8/29 On Point Wrestling Throwdown 2 Results: Williamstown, New Jersey

1. Xavier Cross w/Loudy & George Gatton went to a No Contest after Cross took a scary bump off a corner whip and could not move. Locker room emptied and they & attendants helped Cross to the back on a stretcher. Ambulance came and took Cross to the hospital, where he was later released. Later on in the show, promoters of the show, Matt Tremont and Jeffrey “Loudy” Kane, announced to the crowd that Cross was OK.

2. Conor Claxton def. Alex Payne

3. Gran Akuma def. Sam Shields

4. Latin Dragon def. Worker Ant

5. Nick Gage w/Dewey Donovan & Scot Summers went to a time limit draw.

6. Josh Adams def. Caveman, Qefka the Quiet & Marc Angel

7. Drew Blood def. Joe Gacy

8. Matt Tremont def. Jeff Cannonball in a Taipei Deathmatch.

9. Joey Janela def. Devon Moore & OPW Champion Oz Tyler w/Loudy to win the title.