Thomas Rude sent this in.


Tucson-High Impact Wrestling at the Tanque Verde Swap Meet: Ricky Flash, Fuerza Aeria & Hippie defeated Pali Prince, Caudillo & Rudy Escobedo…Joey Law pinned Narval…24/7 (Roman Alexander & Chaos) defeated The Unholy Alliance (Mac Havok & Tyrone Cabrone) and Ogre & Rave Michaels-Martel in a 3-Way Match…EJ Sparks defeated Cody Baker & Criss Syndell in a 3-Way Match…Shot Saxon pinned Azteca…Matthew Blaze pinned Outrage. (01/11/15)

Tuscon-High Impact Wrestling at the Midtown Bar & Grill: Curtis Blaire defeated 5 other wrestlers in a Gauntlet Match…Matthew Blaze pinned Joey Law…Rave Michaels Martel defeated Mac Havok by Submission to become the new HIW Champion…Dueno pinned Tyrone Cabrone to become the new HIW Tucson City Champion…Roman Alexander defeated MADA by DQ…Creature Feature (Monster Mayhem & Ogre) defeated FlashTeca (Ricky Flash & Azteca)…24/7 (Roman Alexander & Chaos) defeated Creature Feature (Monster Mayhem & Ogre). (1/17/15)

Tuscon-High Impact Wrestling at the VFW Catalina Post 4903: Creature Feature (Monster Mayhem & Yetty) defeated FlashTeca (Ricky Flash & Azteca), Narval & Chadd Hawkley, Cody Baker & T and Curtis Blaire & Kur-Ji Suzuki in a 5 Tag-Team Gauntlet Match…Criss Syndell defeated Criss Syndell defeated Matthew Blaze & Guzmania…Shot Saxon vs. Joey Law went to a Time-Minute Draw…Rave Mickaels-Martel defeated Cris Anarchy & Chaos…Ogre pinned Zeek the Destroyer…Dueno pinned EJ Sparks…Action Awesome Army (Ed Knight & Roman Alexander) defeated The Unholy Alliance (Tyrone Cabrone & MADA). (1/24/15)

Tucson-High Impact Wrestling at the Tanue Verde Swap Meet: Dueno & Criss Syndel defeated Chadd Hawkley & Narval…EJ Sparks pinned Tyrone Cabrone…24/7 (Roman Alexander & Chaos) defeated FlashTeca (Ricky Flash & Azteca)…Ogre pinned Outrage…Rave Michael-Martell pinned Curtis Blaire…Chris Evans pinned MADA. (2/8/15)


Eureka-Insane Hardcore Wrestling Entertainment at Redwood Acres: Ricky Gibson pinned Patrick Large…Rocket Boy Brett pinned Daniel Torch…Gregory James pinned Americos…Andrea the Giant & Delilah Doom defeated Sin Sage Supreme & Mary Jane Payne…Rick Luxury pinned Idris Jackson…JD Bishop defeated Levi Shapiro in a No-DQ Street Fight Match…The Illuminati (Wade Hess & Thunder) defeated The Honor Society (Sir Samurai & Drake Frost)…Quiz pinned Nate Andrews to become the firest IHWE California West Coast Heavvyweight Champion…Thomas Shire pinned Dr. Brock Kliever. (2/7/15)


Newark-RightCoastPro Wrestling at the RightCoastPro Arena: Ryan Rush pinned Matt MacIntosh…Team Crister (Sean Royal, Ruby Rubino, Anthony Bowens & Joey Silver) defeated Team Kelly (Aaron Stride, Bazooka Joe, Damian Gibbs & Ryan Rush) in an 8-Man Elimination Match…Colton Quest defeated Chachi in a Most Falls in 10 Minutes Match…Mozart Fontaine pinned Bobby Wayward…Harry M. Baldwin defeated Brian Johnson in an “Oklahome Roll” Technical Challenge Match…Fallah defeated Nick Sohlo in a “Gorilla Press Slam” Power Challenge Match…Courageous Cruz & Sean Royal defeated The Monarchy (Williams King III & Zachary Beaulieu). (1/17/15)


Orlando-I Believe in Wrestling the Team Vision Dojo: Joey Mayberry pinned Josh Parker…Alex Pourteau defeated Russell Payne by Submission…Santana Garrett pinned Josh Hess…Brandon Scherer pinned Alex Calderon…Chasyn Rance pinned Gabriel Black…Maxwell Chicago pinned Tyranus…Dirty Damn Outlaws defated Rhett Giddins & Chico Adams. (1/17/15)

Fort Myers-New Era Wrestling at the Riverside Community Center: Donnie Abel & Prestin Caine defeated Cubantude & Rome…Boston Bad Boy pinned Mike Dubz…Syther pinned Michael Skye…Blanco Loco & Carrion…Guy Franchise & Jahmel Fortune…Tim Serrago & Michael Kai Rayne defeated Giovanni the Greatest & Justin Matthews…Deakon Starr pinned Romeo…Dravin Frost pinned Zack Monstar. (2/3/15)

Plant City-NWA Signature Pro at the K.L. Arena: Johnny Knockout defeated D’Lo Jordan & Blanco Loco in a 3-Way Match…La Rosa Negra pinned Stormie Lee…Kahagas pinned Martin Stone…Jeff Boom, Mitch Mitchell & Buck Wells defeated Chasyn Rance, Josh Hess & Deimos…Abomination pinned MDK…Wes Brisco pinned Wayne VanDyke…Santana Garrett pinned Barbi Hayden to become the new NWA World Women’s Champion..Lince Dorado, Jay Rios & Eddie Cruz defeated Jesus DeLeon, Jester & Angel Santos. (2/7/15)

Orlando-I Believe in Wrestling at the Team Vision Dojo: Jason Cade pinned Chasyn Rance…Mike Reed pinned Tyranus…Maxwell Chicago defeated Chico Adams & Joey Mayberry in a 3-Way Match…Brandon Scherer pinned Josh Parker…C.J. O’Doyle defeated Gabriel Black by Submission…Jesus Rodriguez pinned Aaron Epic…Santana Garrett defeated Josh Hess in a Hair Match. (2/14/15)

Miami-Coastal Championship Wrestling at the Opa-locka Hialeah Flea Market: Nathan Allen pinned Victor Saint…Chasyn Rance pinned Diego Cohiba…YOLO pinned Chico Adams…JB Cool pinned Rick James…Tyranus pinned Trevor Horn…Santana Garrett pinned Tammy Lynn…Bobby Sanford pinned John the Jet…Angel Santos pinned Nicky Vega. (2/15/15)


Chicago-Just Pro Wrestling at the Chicago Combat Training Facility: Punisher won El Buddha’s 10-Man Gauntlet Royale…Mike Strong pinned Kid Prodigy…Johnny Andrews pinned Brutus Owen Wesker…KiddFoxXx defeated Montezuma by DQ…XTC (Wild Windham & XTC) defeated The Monster Bazooka & Leon Negro…Punisher 747 pinned The Vanilla Thrilla…Mr. P90X, Rey Calabaza & Live Wire defeated Caribbean Cartel (Jeff Standards, Luis Morales & Chris Masangcay). (1/31/15)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: International Assassins (Gavilan & Kunai Silencio) defeated Gringo Loco & El Traidor…GPA pinned Chris Castro…Destructor Jr. & Las Furias (Furia Roja & Rey Furia) defeated 2 Hot 4 U (Chico Suave, D’Angelo Sxteele & Encantador Valentino)…Team GALLI (Halcon Oriental, Destructor Jr. & Alas De Fuego) defeated Team ELLMEX (Imperio Azteca, Destructor Sr. & Destructor Alfa)…Barry Ryte pinned Golden Dragon…La Maldicion (Mojo McQueen & Draconis) defeated Team ELLMEX (Atomico & Canek Jr.). (1/25/15)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: Barry Ryte pinned Rey Furia…2 Hot 4 U (D’Angelo Steele & Encantador Valentino) defeated Beauty & the Beast (Stevie Fierce & Rob Matter)…Mike Anthony & 4-Star Heroes (Matt Knicks & Chris Castro) defeated Mason Conrad & Soul Touchaz (Willie Richardson & Marshe Rockett)…La Maldicion (Mojo McQueen, Ovirload & Draconis) defeated Brad Kevins, Pentagono & Desttructor Jr…International Assassins (Golden Dragon, Gavilan & Kunai Silencio) defeated Team ELLMEX (Atomic, Traidor & Destructor Sr.)…Ricky Cruz & Acid Jaz defeated Punisher 747 & GPA. (2/8/15)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: Billion Dollar Empire (Will Dolla & Jay Knight) defated La Fantasia Viviente (Chico Suave and Beauty & The Beast (Stevie Fierce & Rob Matter)) in a Handicap Match…Mojo McQueen defeated Rey Furia & Brad Kevins in a Triple Threat Match…GPA defeated Encantador Valentino by DQ…Pentagono, Furia Roja & Destructor Jr. defeated Gringo Loco, El Traidor & Ricky Cruz…Team ELLMEX (Atomico and Los caballeros Del Chaos (Destructor Alfa & Destructor Sr.)) defeated Pentagono, Golden Dragon & Kunai Silencio…Barry Ryte pinned Mason Conrad. (2/15/15)


Munster-Crash Tested Wrestling at the Fairmeadow Community Church: David Desire pinned Nathaniel Grimm…Jarod Priest pinned Star Spangled Saint…Smash & Flash (Mike Strong & Flash Harris) defeated Caribbean Cartel (Luis Morales & Chris Masangcay)…Jeff Troy pinned Johnny Andrews…Austin Anarchy pinned Jeremy Hadley…Kenny Courageous pinned Wild Windham…The Plague (Ace Bradley & Brutus Owen Wesker) defeated Jeff Troy & Rion Skillz in a Steel Cage Match. (2/7/15)


Woodbury Heights-East Coaset Wrestling Association at the Woodbury Heights Community Center: Kid USA pinned Chris Rockwell…Renee Michelle vs. Candy Cartwright went to a Time-Limit Draw…JD Browning pinned Gabby Gilbert…Chuck Payne pinned Sam Shields…Bobby Shields vs. Kekoa went to a Double Countout…Bloodbound Warriors (Greywolf & Red Scorpion) defeated Dynamos (Mighty Mo & Mega Mo)…Chris Wylde & Breaker Morant defeated Kao Storm & Mark Harro…Matt Saigon defeated Ricky Martinez by DQ. (1/17/15)

Rahway-Pro Wrestling Syndicate at the Rahway Recreation Center: Mike Del pinned Trent Baretta…The Heavenly Bodies defeated The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express…Chris Payne pinned Eddie Kingston…The Handicapped Heroes defeated The Reynolds Brothers to become the new PWS Tag Team Champions…John Hennigan pinned Sabu…Bobby Wayward defeated Amazing Red, CPA, Brian XL, The Drunken Swashbuckler and PJ Black to become the new PWS Sucidal Six-Way Champion…Fallah Bahh defeated Bonesaw, Dan Maff, Mario Bokara in a 4-Corners Match…Dan Maff won the On The Spot Title Shot Rumble…Kevin Matthews defeated Brian Myers in a Barbed Wire Match. (1/31/15)


Delanson-In Your Face Wrestling at The Duanesburg Area Community Center: The Wild Kingdom (Good Lord Willing & Lance Madewell) defeated The Stooges (Curly Q. Howard & Larry Fine)…Tyler Vincent, Bill Slade & Garrett Holiday defeated Damon Ravage, Prince Ashul-Naul & Zach Clayton…C.J. Scott vs. Fronz Roddy went to a Time-Limit Draw…The Knockout Gang (Jamar Justice & Gabriel Soul) defeated The Rickety Rocket & Chip Stetson…Elite Terrell pinned Ricky Williams…Scumdogs of Sanity (Surma & S.O.G.) defeated Northern Fury (Vigo & Sgt. Fury)…Drake Evans defeated Roman Dominguez by DQ. (1/17/15)

Newburgh-Big Time Wrestling at the Newburgh Armory Unity Center: Todo Loco pinned The Ladies Man…Tessa Blanchard pinned Candy Cartwright…Ton North, Joe Caldo, Fungus & Dante Falcon defeated Foxx Vinyer, Worse Case Cal & The Exerguys (J.P. & M-3)…Earl Cooter & The Patriot defeated Mr. T.A. & Zane Riley…Flex Armstrong defeated Bam Shaw & Danny Miles in a Three-Way Dance…Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr) & Tyrus defeated The Now (Vik Dalishus & Hale Collins) & Val Venis…Sabu defeated Rhino in a Newburgh Street Fight. (2/7/15)


Durham-GOUGE Wrestling at the Motorco Music Hall: Juan Jeremi won the Redneck Rumble…Fabulous Frankie & Tito Rains defeated No Direction (Carolina Kid, Encore & Ryan Miller)…Storm Maverick pinned Raider Rock…Timmy Lou Retton defeated James Anthony, Victor Andrews & Big Rig in a 4-Way Elimination Match…Otto Schwanz pinned George Ryker…Mickey Gambino pinned Seymour Snott…Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. pinned Juan Jeremi. (2/8/15)

Hubert-Premier Wrestling Federation at the Hubert Bingo Hall: King Corino, CW Anderson & Jo Jo Dancer defeated Cedric Alexander, Josh Powers & Monster C in an Elimination Match…Hector Sanchez defeated Masked USA Wrestler by Submission…Frankie Fontaine pinned Officer Powers…Joe Black pinned Corey Hollis…Christophe pinned Ortega…Jakob Hammermeier won the Crystal Coast Ultra Title Number One Contender 4-Way Match…First Generation defeated Colby Corino & TJ Starks and NiteStic Eddie Brown & Jagger to become the new PWF Tag Team Champions. (1/16/15)


Altoona-Big Time Wrestling at the Jaffa Shrine: Todo Loco defeated Pretty Jimmy Dream, Kindred Kymari & Sebastian in a Four-Way Elimination Match…Tyrus pinned Val Venis…Wild West (D.C. Bentley & Dave Daniels) & The Patriot defeated Mr. T.A., Danny Miles & Zane Riley…Tessa Blanchard pinned Renee Michelle…Kevin Nash & Flex Armstrong defeated Bam Shaw & The Ladies Man…Sabu defeated Rhino in an Extreme Rules Match. (2/6/15)


Jasper-AIWF Young Blood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: Adam Powers defeated Jed Walker a Lumberjack Match…Matt Garvin pinned Jason Williams…The Bruise Bros. (Bart Maverick & R.J. Starr) defeated Blood-4-Blood (Sinister & Acid)…Brandon Young pinned L’l Bink…Alex Wylde pinned Freddy Reckless…Johnny Pain defeated Thomas Cage, Mikey G. & Eric Micheal’s in a Fatal 4-Way Match to become the new YBW Heavyweight Champion. (1/31/15)

Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Ryder Anderson pinned Panik…Larry Cooter defeated Royal Knight by DQ…Sexy C pinned Cody Davis…Norman Cross defeated Shaun Fatal by Countout…Homie D & David Morton defeated Mikey Dunn & Shawn Hoodrich. (2/7/15)

Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Sexy C pinned Ryder Anderson…Kaden Sade pinned Larry Cooter…Mikey Dunn pinned Gary Valiant…Homie D & David Morton defeated The Royal Knights by DQ…Lawrence defeated Shawn Hoodrich by Submission. (2/14/15)


Dallas-Wrecking Ball Wrestling at the Indoor Soccer Zone: Tonic pinned Tiger…Big Poppa vs. Jay Ryda went to a Double DQ…Joe Garcia pinned Diez Caraz…Big Sed pinned Jonathan Mayfield…Lumberjack Martin & Van Johnson & Tonic…Gene Valdez & Bedlam Bishop defeated Craig Jericho & Jamonte…Kase Time pinned Jamie Holley…Lazerus James pinned Van Johnson. (1/18/15)

DALLAS-AIWF Southwest at the Indoor Soccer Zone: Gene Valdez defeated Broken Keith & Kevin McAllister in a 3-Way Match…Joey Garcia pinned Kase Time…Lazerus James pinned Craig Jericho…Tony Martin & Van Johnson defeated Robert Wagoner & Brian Tonic….Max Muscles pinned Big Poppa…Chuey Martinez & Big Sed defeated Tommy & Billy Bong…Jamie Holley pinned Diez Caraz. (1/25/15)

DALLAS-Wrecking Ball Wrestling at the Indoor Soccer Zone: James Claxton pinned Diez Caraz…Jamie Holley defeated Ruben Steele & Thomas Munos in a 3-Way Match…Manny Villalobos, Kase Time & Bobby Garrett defeated The Association of Aviation & RW2 in a 6-Man Tag Match…Chuey Martinez & Big Sed defeated Craig Jericho & Tonik…Tony Martin & Van Johnson defeated Gene Valdez & Bedlam Bishop, Tommy & Billy Bong and Kason Hall & Jonathan Mayfield in a 4-Way Tag Title Match to become the new WBW Tag Team Champions…Chaz Taylor pinned Lazarus James to become the new WBW Heavyweight Champion. (2/8/15)


Yorkton, SK-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Yorkdale Central School: Jimmy Jacobs pinned Michael Allen Richard Clark…Bobby Collins & Chip Chambers defeated The Perfect Propect…Mr. Inkredible defeated Danny Duggan by Countout…Carter Mason defeated Chase Owens & El Asesino in a 3-Way Dance…Kat Von Heez pinned Violet…Scott Steiner pinned Bull Bodnar. (1/13/15)

Virden, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Royal Canadian Legion: Jimmy Jacobs pinned Stefan Epic…Chase Owens pinned Bobby Collins…Carter Mason pinned Chip Chambers…Saints of Los Angeles defeated The Perfect Prospects…Violet pinned Kat Von Heez…Pain & Punishment defeated Scott Steiner & Danny Duggan. (1/14/15)

Souris, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Souris & Glenwood Memorial Complex: Saints of Los Angeles defeated Bobby Collins & Chip Chambers…Violet pinned Kat Von Heez…The Perfect Prospects defeated Chase Owens & Carter Mason…Jimmy Jacobs pinned Chad Tatum…Tyler Colton pinned Danny Duggan…Scott Steiner pinned Mr. Inkredible. (1/15/15)

Winnipeg, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Holy Cross Gymnasium Hall: Chase Owens pinned Carter Mason…Dick Blood & Billy Blaze won the Tag Team Invitational…Bobby Jay pinned Kevin Cannon…Kat Von Heez pinned Violet…Pain & Punishment defeated Robby Royce & Anderson Tyson Moore…Scott Steiner pinned Tyler Colton to become the new CWE TV Champion…Jimmy Jacobs pinned Danny Duggan to become the new CWE Champion. (1/16/15)

Gladstone, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Gladstone Community Centre: Dick Blood & Billy Blaze defeated The Perfect Prospects…Danny Duggan defeated Chase Owens by DQ…The Peg City Punishers defeated Kory Kinkade & Rick Matthews…Jimmy Jacobs pinned Carter Mason…Kat Von Heez vs. Violet went to a Double DQ…Scott Steiner defeated Bobby Collins & Chip Chambers. (2/17/15)

Morden, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Access Event Centre: The Fabulous Creebirds defeated Bobby Collins & Chip Chambers…Brett Morgan pinned Sydney Manson…Antonio Scorpio pinned Travis Cole…Danny Duggan & Carter Mason defeated Jimmy Jacobs & Chase Owens…Kat Von Heez defeated Violet in a No-DQ Match…Tyler Colton pinned Scott Steiner to become the new CWE TV Champion. (1/18/15)

Winnipeg, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at Rookie’s Sports Bar: Tyler Colton pinned Adam Race…Dick Blood & Billy defeated The Cannon Cartel (Kevin Cannon & Bobby Collins)…Robby Royce pinned Scotty Stylez…Moses Luke pinned Kory Kinkade while blindfolded…Danny Duggan defeated Mike Mission by DQ…Kevin Cannon won the The King of Rookie’s Battle Royal. (2/6/15)