Scott Fishman of passed along a new interview with ROH star Dalton Castle. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On his unique persona:

“The entire thing is mine, nobody pitched this idea to me. Nobody said, ‘Hey, we have this character for you.’ It was me kind of tweaking things over the years as long as I’ve been wrestling. I learned the moves and slowly started putting things where they belonged. I knew something was missing. I wasn’t getting the reaction I wanted from the people. I didn’t know it was boys at the time. I put on a jumpsuit. I make this big theatrical entrance because I want people to know right away what they are getting.”

On his long-term goal:

“Long-term goal I want a big fancy house with a funny swimming pool, I want something that I can scuba dive in. I don’t scuba dive, but I would like the option.” Dalton Castle on what makes him one of the most unique performers in Ring of Honor