Brian Fritz passed along a new interview with Ring of Honor star Adam Cole about this Saturday’s Field of Honor in Brooklyn and more. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On Field of Honor this weekend and his match with New Japan’s Shinsuke Nakamura this Friday at the TV Tapings in Philadelphia:

“I’m actually so thankful that it’s happening now because the fans have been given a chance to go ‘OK, we really hope we get Adam Cole vs. Nakamura’ and then it wasn’t given to them. And it wasn’t given to them. And it wasn’t given to them until now, it’s finally happening. We’ve given the fans a chance to kind of continue to fantasize about the idea of that match happening. And now it’s finally happening. I really think that this match will be a catalyst for me coming back to New Japan Pro Wrestling. It’s certainly a match where I’m going to give my all. I always give my all in every single match but Philadelphia and Nakamura, it’s just a little bit more special.”

On his recent return to the ring following shoulder surgery:

“I ended up dislocating my shoulder on the same arm that my elbow and tricep was bothering me and I tore my labrum, then I couldn’t weight train any more and I was having trouble sleeping. I finally told them that I’m going to have to take some time off to get this all fixed. I got all three surgeries done at once and I’ve very thankful that I did based on how I feel now. I know that I won’t be injury-free for the rest of my career, but that’s the last thing I think about. The pros of being in the pro wrestling business far outweigh the cons.” Ring of Honor star Adam Cole ready to prove he’s back at big weekend events