VIDEO: Kimber Lee/Chris Dickinson Beyond incident

Over the last few days, an incident involving independent wrestlers Chris Dickinson & Kimber Lee during the closing moments of their match at the 3/1 Beyond Wrestling show in Providence, Rhode Island has been given a lot of discussion and talk by wrestling fans, wrestlers and promoters. During the closing moments of the match, Dickinson nailed Lee in the head with a chairshot, then hit her with his finisher, the Pazuzu Bomb (Border Toss-style move), that sent Lee into the bottom turnbuckle and near the ringpost. Discussion and debate has been had since that time from fans, wrestlers and promoters about if this was over the line, as well as the concept of inter-gender wrestling. Beyond Wrestling has posted today that Kimber Lee will be a giving a video message this afternoon, commenting on the incident and her current status.

You can view video of the incident below.