8/8 CZW Results: Voorhees, New Jersey (Tremont wins title)

8/8 CZW Retribution iPPV Results: Voorhees, New Jersey

1. JT Dunn def. Joey Janela

2. Sozio def. Ryan Galeone

* Nick Gage & Amazing Gulaks segment. Biff Busick returned to help Gage clear the ring of the Gulaks.

3. Takuma Iroha & Penelope Ford def. Sumie Sakai & Brittany Blake

4. Greg Excellent & Dick Justice went to a No Contest.

5. Chigusa Nagayo & Watanabe def. The Dub Boys

6. CZW Wired Champion Tim Donst def. Frankie Pickard to retain the title.

7. Jake Crist def. Danny Havoc in an Ultraviolent Encounter.

8. Dave Crist def. Conor Claxton

9. Matt Tremont def. Pepper Parks w/Cherry Bomb in a Voorhees Street Fight.

10. Matt Tremont def. CZW Champion BLK Jeez to win the title.

Source: PWInsider.com