxxx vs. The Scarboni Brothers went to a No Contest…Austin Manix pinned Paul Bowser…Hakim Zane pinned TD Thomas…Jeff Brooks & Dickie Bronson defeated The Painkillers to become the new XICW Tag Team Champions…Mark Gjoka vs. Danny Shay went to a No Contest…Rhino pinned Abyss. (10/4/14)


Niagra Falls-Empire State Wrestling at the Frontier Fire Hall: Frankie Feathers pinned Andrew Cravatta…Dick Justice pinned Sergei Koloff…Kevin Bennett pinned Cheech…Coconut Jones vs. RJ City never got started…Pepper Parks pinned Brandon Thurston…Double Down defeated Handicapped Heroes…Will Calrissian defeated Jonny Puma in a Streetfight…Gabreal Saint defeated Blackjack Phoenix by Countout…Hurricane & Johnny Adams defeated The Flatliners…Bill Collier pinned Superbeast…Chris Cooper pinned Adam Cole. (10/4/14)


Akron-Mid Ohio Wrestling at the Tadmor Shrine: Brother Meekins defeated Sless Taylor & Papa Dingo…The Duke & Broderick Show defeated Hall of Fame City Hitmen (Joey Vengeance & Sherman Tank)…Bryan Castle pined Levi Connors…Tommy Chill pinned Matt Cross…Jimmy Lee Defeated Izzy Lambert by DQ…Wilbur Whitlock pinned Patrick Hayes to become the new MOW Tri-County Heavyweight Champion. (9/20/14)

Campbell-Real Action Pro Wrestling at St. Joseph the Provider: Flip Evans pinned Akai Tori…Tuff Tina & Leon Hart defeated Bill Rose & Vincent Maverick…Max Alexander defeated The Aftermath by Countout…Marcus Knights pinned Graham Wellington…Curt Fury vs. Trevor Skye wrestled to a time-limit draw…#ZombieKillers (Bouncer & Angel Dust) defeated The New LA Gunz (Flea & Kip Paige)…Jesse McCoy pinned TJ Dynamite…Space Warrior Attack Team (Eli Thomas & Chase Aaryons) defeated The Condemned (Sean Reznikk & Gabriel Shephard)…Shawn Blaze pinned Ryan Burke. (9/20/14)

Campbell-Real Action Pro Wrestling’s “The Cure for Kevina Koral” at St. Joseph the Provider: Jesse McCoy pinned Eli Thomas…Kenny Hendrix pinned Ryan Chambers…Ryan Burke pinned Jeff Meekins…Joey Vincent Martini pinned Broderick Shaw…#ZombieKillers (Bouncer & Angel Dust) & Curt Fury defeated Shawn Blaze, Marcus Knight & Tuff Tina…The Aftermath pinned Levi Connors…Urijah Xero pinned Sless Taylor. (9/28/14)

Cleveland-Absolute Intense Wrestling’s “Girls’ Night Out 13” at Turner’s Hall: Chasity Taylor pinned Angel Dust…Nikki Storm pinned Annie Social….Taeler Hendrix pinned Xandra Bale…Jasmin pinned Alexia Nicole…Jenny Rose pinned Mary Elizabeth Monroe…Veda Scott pinned Tessa Blanchard…Mia Yim pinned Heidi Lovelace…Athena defeated Allysin Kay in a No DQ Match. (10/4/14)

Cleveland-Absolute Intense Wrestling’s “Girls’ Night Out 14” at Turner’s Hall: Angel Dust pinned Xandra Bale…Tessa Blanchard pinned Chastiy Taylor…Allysin Kay defeated Jenny Rose by Submission…Mary Elizabeth Monroe defeated Taeler Hendrix by Submission…Team Barely Legal (Alexia Nicole & Jasmin) defeated The Social Network (Annie Social & Heidi Lovelace)…Nikki Storm pinned Mai Yim…Athena defeated Veda Scott by Submission. (10/4/14)

Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Arena: Benjamin Kimera & Kyle Maverick defeated The Great American Beast & Matt Ryan, The Fight (Draven & Harris) and Duke Beefhammer & Kyle Kraven in a Four Corners Tag Team Match…Nate Wings defaeated Matt Taylor and Alex Colon in a Three-Way Dance to become the American Luchacore Championship…Jake Crist pinned Mason Price…Jeremiah defeated Pompano Joe in a Powder on a Pole Match…Bruce Grey vs. Jon Murray ended in a Double Countout…Ganger vs. Mikael went to a No-Contest…Gerome Phillips pinned Tommy Dreamer…Dustin Rayz vs. Aaron Williams went to a Time-Limit Draw…DJ Hyde pinned Ron Mathis. (9/5/14)

Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Pro Arena: Alex Colon pinned Duke Beefhammer…Nate Wings pinned Pompano Joe…Benjamin Kimera pinned Matt Ryan…Jon Murray pinned Kyle Maverick…Dave Crist pinned Zakk Spadez…Gerome Phillips pinned Kyle Kraven…Ron Mathis pinned Jeremiah…Samantha Heights pinned Miss Diss Lexia…Jake Crist defeated Aaron Williams, Mason Price & Great American Beast in a Fatal Four-Way Match. (9/10/14)

Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Pro Arena: Alex Colon pinned Ganger…Gerome Phillips pinned Jeremiah…Nate Wings pinned Benjamin Kimera…Bruce Grey pinned Duke Beefhammer…Jake Crist pinned Great American Beast…Aaron Williams pinned Pompano Joe…Jim Hutchinson pinned Matt Ryan…Dustin Rayz pinned Zakk Spadez…Ron Mathis pinned Mason Price. (9/17/14)

Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Pro Arena: Pompano Joe defeated Kyle Kraven by DQ…Jon Murray pinned Matt Ryan…Mason Price defeated Benjamin Kimera by DQ…DJ Hyde pinned Ganger…Dustin Rayz defeated Aaron Williams in a Last Man Standing Match…Sick & Twisted Killers (Zakk Spadez, Jake Crist, Dave Crist & Ron Mathis) defeated The Fight (Matt Taylor, Jerrod Harris, Draven, Kyle Maverick & Samantha Heights). (9/24/14)

Dayton-Combat Zone Wrestling at the Rockstar Arena: Preacher Finneus James pinned Mason Price…Alex Colon pinned Latin Dragon…Joe Gacy pinned Aaron Williams…Sozio pinned Caleb Konley…Nevaeh pinned Kimber Lee…Ron Mathis defeated Conor Claxton in a 4-Corners of Ultraviolent Match…Shane Strickland pinned Flip Kendrick…Biff Busick pinned Drew Gulak…OI4K defeated The Juicy Product to become the new CZW World Tag Team Champions. (9/27/14)

Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Pro Arena: Big Jim Hutchinson pinned Great American Beast…Nate Wings pinned Kyle Maverick…Bruce Grey pinned Jeremy Madrox…The Fight (Jerrod Harris & Draven) defeated Kyle Kraven & Ganger…Ron Mathis defeated Mikael in a Hardcore Match…Benjamin Kimera pinned Jeremiah…Aaron Williams defeated Pompano Joe & Duke Beefhammer in a Triple Threat Match…Dustin Ray pinned Jon Murray…Mason Price pinned Dave Crist…Jake Crist pinned Zakk Spadez. (10/1/14)

Elryia-Mega Championship Wrestling at the VFW Post 1079: Chase Aaryons pinned Tripp Cassidy…Eddie Excess defeated Ryan Chambers by Submission…Totally Sexy (Shawn Blaze & Tristan Tyler) defeated The Duke & The Bouncer…Soda Pop Johnson pinned El Tigre Azul…TJ Dynamite pinned Jesse McCoy…Angel Dust defeated Thunderkitty & Heidi Lovelace…N8 Mattson defeated Brandon Xavier by DQ…Joshua Singh defeated Graham Wellington, Alex Matthews & Alex Daniels in a Four-Way Match. (9/27/14)

Fairfield-Northern Wrestling Federation at the UAW Hall: The Stewner Brothers defeated The Ed’s…Chuck E. Smooth pinned The Executioner…Jeremiah, Ricky Cardinal & Pompano Joe defeated Lil C, Miguel Sanchez & Chris Harris…Brody Cormick pinned Big Rig…Jordan Lachey pinned Big Jim Hutchinson…Nicholas pinned Nasty Russ…Kyron vs. Samson went to a Double DQ…Justin Lane pinned Jay Donaldson…Jesse Hyde defeated Anthony Bryant by DQ. (9/20/14)

Middletown-Legends of the Squared Circle at the LSC Arena: Crush Simmons pinned The Bronze Medalist…Arcell Martin pinned Dez Coletrain…Jay West & Richie O’Ryan defeated Zac West & Mr. Brody…Donny Redd pinned Night Shadow…Jay Taylor defeated Brutal Bellman, Hooks & Pete Swag in a 4-Way Match to become the new LSC Hardcore Champion…Todd Mullins defeated Barackus & Ganger in a Triple Threat Match…Jerry Andrews pinned Sgt. Ledbetter…Big T pinned Tim Lutz. (9/20/14)

Nelsonville-Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment at the Hocking College Student Center: Duke Beefhammer pinned Dan Dawkins…James Avery pinned Rex Ultima…Damien Braddeck pinned Jerry Bishop…Jason Legend pinned Tanu…Bull Dozer defeated Nick Abbott & Brandon Fields…Dane Stratmore & Chris Kahoz vs. Lottery & Matt Vertigo went to a No-Contest…Pretty in Pink defeated Dirk Extreme, Devlin Anderson & Otto Von Boogiemeister. (9/20/14)

Portsmouth-Revolutionary Championship Wrestling at the Elk’s City Lodge: Duke Beefhammer pinned Flex Taylor…Eclipso pinned Flash Fury…Randy Allen pinned Brandon Fields…DDK pinned Chad Cruise…Party Down Productions (Bruce Grey & Jimmy Malloy) defeated the Black and Blue Crew (Tommy Chill & Cyrus Poe) to become the new RCW Tag Team Champions…Corey Mason defeated Jason Legend by Countout…The Canadian Idol & Ace Gigolo defeated Tyson Rogers & James Avery. (9/27/14)

Sandusky-Mega Championship Wrestling at Colossal Con’s Fan Appreciation Party (Episode One): Ryan Chambers pinned Brandon Xavier…War Machine Williams pinned Big D…Alex Daniels won a Battle Royal for a MEGA Title Shot…Eric Ryan pinned Chase Aaryons…Itachi Uchiha pinned The Duke…Donkey Kong pinned Princess Peach…Graham Wellington pinned Joshua Singh…Soda Pop Johnson pinned Alex Daniels. (9/13/14)

Sandusky-Mega Championship Wrestling at Colossal Con’s Fan Appreciation Party (Episode Two): War Machine Williams pinned Woody the Clown…Graham Wellington & Brandon Xavier defeated Incredibly AmaSINGH…Eli Thomas pinned Chase Aaryon…Soda Pop Johnson & The Duke defeated The Bearded Dragons…Itachi Uchiha pinned The Joker…Eric Ryan pinned Alex Daniels…Soda Pop Johnson pinned MEGA Ranger Red. (9/13/14)

West Union-World’s Best Wrestling at the Oliver School: Flash Fury pinned G-Force to advance to the Power Play 4-Way…Tom McClane pinned Brandon James to advance to the Power Play 4-Way…Louie Perez pinned Mac McPhat to advance to the Power Play 4-Way…Butcher Manson pinned Andrew Stryker to advance to the Power Play 4-Way…Flash Fury defeated Tom McClane, Louie Perez & Butcher Manson in the Power Play 4-Way…Jake Ashworth pinned Great American Beast. (9/20/14)


Church Hill-NWA Smoky Mountain Wrestling “Volunteer Slam 2” at the Volunteer High School: Lenny Stratton pinned Benny Conley…Daniel Mulligan pinned Joe Briggs…Cody Blade vs. Nick Hammonds went to a No-Contest…Michael Starr pinned Vince Brent…Ryan Stunna & Big Al defeated Dax Cable & Chris Shane…Jason Kindcaid pinned Jeff Connelly…The Heatseekers defeated Chris Richards & Chase Owens by DQ. (9/26/14)

Jasper-AIWF Young Blood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: Apocalypse & Adam Powers defeated Cousin Jed & Johnny Pain by DQ…R.J. Starr pinned Jason Williams…Maniac pinned Bart Maverick…Blood-4-Blood defeated Marc Slayton & Johnny Pain to become the new YBW Tag Team Champions…Jay Anthony pinned Thomas Cage to become the new FCU Champion…F1rST Generation defeated Young&Reckless…Eric Michaels pinned Mikey G. (9/27/14)

Jasper-AIWF Young Blood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: Maniac pinned Cousin Jed…L’l Bink pinned Jason Williams…Acid defeated Marc Slayton by Submission…Mikey G pinned Bart Maverick…Eric Michaels defeated Sinister by DQ…Jay Anthony & Johnny Pain defeated Adam Powers & Thomas Cage. (10/4/14)

Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Lawrence defeated Homie D by Countout…Ryder Anderson defeated Ray Dunnavant & Crash in a Triple Threat Match…Destiny pinned Miss Natural…Shaun Fatal & Larry Cooter pinned Aaron Plague & Royal Knight…Mikey Dunn pinned Cody Morton…Jeremiah Plunkett defeated Ringmaster in a Two-out-of-Three Falls Match. (9/27/14)

Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Mark Dunnavant pinned Ray Dunnavant…Ringmaster pinned Aaron Plague…David Morton defeated Jeremiah Plunkett by Countout…Lawrence defeated Cody Morton by Submission…Mikey Dunn & Dante vs. Homie D & Gary Valiant to a No-Contest. (10/4/14)


Alloa-Premier British Wrestling at the Alloa Town Hall: 2 Unlimited defeated The Coffey Brothers…Davey Blaze pinned Andy Wild…El Technico pinned TJ Rage…Jack Jester pinned Kenny Williams…Lou King Sharp, Drake Stone & Aaron Echo defeated Alex Draven, Tommy Marx & Tony Martyns in a Six-Man Tag Team Match…El Ligero pinned James Scott. (10/4/14)

Balmedie-Wrestlezone at the Balmedie Leisure Centre: Bryan Tucker defeated Damien & Blue Thunder in a Triple Threat Match…Chris Archer & Alpha Male defeated Scotty Swift & Mr. P…Malysto #1 pinned Cysto #1…William Sterling defeated Johnny Lions & Shawn Johnson in a Triple Threat Match…Crusher Craib pinned Lord Alan Sterling. (10/4/14)

Birmingham-Pro Wrestling Kingdom at the MAC: Matt Myers pinned Man Man Manson Danny Hope…Sebastian Radclaw pinned …Chris Ridgeway defeated Damian Dunne, Nixon Newell, Tyler Bate, Lana Austin & Bubblegum in a Six-Man Ladder Match…The Hunter Brothers defeated Ethan Silver & Drew Parker…Joseph Conners pinned Dan Moloney…Pete Dunne pinned Mark Andrews. (10/4/14)

Camden-PROGRESS Wrestling at the Electric Ballroom: Screw Indy Wrestling (Mark Haskins & Sha Samuels) defeated Martin Kirby & Doug Williams…Morgan Webster pinned Pete Dunne to advance to the Natural Progression Series Final…Pastor Williams Eaver pinned Stixx…Rampage Brown defeated Zack Sabre Jr. & Marty Scurll in a Triple Threat Match…Michael Gilbert defeated “RJ Sting”, “Singhcara” & RJ Singh by Submission in three separate matches…Dave Mastiff defeated Martin Stone & El Ligero in a Triple Threat Match…Noam Dar, F.S.U. & Will Ospreay defeated Regression (Jimmy Havoc, The London Riots & Paul Robinson) in a Titles vs. Careers Match in which The London Riots’ Career is over. (9/28/14)

Larbert-Premier British Wrestling at the Dobbie Hall: Liam Thomson pinned Kenny Williams…Kay Lee Ray & Lucy Cole defeated The Owens Twins…Wolfgang pinned Jack Jester…Just Uz defeated 2 Unlimited…Lou King Sharp pinned Tommy Marx…El Ligero pinned Davey Blaze. (10/3/14)

Mansfield-House of Pain at the Forest Town Welfare: Matt Myers pinned Barricade…Nixon Newell pinned Violet O’Hara…Jimmy Havoc pinned Sebastian Radclaw…Tyler Bate pinned Robert X…LJ Heron pinned Sam Bailey…The Hunter Brothers defeated The London Riots…Rampage Brown pinned Joseph Conners. (10/3/14)

Newcastle-Insane Championship Wrestling at the O2 Academy: Kenny Williams pinned Marty Scurll…Stevie Boy pinned Mark Coffey…Kid Fite pinned Rampage Brown…Jack Jester defeated Big Damo & Liam Thomson in a Triple Threat Match…Noam Dar defeated Joe Coffey by Submission…Johnny Moss pinned Wolfgang…Brian Kendrick & Paul London defeated New Age Kliq to become the new ICW Tag Team Champions. (10/5/14)

Northallerton-New Generation Wrestling “The Davey Boy Smith Cup Tournament” at the Forum: Nathan Cruz pinned Marty Scurll to qualify for the Davey Boy Smith Cup Tournament…Rampage Brown pinned a trainee…Rampage Brown pinned Andy O’Sullivan…Rampage Brown pinned Liam Slater…Paul London pinned Martin Kirby. (9/27/14)

Stockport-Futurshock Wrestling at the Stockport Guild Hall: Sam Bailey pinned Henry T. Grodd…Danni Hunter & Bete Noire defeated Lana Austin & Viper…Don Meacho & Ryan Hendrick defeated Dave Rayne & Nordic Warrior…Bubblegum pinned Noah…The Models & Sexy Kev defeated The Blackpool Blonds & T-Bone in a Six-Man Tag Team Match…Xander Cooper pinned Jack Gallagher. (10/5/14)

Wigan-Grand Pro Wrestling at the Rose Club: Ashton Smith pinned Martin Kirby…Joey Hayes, Jett Fashion & Toxic Waste defeated Dylan Roberts, Nik Maguire & The Bad Lads in an 8-Man Tag Team Match…The Island Brothers defeated The Proven…Jack Gallagher defeated Mike Track, Chief Wahoo Thunderfoot & Bullfrog (CJ Banks) in Jack Gallagher’s Grapple Challenge…Dirk Feelgood defeated Axl Rage, Sean Daniels, Ricky J. McKenzie, Johnny Brannigan & Dave Rayne in a Six-Man Tag Team Elimination Match to become the new GPW Champion. (10/3/14)

Wolverhampton-Fight Club: PRO’s “Project Mayhem 3” (NIGHT TWO) at the Taj Palace: The Dunne Brothers (Damian Dunne & Pete Dunne) defeated Mark Andrews & Robbie X…Zack Sabre Jr. pinned Jonathan Gresham…Sumerian Death Squad defeated The Hunter Brothers…Trent Seven defeated Tyler Bate, Dave Mastiff, MK McKinnan, Daniel Moloney & Wild Boar in a Six-Way Elimination Match. (9/27/14)


Cambuslang-Scottish Wrestling Alliance Zero1 at the Cambuslang Institute: Jack Gallagher pinned Mark Coffey…Jackie Polo defeated DCT by Submission…Damian O’Connor & Grado defeated The Gatecrashers…Bete Noire pinned Nikki Storm…Joe Coffey pinned Eric Canyon. (9/27/14)

Beith-Scottish Wrestling Alliance Zero1 at the Beith Community Centre: Joe Hendry pinned Bobby Roberts…Glen Dunbar pinned Adam Carrell…The Masked Avengers defeated Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey…Courtney pinned Viper. (9/28/14)