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Strong vs Whitmer in a Grudge Match Live on PPV

“Grudge match: a contest or other competitive situation based on personal antipathy between the participants.”

On Sunday, March 1st in Las Vegas, NV, Ring of Honor presents its 13th Anniversary spectacular live on Pay Per View. A special grudge match has been signed as “Mr ROH” Roderick Strong will take on the bully of The Decade, BJ Whitmer.

At Final Battle 2013, the trio of Jimmy Jacobs, BJ Whitmer and Roderick Strong came together as The Decade. They would wage war against anyone returning to ROH whom they perceived had used the company as a stepping stone to other opportunities. As The Decade’s reign of terror continued, tensions began to grow between Strong and Whitmer. Whitmer felt Strong was not following the unwritten rules of the group and was not supportive of Adam Page, Whitmer’s personal favorite “young boy”. Strong felt Whitmer was taking measures into his own hands without consulting the group. Things came to a boiling point this past December on an episode of Ring of Honor Television when Whitmer and Adam Page would take it upon themselves to attack Strong, ending Roderick’s association with the group .

Strong wanted an immediate match with Whitmer but it was not to be. Strong would face and defeat The Decade’s Adam Page at Final Battle 2014. All the while, Whitmer and Strong would continue to take shots at each other over various media outlets. Whitmer would accuse Strong of being egotistical and self-centered. Strong would remind BJ of everything he has in ROH while Whitmer he has never been seen as “the man”. Words would turn into violence as Whitmer and Strong have now taken any chance available to get their hands on each other. This situation forced the hand of ROH matchmaker Nigel McGuinness as he could no longer sit back and let this situation escalate.

At 13th Anniversary these two will tear into each other in front of the world. Can the bully, BJ Whitmer prove his relevance to “Mr. ROH”? Can Strong finally shut Whitmer’s mouth and move past The Decade?

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