Ring of Honor & New Japan Global Wars iPPV
May 18, 2015 (Taped on: May 15, 2015)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Ted Reeve Arena)
Commentary: Kevin Kelly, King Corino
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Video package opens the show, highlighting last year’s ROH & New Japan supershows.

Commentary welcomes us to the show and runs down the big matches taking place. Ring announcer Bobby Cruise then introduces the combatants in the opening match.

“The Last Real Man” Silas Young (ROH) & Watanabe (NJPW) vs. Gedo (NJPW) & MOOSE (ROH) w/Veda Scott & Stokely Hathaway

Gedo & Watanabe start. No Code of Honor here. Watanabe shoves Gedo down early and poses for the crowd. Watanabe shoves Gedo down again, but Gedo with a headbutt. Gedo avoids right & left hands by Watanabe, eye poke and a drop toe hold. Gedo with jabs, but Watanabe with a gut kick. Gedo then with a big right hand that knocks Watanabe down. Silas yells at his partner and tags in. Crowd wants MOOSE and Gedo obliges, tagging MOOSE in. Silas with a gut kick and a side headlock, but no one goes down off a shoulder tackle. Silas with chops, but it doesn’t faze MOOSE. Silas rakes the eyes, then mocks MOOSE. MOOSE blocks a suplex, but Silas slips out of an attempt himself. Silas goes to the middle rope and comes off with a back rake. Silas trash talks MOOSE, paintbrushing him, then goes off the ropes, but MOOSE catches him with a dropkick! Gedo in, savate kick to the ribs of Silas. Gedo off the ropes, but Silas catches him with the Killer Combo for 2.

Watanabe in, double sledge to Gedo’s back. Snapmare into a chinlock. Watanabe switches to a seated surfboard, then drives Gedo down to the mat for 2. Gedo sent off the turnbuckles, Silas tags in. Another double sledge to Gedo’s back, then Silas chokes him in the ropes. Watanabe in, but Gedo avoids a corner charge. Gedo crawls to make the tag to MOOSE, but Silas runs in and knocks MOOSE off the apron. Silas & Watanabe go to double team Gedo, but he sidesteps a double backdrop attempt. Silas misses a clothesline and Gedo with a big right hand. Watanabe tries to stop a tag, but MOOSE goozles him from the apron and shoves him down.

MOOSE in, headbutts to Silas & Watanabe. Running avalanches to both Silas & Watanabe, then MOOSE sends Silas into Watanabe and avalanches them both. MOOSE then runs up the ropes, TURNAROUND CROSSBODY TO SILAS & WATANABE!! Watanabe avoids another avalanche and waistlocks MOOSE, but Gedo breaks it up. Silas in, Finlay Roll to Gedo. Silas goes for the Pee Gee Waja Plunge, but Gedo moves out of the way! Gedo rolls out onto the apron, but Watanabe knocks him off with a left-arm lariat. MOOSE misses a clothesline, but blocks a German by Watanabe with a back elbow. MOOSE off the ropes, but Watanabe follows him in with a forearm. Watanabe avoids a charge, this time hits the release German. Watanabe with a clothesline, but MOOSE does not go down. Another clothesline, but MOOSE only goes down to a knee. Watanabe goes for a big clothesline, but MOOSE catches him with the Pop-Up Lariat for 2. MOOSE goes for the Hit Stick, but Watanabe catches him with a knee strike. Silas in, yells again at his Watanabe.

However, when Silas turns around, MOOSE nails him with the Hit Stick for the win.

Winners: Gedo & MOOSE by pinfall (The Hit Stick)

Gedo & MOOSE celebrate their win afterwards. They leave as Watanabe helps up Silas to his feet. They shake hands, but then Silas nails Watanabe with a clothesline and leaves.

THOUGHTS: Decent opener, nothing to write home about. MOOSE continues to show more improvement, Silas is settling back in ROH as a heel, hopefully ROH can get him back him to the position he was in last summer before his unfortunate leg injury.

We see video highlighting the reveal of the Knights of the Rising Dawn being The Addiction & Chris Sabin a few weeks ago on ROH TV, with Sabin helping The Addiction win the ROH Tag Team Titles from reDRagon.

Triple Threat Match: Chris Sabin (ROH) vs. “The Ambassador of Kick-Assador” Kyle O’Reilly (ROH) vs. KUSHIDA (NJPW)

Commentary brings up that O’Reilly was added to this original singles match between Sabin & KUSHIDA due to his tag-team partner Bobby Fish being stopped at the border and unable to make the show.

Sabin throws streamers at KUSHIDA before the bell. O’Reilly & KUSHIDA adhere to the Code of Honor before the bell, but Sabin does it nonchalantly with KUSHIDA. O’Reilly & Sabin have a staredown, then O’Reilly & KUSHIDA have issues over who wants Sabin more. Sabin with a cheapshot to O’Reilly as the bell sounds. KUSHIDA with a shoulder tackle to O’Reilly. Series of evasions between Sabin & KUSHIDA, then KUSHIDA with an armdrag to O’Reilly. Sabin with an armdrag to KUSHIDA, O’Reilly with an armdrag to Sabin. All three go for dropkicks at the same time and we have a stalemate. KUSHIDA & O’Reilly decide to double-team Sabin, but Sabin slips out of a double suplex attempt and rolls outside. Strike exchange between O’Reilly & KUSHIDA, O’Reilly gains advantage, but then KUSHIDA with a big slap that has O’Reilly on spaghetti legs. O’Reilly comes back with a big boot, but Sabin pulls him outside and sends him into the barricade. KUSHIDA goes out onto the apron, flying leg lariat wipes out Sabin!

Crowd chants for KUSHIDA as back in, KUSHIDA with an inverted atomic drop, a dropkick to the knees and a cartwheel dropkick to Sabin. Scissor Stomp by KUSHIDA to Sabin, then a knee to the ribs of O’Reilly and KUSHIDA does the Scissor Stomp to him as well. Sabin then breaks it up with a rake to the eyes, then mocks the Scissor Stomp by pelvic thrusting the mat. KUSHIDA runs into a spinning back kick by Sabin, then Sabin places KUSHIDA in the Tree of Woe. Sabin goes up & over O’Reilly, then hits KUSHIDA with the corner hesitation dropkick. O’Reilly charges in, but Sabin catches him with an Overhead Belly-to-Belly, sending O’Reilly into the upside-down KUSHIDA! Jackknife Pin by Sabin on KUSHIDA gets 2. Headbutt and an uppercut by Sabin to KUSHIDA, then he taunts the crowd. Sabin chokes KUSHIDA in the ropes as the crowd chants their displeasure of Sabin. Japanese Stranglehold applied by Sabin on KUSHIDA. O’Reilly comes in, series of strikes to Sabin, ending with the leg sweep. O’Reilly sent onto the apron, but he traps KUSHIDA in a cross armbreaker while in the ropes. Sabin goes outside and breaks up the submission with a superkick to the upside-down O’Reilly! Back in, Sabin gets another 2 on KUSHIDA. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock, but KUSHIDA fights out with elbows. Sabin runs into double boots by KUSHIDA, who backflips onto the apron. KUSHIDA catches O’Reilly with an enziguri, then one to Sabin. KUSHIDA then grabs an arm each of Sabin & O’Reilly and drives them both across his own shoulder! Springboard tomahawk chop by KUSHIDA to Sabin, followed by a back elbow. Sabin blocks a hiptoss with a knee to the ribs, but KUSHIDA with an O’Connor Roll. O’Reilly goes to break it up, but KUSHIDA hits him with a Northern Lights, pinning both Sabin & O’Reilly for a close 2!

Tilt-a-whirl armdrag by KUSHIDA on Sabin, followed by locking him in the Hoverboard Lock. O’Reilly then grabs KUSHIDA and locks him in a Front Guillotine Choke at the same time! Sabin gets to the ropes to break both submissions. KUSHIDA drives O’Reilly’s arm across his own shoulder, then O’Reilly does it back to KUSHIDA. Exchange of kicks by both to the arms, then O’Reilly with a Regalplex for a close 2. KUSHIDA slips out of a suplex, then Sabin with a spinning back kick to O’Reilly. Sabin uses KUSHIDA’s body as a springboard, kicking him in the head, then spiking O’Reilly with a Tornado DDT. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock on O’Reilly, but KUSHIDA breaks it up. All three exchange strikes, Sabin goes to enziguri O’Reilly, but O’Reilly ducks and Sabin nails KUSHIDA. Axe & Smash by O’Reilly to Sabin, then KUSHIDA with a HUGE forearm to O’Reilly, sending him reeling into the ropes. O’Reilly comes back in, DOUBLE NIGEL TO SABIN & KUSHIDA!! Brainbuster by O’Reilly to Sabin for another close 2, then O’Reilly transitions into ARMageddon, but Sabin blocks it by clasping his hands. While this is going on, KUSHIDA heads up top, Moonsault to O’Reilly, all three down!

O’Reilly charges in, but KUSHIDA catches him and hits a Flatliner, sending O’Reilly face-first off the middle turnbuckle. Sabin charges in, but KUSHIDA catches him with a superkick. KUSHIDA goes for his Timesplitters tag partner Alex Shelley’s Shiranui on Shelley’s former Motor City Machine Gun tag partner in Sabin, but Sabin blocks it and lifts up KUSHIDA. Sabin swings KUSHIDA’s legs into O’Reilly, knocking him down and to the outside. Sabin goes again for the Cradle Shock, but KUSHIDA counters it back into the Hoverboard Lock!

Sabin tries to reach the ropes, but KUSHIDA rolls him back to the center and Sabin has no choice but to tapout.

Winner: KUSHIDA by submission (The Hoverboard Lock)

Sabin leaves to the back, refusing to adhere to the Code of Honor afterwards as in the ring, O’Reilly bows to KUSHIDA in a sign of respect and they then adhere to the Code of Honor. O’Reilly leaves as KUSHIDA celebrates his win.

THOUGHTS: Solid three-way put together at the last minute due to Fish’s absence. Sabin is playing a good, douchey heel since his return to ROH and O’Reilly is settling in real nicely as a babyface since the recent turn.

Non-Title Match: IWGP Tag Team Champions The Kingdom (Michael Bennett & Matt Taven) w/”The First Lady of ROH” Maria Kanellis (ROH) vs. #Reborn Matt Sydal (ROH) & Jushin “Thunder” Liger (NJPW)

Kingdom come out, sporting new ring jackets and ring attire. HUGE reaction for Liger in Toronto. New Japan referee Tiger Hattori will referee this match. Kingdom taunt the crowd and mock Liger before the bell. Code of Honor adhered to as the bell sounds. Sydal will start for his team, while Taven wins “Rock, Paper, Scissors” on Bennett to start for the champions.

Sydal takes down Taven in a side headlock takeover, then works over the arm. Sydal takes down Taven again, Taven with a headscissors, Sydal kips up, stalemate. Taven with a gut kick, Sydal rolls through a Sunset Flip, hits a double stomp. Taven crawls over to the safety of his tag partner as the crowd wants Liger in. Sydal obliges and tags him in. Taven then tries to do the same, seeing if the crowd wants Bennett in, with the opposite reaction. Bennett tags in, much to the dismay of the crowd. Liger with a side headlock, but no one goes down off a shoulder tackle. Bennett taunts Liger, then again no one goes down off a shoulder tackle. Bennett goes to flex and Liger with a gut kick, but Bennett does knock Liger down with the shoulder tackle. Bennett charges in, but Liger backdrops him to the outside. Liger with a head of steam, but Bennett avoids the baseball slide and Liger poses for the crowd. Bennett back in, but Liger & Sydal knock him back outside with a double dropkick. Taven comes in, but he gets the same. Sydal goes onto the apron, Meteora wipes out Taven! Liger goes again for the baseball slide on Bennett, but Maria grabs his leg. Distraction allows Bennett to come in and nail Liger with a superkick for 2.

Bennett stomps away at Liger in the corner, while Taven chokes him from the apron. Taven in and the Kingdom both choke Liger. Moonlight Drive by Taven, followed by a kip-up. Taven gets 2. Bennett in, taunts Sydal, running shoulder to the ribs of Liger. Snapmare into a chinlock by Bennett, crowd wills on Liger. Liger fights out, but Bennett catches him with a dropkick. Taven in, Bennett with a big right hand to Liger, followed by Taven heading up top and hitting a Moonsault Press for another 2. Taven knocks Sydal off the apron, Bennett tags in. Double gut kicks & double front kicks by the Kingdom, followed by a step-up enziguri by Taven. Bennett goes for another superkick on Liger, but Liger ducks and Bennett accidentally nails Taven!

Sydal tags in, heads up top, seated senton to Bennett. Bennett misses a clothesline, running rana by Sydal. Sydal catches a kick by Bennett, hits a leg sweep. Sydal goes for the Standing Moonsault, but Taven comes in. Sydal catches a Taven kick, hits another leg sweep, then this time hits the Standing Moonsault for 2 as Taven is the legal man. Sydal slips out of a suplex by Taven and grabs him. Bennett charges in, but Sydal grabs him. Sunset Split/Jawbreaker combo by Sydal on the Kingdom! Sydal heads up top, but Bennett knocks him off with another big right hand. Taven springs off the ropes, Triangle Dropkick sends Sydal to the outside. Liger in, double clothesline sends the Kingdom outside. Liger with another head of steam, but puts on the brakes as Maria hops up on the apron. Maria begins seducing Liger with dancing, but Liger sees the Kingdom coming back in and nails them with a double clothesline. However, Maria is still seductively dancing and Liger is walking towards her, almost in a trance. Kingdom comes back in, but again Liger nails them with a double clothesline, while still fixating on Maria’s seduction tactics. Maria then grabs Liger and stuffs his face in her chest, successfully distracting him as when Liger turns around, the Kingdom nail him with a double superkick! Sydal comes back in, leaping kick to Bennett. Taven misses a spin kick, leaping knee by Sydal, followed by one to Bennett and a big spin kick. Sydal heads up top and goes for the Shooting Star Press on Bennett, but Taven CATCHES SYDAL ON THE WAY DOWN WITH A SUPERKICK AS BENNETT MOVED OUT OF THE WAY!!!

Hail Mary (Spike Piledriver) by the Kingdom on Sydal for the win.

Winners: IWGP Tag Team Champions The Kingdom by pinfall (Hail Mary)

The Kingdom celebrates their win afterwards. Crowd gives Sydal & Liger an ovation as they leave, chanting for Liger as he bows to the crowd.

THOUGHTS: Very fun match. Bennett & Taven have developed very good chemistry as a team, especially with the recent presentation overhaul with their look. The new focus has really helped both guys as heels and they are putting on consistently good performances since the beginning of the year, as much as people will try and deny it. Sydal looks to be back to top form, which is good to see since it took some time to get his legs under him after his return to ROH. Finally, interactions with Maria & Liger were hilarious, getting to bring that dynamic from New Japan to a ROH setting.

Cedric Alexander (ROH) vs. “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada w/Gedo (NJPW)

Crowd chants for Okada before the bell. Code of Honor adhered to as the bell sounds. Cedric works over Okada’s arm early. Okada reverses out, Cedric regains control with a side headlock. Okada slips out into a hammerlock, Cedric gets to the ropes. Okada feigns a shot, pats Cedric on the chest and does the Rainmaker Pose. Cedric goes back to the side headlock, followed by a shoulder tackle. Cedric front kips over a drop-down, exchange of armdrags, Okada with an armbar, Cedric counters out with a headscissors, Okada slips out, stalemate. Okada now with a side headlock, followed by a shoulder tackle. Cedric slides under Okada’s legs and hits a dropkick for only a 1 count. Big chops by Cedric in the corner, followed by a snapmare and a dropkick to the back of Okada’s head for 2. Cedric sent onto the apron, but hits a right hand. Okada avoids a springboard, places a charging Cedric up top, Too Awesome Dropkick knocks Cedric down to the outside! All of a sudden, it goes dark in the arena as the lighting truss blows out. Okada goes outside after Cedric and sends him on the apron as the spotlight shines over them. Okada drapes Cedric across the apron as the lighting truss comes back on, with Okada brandishing a big smile on his face. Okada then DRILLS Cedric with a Draping DDT on the floor!

Back in, Okada stomps away at Cedric in the corner. Cedric fights back with chops, but Okada with a knee to the ribs. Snapmare, followed by a running sliding dropkick. Chinlock applied, with Okada’s knee driven between the shoulderblades of Cedric. Crowd wills on Cedric. Cedric fights back, but Okada with a back club. Cedric blocks an Irish whip, hanging onto the ropes. Okada with elbows to the back of Cedric’s head, but Cedric slips out of a slam. Okada blocks a German with back elbows, but Cedric stops Okada from going off the ropes, nailing him with the 540 Kick, sending Okada to the outside! Cedric with a head of steam, FLIP DIVE WIPES OUT OKADA!!

Once again, the lighting truss blows out as Cedric sends Okada back in. Lighting truss comes back on as Cedric with a springboard clothesline to Okada. Cedric runs into a boot by Okada, but catches him off the ropes with a Michinoku Driver for 2. Cedric goes for the Lumbar Check, but Okada blocks it with elbows. Cedric with a big right hand, but Okada catches him off the ropes with a one-man flapjack, with Cedric popping right up, but reeling back into the corner. Running flying back elbow by Okada in the corner, followed by SPIKING Cedric with a DDT. Okada kips up, running sliding basement uppercut gets 2. Okada with a slam, then heads up top. Top Rope Elbow Drop, then Okada does the Rainmaker Pose, calling for the Rainmaker. Okada goes for the Rainmaker, but Cedric avoids it and hits a Springboard Tornado DDT, both men down!

Both men get back at the count of 6. Okada catches Cedric off a corner charge and hits the Emerald Frosion across the knee for a close 2. Okada lifts up Cedric and hits Heavy Rain for another close 2. Okada motions for the Tombstone, but Cedric blocks it and lifts up Okada, KICK 2 KILL PART 2! Cedric charges and hits not one, not two, but THREE CONCUSSIONS ON DELIVERY TO OKADA IN THE CORNER!! 1-2…..OKADA KICKS OUT!!! CEDRIC CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Cedric goes again for the Lumbar Check, but Okada counters it with a side headlock takeover. Cedric with a spinning back kick to the ribs, then avoids the Too Awesome Dropkick by hanging onto the ropes. Cedric runs up the ropes and hits another 540 Kick, then goes again for the Lumbar Check, but Okada slips out. Okada grabs Cedric again for the Rainmaker, but Cedric with a back elbow. Cedric off the ropes, TOO AWESOME DROPKICK BY OKADA ROCKS CEDRIC!! Okada lifts up Cedric and this time hits the Tombstone, Okada fires up!

Okada grabs Cedric, RAINMAKER!!! 1-2-3! WOW!

Winner: “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada by pinfall (The Rainmaker)

Okada celebrates his win afterwards as the crowd chants for him, then motions for the crowd to applaud for Cedric. Cedric gets to his feet as Okada extends his hand for the Code of Honor, but Cedric drops down to the outside, refusing to adhere to it. Cedric goes to the back, frustrated over the loss as Okada continues to celebrate his win.

THOUGHTS: The one-year delay to see this match was well worth the wait. Very good match. Okada made Cedric look like a million bucks here and Cedric might have earned a serious look by the New Japan brass coming out of this match for their Jr. scene. Post-match continues the slow burn of Cedric going heel, which will be a nice, fresh coat of paint for his presentation. Will be very intrigued to see how Cedric performs on the heel end of things, since he has mostly worked babyface since coming on the scene a few years back. Real good stuff here.

Triple Threat Non-Title Tag Team Match: RPG Vice (“Azucar” Rocky Romero & Baretta) (NJPW) vs. The Decade (“The Buzzsaw” BJ Whitmer & Adam Page) w/Colby Corino (ROH) vs. ROH Tag Team Champions The Addiction (“The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels & Kazarian) (ROH)

Before the match, ring announcer Bobby Cruise proclaims that from now on, The Addiction want to be referred to as the “ROH World Tag Team Champions of the World”. Code of Honor adhered to between The Addiction & RPG Vice before the bell. Page then has Colby fix his kneepads as the bell sounds. Baretta & Page start, but then immediately, Kazarian tags himself in on Page. Kazarian then has words with the Decade.

Baretta with a side headlock takeover early. Kazarian counters out into a hammerlock. Baretta reverses out into a wristlock. Kazarian then uses the ropes to regain control, pinning predicament gets 2. Backslide by Baretta gets 2. La Magistral by Kazarian gets 2. Baretta then counters the pin for another 2, stalemate. Kazarian with a gut kick and a right hand, followed by a float-over into a swinging neckbreaker. Baretta then crawls over to the comfort of his tag partner, Romero. Romero in, crowd chants for him. Kazarian with a side headlock and a shoulder tackle, then Romero crawls over to the comfort of Baretta. Kazarian trash talks Romero, Romero winds up, then pokes Kazarian in the eye. Right hands by Romero, followed by a snapmare and a Victim Kick. Baretta in, double gut shot, running high knee by Romero, clothesline by Baretta for 2. Kazarian slips out of a back suplex, tags in Page. Gut kick and a back club by Page to Baretta. Page with a series of forearm rakes to Baretta in the corner, followed by a running elbow. Page off the ropes, but Baretta catches him with a back elbow. Romero in, hiptoss by Baretta, running PK by Romero, standing moonsault by Baretta for 2. Daniels in, double hiptoss by RPG Vice, FK by Romero, standing moonsault by Baretta. Daniels rolls outside, Page with a knee to the ribs of Romero as they are legal.

Whitmer in, stomps away at Romero in the corner, followed by a big right hand. Chop and a right hand by Whitmer, followed by a back elbow for 2. “BJ Sucks” chants by the crowd. Romero comes back with a back heel kick. Daniels tags in on Whitmer, Romero catches him with a drop toe hold. Running basement dropkick to the back of Daniels by Romero. Slam, Baretta tags in and hits the slingshot boot rake to Daniels. Daniels begs off, but Baretta with a series of chops. Kazarian with a cheapshot to Baretta from the apron, then taunts the crowd, but Baretta knocks him off the apron with a right hand. More chops to Daniels, but Kazarian trips him up, allowing Daniels to hit a springboard moonsault to the back of Baretta.

Daniels unloads with right hands from the mount to Baretta. Kazarian in, Addiction take down Kazarian, chest kick by Kazarian, basement rabbit lariat by Daniels, double stomp by Kazarian. Kazarian taunts the crowd, gets 2 on Baretta. Baretta sent off Daniels’ out-stretched boot in the corner. Daniels in, Kazarian sends Baretta into a Daniels back elbow. Kazarian holds up Baretta as Daniels goes to the middle rope, Inverted Curb Stomp gets 2. Daniels goes for the Angels’ Wings, but Baretta drives him into the Decade corner. Whitmer tags in on Daniels, right hands to Baretta. Back suplex gets 2. Whitmer paintbrushes Baretta in the back of the head, then gives a cheapshot to Romero on the apron. Baretta fights back with chops and forearms, but Whitmer follows in with a big forearm, then sends Baretta outside. Page leaps off the apron, Standing Shooting Star Press wipes out Baretta! Page sends Baretta back in, Whitmer gets another 2. Page in, kicks at Baretta. Daniels tags in on Page, they argue. Baretta sent outside, Page & Daniels continue to argue. Daniels piefaces Page, then Page calls Daniels “an old man” and piefaces him back. Daniels tries to calm things down, but then nails Page with a gut kick. Daniels goes for the Angels’ Wings, but Page counters out. Page rolls through a roll-up attempt, Daniels sends him outside. Baretta back in, Daniels goes after him in the corner, but Baretta hits him with the Scott Lost Stomp!

Romero in, springboard crossbody to Daniels. Kazarian in, misses a clothesline, running rana by Romero. Whitmer knocked off the apron, Kazarian avoids a corner charge, Romero with a running dropkick. Addiction are in opposite corners, Romero hits them with the Forever Clotheslines. Daniels avoids one, double clothesline by Romero to the Addiction. Romero goes for the Shiranui on Daniels, but Kazarian grabs his foot from the outside to block it. Baretta in, head of steam, through-the-ropes running dropkick takes out Kazarian! Daniels with shots to RPG Vice, goes off the ropes, double high knees by RPG Vice. Baretta gourdbusters Daniels across the top rope, followed by a springboard dropkick to the draped over Daniels by Romero and finally, a basement Gobstopper by Baretta, but Whitmer breaks up the pin. Page sends Baretta outside, Decade go for the All Seeing Eye on Romero, but Baretta pulls Page outside to break it up. Baretta sends Page into the barricade, in the ring, Romero with a Spidey fake-out in the ropes to Whitmer. Whitmer charges, Romero moves, Whitmer sails outside. Romero goes onto the apron, flying knee wipes out Whitmer! Baretta with a head of steam, but Kazarian stops him with a dropkick. Romero back in, right hands to Kazarian. Romero off the ropes, Addiction catch him. Alley-Oop into a Sit-Out Powerbomb by Daniels on Romero for a close 2. Daniels calls for the end, but Romero with an armdrag to counter the standing Urnangi. Whitmer tags in on Daniels, Decade with shots to Romero & Kazarian. Decade double-team Romero in the corner. Running high knee by Whitmer, flip-over clothesline by Page from the apron back in. Whitmer gets another close 2. Daniels back in, Whitmer nails him with the Exploder. Baretta back in, step-up enziguri to Whitmer. Kazarian with a shot to Baretta from the apron, hits him with the slingshot DDT. Page in, spikes Kazarian with a leaping DDT. Daniels with a palm strike to Page, leaping knee by Romero. Daniels & Romero catch each other with clotheslines, everyone is down!

“ROH” chants by the crowd. Page in, strike exchange between himself & Romero. Page avoids an eye poke, grabs Romero going up & over, Baretta blind tags in. Romero with a spinning headscissors to Page, Baretta hits Page with the Gobstopper. Baretta lifts up Page, Romero goes onto the apron, SPIKE CRUNCHY BY RPG VICE!! 1-2….DANIELS BREAKS IT UP! Baretta sent outside, Kazarian blind tags in.

Kazarian takes advantage and pins Page to steal the win.

Winners: ROH Tag Team Champions The Addiction by pinfall

Addiction celebrate their win afterward, then Kyle O’Reilly runs in and goes after the Addiction, clearing them from the ring. O’Reilly stands tall in the ring, posing with one of the ROH Tag Team Title belts. O’Reilly stares down the Addiction as we go to intermission.

THOUGHTS: Another solid match here despite the last-minute removal of reDRagon to this match with Fish’s absence. RPG Vice are quickly becoming a very fun team to watch with the unique chemistry Baretta & Romero bring with one another. Decade was fine, although was somewhat disappointed to see the Addiction work pretty much the same kinda match they had been working as babyfaces prior to the KRD reveal, sans a couple, subtle heel tactics spliced in this. Did laugh at them bringing back the “World Tag Team Champions of the World” deal.

– Intermission –

Back from intermission, we go to the next match.

“The Last Hero” ACH (ROH) vs. “The King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura (NJPW)

BIG reaction for Nakamura. Code of Honor adhered to as the bell sounds. New Japan’s Red Shoes will referee this match. Both feign kicks early. Nakamura takes down ACH, backs him up into the ropes. Commentary talks about ACH’s long travel day, bringing up he is wearing a friend’s wrestling tights due to his luggage being stuck in Buffalo. Armdrag by ACH into an armbar. Nakamura gets free, backs ACH into the ropes again, then covers his eyes, messing with him. Nakamura backs ACH into the ropes again, then presses his face against ACH’s chest and motions for him to bring it. ACH charges in, Nakamura catches him with a knee to the ribs. Nakamura takes down ACH, misses a stomp and a head kick, then ACH has him put on the brakes and mocks Nakamura’s bring it motion. They go back-and-forth, motioning for the other to bring it in a very Michael Jackson-influenced sorta way. ACH does a “Beat It” influenced motion to Nakamura, who laughs and applauds ACH. Nakamura extends his hand, but ACH knows what’s coming as he catches a kick and takes Nakamura down. ACH with a cartwheel, a backflip, avoids a clothesline and hits Nakamura with a dropkick. Right hand and a chop by ACH, but Nakamura catches him off the ropes with a kitchen sink. Nakamura kicks at ACH, but ACH blocks the Vibration Boot in the corner and hits a big chop, followed by a forearm. ACH sent onto the apron and hits a big right hand. ACH goes to springboard, but Nakamura knocks him off, sending ACH crashing down to the outside. Nakamura drapes ACH across the barricade and hits a running knee to the ribs. Nakamura then drapes ACH across the apron and hits another running knee, then leaps off the apron with a kneedrop to the back of ACH’s head. Nakamura stands tall in the ring as the ref begins his 20 count on ACH. Crowd chants for Nakamura.

ACH gets back in, snapmare and a leaping kneedrop by Nakamura for a 1 count. Nakamura kicks at ACH, followed by a series of knees to the ribs in the corner, then this time does the Vibration Boot. Nakamura charges in, but ACH catches him with a 2nd Rope Missile Dropkick. Crowd now chants for ACH. Forearms by ACH, then he goes up & over, slides under Nakamura’s legs and hits a series of leg & chest kicks. Spinning back kick by ACH, then he mocks Nakamura’s pose in the ropes and hits a running forearm in the corner. Clothesline by ACH for 2. Series of chops by ACH, Nakamura comes back with another knee to the ribs, misses a head kick, but hits a back heel kick. Strike exchange, Nakamura gains advantage with the Superman Forearm, followed by a back heel enziguri. Nakamura drapes ACH across the top rope, running knee to the ribs gets 2. ACH blocks the Reverse Powerslam with elbows, then hits him with a Stunner! ACH goes for the Hero’s Grip, but Nakamura blocks it. Both block the other’s suplex attempts until Nakamura with another knee to the ribs. Standing gourdbuster by Nakamura, then he goes for the Boma-Ye, but ACH moves out of the way and Nakamura’s knee crashes into the middle turnbuckle! ACH goes onto the apron, Spring-In Swinging Flatliner gets 2. ACH heads up top and hits Nakamura with the Dum-Dum Stomp for a close 2. Nakamura rolls onto the apron, “this is awesome” chants by the crowd. ACH charges in, avoids a Nakamura right hand, dropkicks Nakamura to the outside. ACH with a head of steam, AIR JORDAN WIPES OUT NAKAMURA!!!

Referee begins his 20 count, ACH gets Nakamura back in. ACH heads up top and goes for the Midnight Star, but Nakamura moves out of the way! BOMA-YE TO THE BACK OF ACH’s HEAD!! 1-2…ACH KICKS OUT!! Nakamura this time hits the Reverse Powerslam, then motions for another Boma-Ye. Nakamura charges in, but ACH catches him with a Moonsault Kick!

BOMA-YE!!! 1-2-3!

Winner: “The King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura by pinfall (Boma-Ye)

Nakamura celebrates his win afterward. Crowd chants for ACH, giving him a nice ovation as he leaves.

THOUGHTS: Good match, although I thought the ending felt a little rushed because of what was still left on this show. Loved the Michael Jackson dance-off in the opening part, allowed for the match to stand out from the rest of show with its light-heartedness. Much like Cedric, ACH definitely earned a serious look by New Japan for its Jr. Division coming out of this match.

Ring of Honor Television Title: “The Stardust Genius” Tetsuya Naito (NJPW) vs. “The First-Generation Wrestler” Jay Lethal (c) w/Donovan Dijak (ROH)

Code of Honor adhered to as the bell sounds. Dijak swipes at Naito’s leg, Lethal attacks him from behind to start and stomps away at him. Lethal with a chop, but Naito catches him with an armdrag, a hiptoss, a snapmare and a running basement dropkick for only a 1 count. Dijak takes a seat in the aisle at ringside. Lethal runs into a back elbow, rana by Naito gets 2. Lethal with a knee to the ribs, Naito sent off the turnbuckles. Naito slips out of the 10 punches in the corner, hits a backdrop, Lethal rolls outside. Naito with a head of steam, but Lethal avoids him. Naito gives chase to Lethal on the outside, Lethal sends a charging Naito off the chair Dijak was seated in!

Big chop by Lethal, then gets a 1 count back in the ring. Lethal unloads with right hands from the mount on Naito, gets another 1 count. Naito fights back, but Lethal with a knee to the ribs. Naito sent outside, Lethal with a head of steam and hits the trifecta of tope suicidas on Naito, sending him crashing into the barricade. Lethal goes onto the apron to high-five the taller Dijak, taunting the crowd. Lethal goes to send Naito back in, but then sends him into the barricade. Lethal gets back in, referee starts his 20 count on Naito. Naito gets back in at 8. Lethal heads up top, double sledge to Naito for 2. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on Naito. Naito fights out, but Lethal catches him off the ropes with a back elbow for another 2. Back to the chinlock, crowd again wills on Naito. Naito fights back, but Lethal with a knee to the ribs. Lethal off the ropes, but Naito catches him with a flying forearm.

Back elbow and a swinging neckbreaker by Naito, then he heads up top and hits a missile dropkick. Running dropkick by Naito, sending himself onto the apron. Naito sweeps out Lethal’s legs, slingshot dropkick to the seated Lethal in the corner for 2. Lethal holds onto the ropes to block an Irish whip, Naito with a series of back clubs, then does the Genius Eye to Lethal to taunt him. Lethal comes back with a gut kick, then goes for the Lethal Injection, but Naito catches him off the back handspring. Lethal blocks a Dragon, hits the Lethal Combination. Lethal heads up top, Hail to the King for a close 2. Lethal goes again for the Lethal Combination, but Naito blocks it with elbows. Lethal with a big right hand, but then Naito with an enziguri, then Lethal responds with one of his own. Naito comes back with a Koppo Kick, both men down!

Strike exchange, Lethal gains advantage with an uppercut, but then Naito with a big slap. Naito off the ropes, but Dijak grabs at his leg again. However, the referee sees this and ejects Dijak from ringside! Naito then with a head of steam and takes out Dijak with a baseball slide! Naito heads up top, but Lethal stops him. Naito slips off Lethal’s shoulders, then heads back up top, Super Rana to Lethal for a close 2. Lethal slips out of a powerbomb attempt, but Naito catches Lethal off another Lethal Injection attempt with a German for another close 2. Naito fires up and hits a slam on Lethal. Naito heads up top for the Stardust Press, but Lethal moves out of the way! Naito clutches his leg as commentary notes Naito’s history of knee issues. Roll-up by Lethal with his feet on the ropes for a close 2. Another roll-up by Lethal, this time grabbing the tights for leverage, but that only gets 2. Wheelbarrow Victory Roll by Naito for another close 2.

Naito misses a clothesline, LETHAL INJECTION!! 1-2-3!

Winner and STILL Ring of Honor Television Champion: “The First-Generation Wrestler” Jay Lethal by pinfall (The Lethal Injection)

Lethal says to the camera afterwards that this is the greatest title in wrestling today because he has it and he is the greatest. Lethal begrudingly adheres to the Code of Honor with Naito, then celebrates his title retention.

THOUGHTS: Very good match. These two had nice chemistry together. Jay Lethal is slowly making a heavy case to be an early candidate for 2015 Wrestler of the Year, as I’ve said many times, he is the best champion in pro wrestling today based on overall presentation. Best thing on the show so far.

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin (ROH) vs. “The Ace of the Universe” Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW)

Dueling chants by the crowd before the bell. Code of Honor adhered to as the bell sounds. New Japan’s Red Shoes will referee this match. Elgin throws down Tanahashi early. Elgin backs Tanahashi into the corner, but Tanahashi avoids a shot and hits a forearm. Elgin charges in, Tanahashi with a drop toe hold, then sends Elgin outside. Back in, Elgin mows down Tanahashi with a shoulder tackle. Elgin runs into a back elbow, but catches Tanahashi off the ropes. Tanahashi fights out of a Urnangi attempt, hits a 2nd Rope Crossbody. Armdrag into an armbar by Tanahashi. Elgin fights out with chest clubs, but Tanahashi pulls down the top rope, sending a charging Elgin outside. Elgin pulls Tanahashi outside, but Tanahashi sends Elgin into the barricade. Back in, Elgin avoids a shoulder from the apron by Tanahashi with a front kick, then hits a 2nd Rope Somersault Leg Drop to the draped over Tanahashi for 2.

30-second delayed suplex by Elgin for another 2. Knee to the back by Elgin, chinlock applied. Tanahashi fights out, Elgin blocks a Sunset Flip, but misses a butt drop. Elgin avoids a Tanahashi crossbody in the corner, hits a soccer kick to the ribs. Tanahashi blocks a German, but Elgin with a Northern Lights for another 2. Series of elbow drops by Elgin, followed by a big splash for another 2. Back to the chinlock. Tanahashi fights out again and hits a series of forearms, but Elgin with a big forearm. Elgin charges in, but Tanahashi catches him with a dropkick.

Back elbow, followed by a flying forearm by Tanahashi. Tanahashi with a slam, then he goes to the middle rope, poses for the crowd and hits the 2nd Rope Senton Bomb for 2. Gut shot and an uppercut by Tanahashi, but Elgin catches him with a kneelift. Tanahashi with a clothesline, but Elgin does not go down. Elgin blocks another clothesline and hits Tanahashi with an enziguri. Deadlift German by Elgin for a close 2. Tanahashi blocks a powerbomb, hits the Dragon Screw. Tanahashi heads up top and goes for the High Fly Flow Crossbody, but Elgin rolls through it and lifts up Tanahashi. Tanahashi fights out with elbows, but Elgin sends him off the ropes and into a rolling elbow to the back of Tanahashi’s head, followed by a rip-chord rolling elbow for another close 2. Tanahashi rolls out onto the apron, Elgin goes out after him. Tanahashi blocks an Apron Powerbomb and hits more forearms and an uppercut, knocking Elgin off, but Elgin sweeps out Tanahashi’s legs, sending Tanahashi face-first off the apron! Elgin goes for a delayed suplex on the floor, but Tanahashi counters with a neckbreaker. Tanahashi heads up top, HIGH FLY FLOW CROSSBODY WIPES OUT ELGIN!!

Red Shoes begins the 20 count, Tanahashi gets Elgin back in. Tanahashi heads up top, leaps over Elgin, hits a dropkick to the knees, followed by a sit-out clothesline, both men down. Strike exchange from their knees, then on their feet. Elgin gains advantage, but Tanahashi with a big slap. Elgin avoids the Slingblade, roll-through into a double stomp to the back of Tanahashi for another close 2. Elgin calls for a big clothesline, but Tanahashi catches it. Elgin blocks a Dragon, but Tanahashi with a Strait-Jacket German for a close 2. Tanahashi heads up top, HIGH FLY FLOW TO ELGIN’s BACK!! Tanahashi heads back up top for another High Fly Flow, but Elgin gets the knees up! Tanahashi avoids a corner charge, Elgin misses a clothesline, but then hits the Western Lariat! Elgin hits the Buckle Bomb, but Tanahashi comes right out of the corner and hits the Slingblade!!

Tanahashi heads back up top, HIGH FLY FLOW!!! 1-2-3!

Winner: “The Ace of the Universe” Hiroshi Tanahashi by pinfall (High Fly Flow)

Tanahashi celebrates his win afterward.

THOUGHTS: Solid match, but it did seem from watching this that Elgin had some nervousness coming into this match that affected him in a few parts towards the end. I wouldn’t say this was a bad performance from Elgin at all, it felt like a few things didn’t click as much as they wanted it to. Tanahashi did do a lot to make Elgin come off very well and the final few minutes were very good, I just hope that a couple of the stutter-steps that took place here didn’t hurt Elgin’s chances of getting a serious look by New Japan to come over down the line as I think he deserves to go over there at least once. Good stuff in spite of the couple stutter-steps.

Commercial to promote the “Best in the World” PPV on June 19 from New York City.

Main Event in a 10-Man Tag: The Ring of Honor All-Stars (Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe, The War Beard” Hanson, Raymond Rowe, “Mr. Ring of Honor” Roderick Strong) (ROH) vs. The Bullet Club (IWGP Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, IWGP Jr. Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks, “The Outlaw” Doc Gallows & “The Machine Gun” Karl Anderson) (NJPW)

Big reaction for The Bullet Club. Crowd chants for each member of the Bullet Club before the bell. Team ROH extends the hands for the Code of Honor as the bell sounds, but the Bullet Club responds with a “Suck It” and the fight is on! Nick backdrops Mark to the outside. Cactus Clothesline by Jay sends he & Matt outside. Shoulder tackle by Strong to Nick. Mark sends Matt into the barricade. Series of evasions between Strong & Nick. Strong avoids a superkick, Nick avoids a leaping knee, hits Strong with a spinning heel kick. Settles down into a regular 10-man tag. Nick uses Strong’s arm to crotch chop, Matt tags in. Double hiptoss, double backflip, double basement dropkicks by the Bucks. Matt with an eye pike, but Rowe hits him with a shot from the apron. Anderson then pulls Strong outside, Matt with a head of steam, but War Machine pulls him outside. Styles & Mark in, Styles misses a clothesline, through-the-ropes dropkick by Mark wipes out Matt, then Styles wipes out War Machine and Jay with a tope suicida! Anderson sends Strong back outside, Nick heads up top, TWISTING CORKSCREW PLANCHA WIPES OUT WAR MACHINE!!! Jay sends Matt into the barricade, Mark sends Styles into a big boot by Jay. Mark goes onto the apron, does a “Bang-Bang” and goes for the Cactus Elbow on Styles, but the Bucks treat Mark on the way down to a SUPERKICK PARTY!!!

Jay with a headbutt to Styles, while in the ring, Gallows & Gun with a flying kick/flapjack combo to Strong. Anderson gets 2. Anderson pulls at Strong’s face, Gallows tags in. Series of gut shots, followed by a throat thrust by Gallows. Strong fights back with chops, but Gallows with a knee to the ribs. Strong sent hard into the corner, Styles tags in. Backbreaker from out of the corner by Styles. Matt in, blows a kiss to Jay, handspring back rake to Strong. Matt taunts team ROH and crotch chops them. Nick in, assisted Shiranui by the Bucks, followed by a running basement knee strike by Nick for 2. Matt in, Strong avoids a running knee in the corner by Nick, catches Matt coming in, brings Nick out of the corner with a backbreaker. Matt misses a clothesline, Strong with a Belly-to-Belly that sends Matt crashing into Nick. Mark in, Redneck Kung Fu to Matt, followed by a series of right hands. Matt fights back with right hands, doing a crotch chop after every one. Matt off the ropes, Mark stops him dead in his tracks with the Crane Pose. Matt catches a Crane Kick, but Mark with a big boot. Anderson in, savate kick to the ribs of Mark. Anderson misses a clothesline, runs into a boot by Mark. Jay blind tags in, Mark with a jawbreaker, Jay with a clothesline. Nick in, heads up top, crossbody to Jay. Jay catches a superkick, spins Nick around, begins peppering Nick with jabs, followed by a running boot. Rowe in, big right hand to Nick. Nick goes up & over, but Rowe catches him with Shotgun Knees, sending Nick into the corner. Hanson in, Bronco Buster to Nick. Rowe gets 2.

Backbreaker/gutbuster/Doctor Bomb combo by Rowe on Nick. Jay in, headbutt to Nick. Avalanche in the corner by Jay, followed by a snapmare and a running basement dropkick for 2. Front chancery applied, Mark tags in. Suplex to Nick gets 2. Right hand by Mark, Strong tags in as the crowd chants for the Bullet Club. Back suplex by Strong gets another 2. Inverted Bearhug applied, crowd wills on Nick. Nick fights out with back elbows, but Strong catches him off the ropes with a dropkick. Strong taunts Styles, then gets another 2 on Nick. Hanson in, Nick comes back with a spinning back elbow. Hanson goes for the Cartwheel Clothesline, but Nick nails him with a superkick!

Styles in, springboard forearm to Hanson. Rowe in, Styles slips out of a back suplex, Pele Kick knocks Strong off the apron! KENTA Series by Styles to Rowe, ending with a big clothesline. Styles knocks the Briscoes off the apron, goes for the Styles Clash on Hanson, but Hanson counters out with a backdrop! Gallows in, both men clothesline each other, but no one goes down. Same thing occurs two more times, then Hanson hits the Cartwheel Clothesline. Hanson off the ropes, but Gallows catches him with a superkick! Anderson in, running step-up kick to Hanson, Matt with a corner clothesline, Nick with a running knee, Styles with a leaping clothesline, then Gallows with an avalanche. Bullet Club throw up the “Too Sweet” hand signal, FIVE-WAY SUPERKICK PARTY TO HANSON, HOLY YOU KNOW WHAT!!!!! 1-2….TEAM ROH BREAKS IT UP!! ITS BREAKIN’ DOWN IN TORONTO! Team ROH sent outside by the Bullet Club, TRIPLE MOONSAULT OFF THE APRON BY STYLES & THE BUCKS WIPES OUT THE BRISCOES & ROWE!!! Back in the ring, Reverse 3D by Gallows & Gun to Hanson, Nick heads up top, 450 SPLASH!! Styles up top, HE HITS A 450!! Matt now heads up top, HE HITS A 450!! 1-2……HANSON KICKS OUT!!! Gallows & Gun go for the Magic Killer on Hanson, Rowe breaks it up. Anderson & Hanson go outside, while Rowe with a Cactus Clothesline to Gallows, sending them both outside. Strong & Mark with a head of steam, STEREO THROUGH-THE-ROPES RUNNING DROPKICKS TAKE OUT THE BUCKS!! “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Styles kicks off Strong, but Hanson stops a springboard, sending Styles crashing down to the apron!! Hanson heads up top, FLIP DIVE WIPES OUT EVERYONE!!!

“Holy S**t” chants by the crowd. Back in, Strong with running knees to Styles, Matt & Anderson in 3 different corners. Strong goes up top with Matt, Top Rope Superplex! Another running knee to Styles, Strong heads up with him, another Top Rope Superplex! Strong charges, another running knee to Anderson. Strong heads up top with him, TRIFECTA OF TOP ROPE SUPERPLEXES!! Gallows heads up top, but Strong stops him with an enziguri. Strong heads up top with Gallows for another superplex, but Nick breaks it up. Strong knocks Nick off the apron with an enziguri. Strong goes onto the apron and goes up top with Nick while everyone else is brawling at ringside. TOP ROPE SUPERPLEX BY STRONG ON NICK ONTO EVERYONE AT RINGSIDE!! MY GOD!!!

Another “Holy S**t” chant by the crowd. Back in, Gallows hits the Gallows Pole on Hanson. Rowe in, Gallows misses a clothesline, Waistlock Slam by Rowe. Anderson in, GUN STUN TO ROWE!! Styles in, BLOODY SUNDAY TO ROWE!!! Styles makes his killshot on Rowe. Styles goes for the Styles Clash on Rowe, but Strong gets back in, SICK KICK TO STYLES!! Mark leaps off the apron, CACTUS JACK CRACK SMASH WIPES OUT ANDERSON!! Nick with a shoulder to the ribs of Strong, but Strong stops a springboard with a leaping knee! Matt in, Strong catches a superkick, spins Matt around, superkick by Jay! END OF HEARTACHE BY STRONG!!! Jay grabs Matt, JAY DRILLER!!!

Mark heads up top, FROGGY BOW!!! 1-2-3! WHAT A MATCH!!!

Winners: The Ring of Honor All-Stars by pinfall (Froggy Bow)

The Ring of Honor All-Stars celebrate their win afterwards as the crowd chants “ROH.” Jay is still in the ring as the rest of the ROH All-Stars leave. Jay calls Styles into the ring and the two have a staredown with their respective title belts. All of a sudden, Jay Lethal runs in and lays out both Styles & Jay with the ROH TV Title belt! Lethal stands tall over the fallen Briscoe & Styles, holding up the ROH TV Title belt as the show closes.


THOUGHTS: Haven’t seen War of the Worlds yet, but until I do, this is the current Ring of Honor Match of the Year, this match was INSANE. Just 10 guys putting on a show for 20 plus minutes and the Toronto crowd, who wasn’t as lively in the matches prior as you would hope they would be going in, was SUPER into this match and were this way for its entire duration. Of all the big-name talent in this match, pleasantly surprised that Hanson, Rowe & Strong were the star performers of this match.

War Machine, especially Hanson, have just skyrocketed over the past few months into a very good powerhouse tag-team and a fun attraction to watch, with how athletic these two heavy hitters are and their look, which stands out from any other team currently on the independents. Would love to see these two bring some freshness to the NJPW tag division towards the end of the year, Japanese fans would FALL IN LOVE with them. No real comments need to made about Briscoes & Bullet Club, all of them looked real good, even Gallows had a lot of pep in his step.

Then we get to Roderick Strong. Ever since last year’s PWG Battle of Los Angeles, this dude has been ON FIRE across the independent scene, from PWG as heel champion, to EVOLVE & FIP as a cowardly heel, to here in ROH as a walking tall babyface, Strong is putting in the best run of his career, everything is firing on all cylinders for him, notably his promos and character work, which had been seen as the one thing missing from his overall presentation for many years. Strong is an early darkhorse candidate for Wrestler of the Year and to be blunt, if he isn’t in New Japan by the end of the summer and a part of this year’s G-1 Climax, then someone over in New Japan took a nap at the controls, Strong is THAT good right now, folks.

Great main event and finally, the closing angle with Lethal standing over both Briscoe & Styles was a good cliffhanger-style visual for the next PPV, with Lethal vs. Briscoe, Title vs. Title, headlining, while also setting up a potential match down the line with Styles. That is what we like to call successfully planting seeds.

Overall, Global Wars was a really good iPPV. Sans a couple of hiccups on the stream and the couple of glitches with the lighting truss live in Toronto, production was very well done on this show. Commentary by Corino & Kelly continues to be top-notch and while this was a ROH/New Japan supershow, it also was able to add more build to next month’s big Best in the World PPV in New York City. Well worth the VOD replay of $19.99. http://www.rohwrestling.com/iPPV.

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