4/11 CZW Results: Voorhees, New Jersey (Nick Gage returns)

4/11 CZW “Best of the Best 14” Results: Voorhees, New Jersey

1. Tommy End def. Aaron Williams & Caleb Konley in a First Round Match.

2. Jonathan Gresham def. Tracy Williams & Trevor Lee in a First Round Match.

3. CJP def. CZW Wired Champion Joe Gacy w/Tim Donst & Joey Janela in a First Round Match after David Starr interfered.

4. Mike Bailey def. Andrew Everett & Buxx Belmar in a First Round Match.

5. Devon Moore def. Conor Claxton in Match #2 of the Deathmatch Trial Series in a Ultraviolent Scaffold Match.

6. Jonathan Gresham def. Tommy End to advance to the Finals.

7. Mike Bailey def. CJP to advance to the Finals.

8. The Nation of Intoxication def. CZW Tag Team Champions Ohio is 4 Killers by DQ when Eric Ryan interfered.

* Afterwards. OI4K turned on the Nation, burning Devon Moore with a fireball. Dave Crist was about to expose himself when the CZW Locker Room ran out to send OI4K & Ryan fleeing from the ring and out the front door of the Skate Zone.

* In-ring promo by Alexander James, interrupted by the return after a near 5-year absence of Nick Gage. Gage cleared the ring of James, then cut a promo, saying he’s back in CZW. Matt Tremont & CZW Champion BLK Jeez came out and all 3 had to be held back by security from going after one another.

9. Mike Bailey def. Jonathan Gresham to win Best of the Best 14.