11/30 Beyond Wrestling Results: Providence, Rhode Island (Tournament for Tomorrow 3)

TFT 3:16

1. Milk Chocolate def. The Batiri

2. The Garden State Gods def. Minute Men

3. The Colony def. Flawless & Lawless

4. The Kimber Bombs def. The Crusade for Change

5. Milk Chocolate def. The Colony

6. The Garden State Gods def. The Kimber Bombs


1. The Young Bucks def. Da Hoodz

2. Team TREMENDOUS def. The Gentleman’s Club

3. The Juicy Product def. The Osirian Portal

4. Doom Patrol def. Da Hit Squad

5. Eddie Edwards def. Silver Ant

6. Brian Cage def. Pinkie Sanchez

7. The Young Bucks def. Doom Patrol

8. Team TREMENDOUS def. The Juicy Product

9. Stockade def. Matt Tremont in a Bullrope Match.

10. Biff Busick & Drew Gulak def. The Garden State Gods, Milk Chocolate & Ninjas with Attitude to win TFT 3:16. 

11. Team TREMENDOUS def. The Young Bucks to win TFT 3.